Thursday, March 27, 2008

Outback SteakHouse @ Bukit Bintang

Always tot that memories will make thing stronger, but yet i realise memories sound nothing while things goes wrong. Try hard to explain, while that will never end, i guess action will prove everything..thanks god for sending a friend who trust mii so so much, even the whole world doesn't pay a trust on mii but you do.. that's more than enough!! Its alright... =) ok stop the recent updated, went Outback for my dinner while lazy to drive home in the jam session.. that's the points i hate KL so so much although I'm not the one who drive!


Aussie Cheese Fried* Rm16.95
I'm going for the Aussie fried!! topped with cheddar cheese and beacon~ slurp!

Aussie Chicken Tender* Rm21.95

Chicken tender hand breaded, slowly deep fried till golden brown, served with Aussie fried slurp! love it! served big portion~

Sorry for i got no time to update!! stay tune for more! Cheers!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jom Bali @ Tesco, Puchong

*Muahaha* Dah bosan kat Japanese post?! Let's Bali...

Kopi O & Lemon tea*
They gave mii brown sugar to replace honey cause they got no honey! eww..

Nasi Lemak Ayam*

sis heart this!! for mii i'm not really into the chicken curry favour.. but i heart the sambal alot!!

Nasi LEmak kampung*

Actually what's the difference between nasi lemak and nasi lemak kampung while the sambal tastes exactly the same?! the ayam is slow grill till perfection.. juicy chicken come come!!

Toast Bread Special*
Look cute?! A rack of white bread whipped with garlic butter topped with a slice of ham and half boil egg.. aww tasted great!! =)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sushi Station @ Sg.Wang

Tutu... Tu...~ Japanese Food Rock!! see Japanese food again, YES again.. i craving for it now too.. SLurp!! Be honest i'm don't really like sg. wang, the terror traffic jam, the people, the place.. sometime i'm real sick about KL.. Yet got lots of cheap and nice stuff,whatever you can list out they have it too.. LV? COACH? no problem... AAA class summore! hahax.. anyway support original la pls!! Hungry.. let's be back to my post, I guess Sushi Station is one of the Japanese restaurant been open for age ago right? i pay my very first visit here!! weee.. See this is the first Japanese restaurant wif Tutu Train... blek (Silent: i spoil the train by stop them for a snap, Sorry..shhh)

Coming!!! Hand Back...!!
High Speed Train... Tuuuuuuuuuuu~

Cute? actually both of this sushi in 2 difference seiz, called mama baby sushi plate =)

Cheng Cheng!! look at the adorable cutie!! they're real creative, came in 6 mini sushi.. cute can?

Tori Ju Set* Rm8.80
Love the Crispy golden brown chicken pieces.. slurp!!

Tomyam Ramen* Rm10.80

Mine mine mine!! wee.. 4.5 start out of 5 star for the spicy rating!! PEDAS GILE.. too bad i don't lik their ramen!! is MAggie!!! hell soggy, but i enjoyed the crazee spicy soup! a must to try!!

Blue* Rm2.20
Yellow* Rm6.60
Red* Rm4.00
Sushi Station
The Rooftop 6Th Floor, Sg Wang
Tel: 03-21489898

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid

Deeply sorry for the late updated!! Got no time for online recently!! Next month i'll be working in The Garden, for a brand which call Laura Merceir..!! Yea this month i ate lots of japanese food!! ALOT.. Well shame mii, this is the very first time i visit Sakae Sushi.. and i found that i can order Kids meal here!! WohoOooOooo.. GREAT right?!

Tutu Train Price*

Favourite!!! with Cheeeeeese =)

Katsu again.. the triyaki sauce is nice but i found the chiken got kind of weird smell..

Cheng Cheng!! My Kids meal!! =)

In love!! see.. serve in the adorable aroplane~

2 stick of teriyaki chicken!

More Sushi~

Vitagen is included as well!! =)
Sakae Sushi
Sunway Pyramid, Selangor (603-5622 1445)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sushi King @ Time Square

Guess Eveyone been Sushi King right? well that's a Crap!! Sushi King is the top Express japanese restaurant before Zanmai Squeeze out!! hahax.. yet.. i seldom drop by Sushi King since age ago.. found nothing special about the menu or ingrediens.. =) *Ah Hem* bunch of us crave for sushi yet we lazy to walk out of T.S so just cincai makan je la~~ hahax!

Fried Golden Ball* Rm4.00


Salmon Skin Roll* Rm3.00 (Buy one Free one)

Squid!!! eeee~

Spicy Tuna Roll* Rm3.00

Found this quite colourful... but this Spicy tuna roll served real SMALL... yet cute!

Sushi Burger!!
Special right?! hahax!! something new from the menu!! nothing special but just cute can?! hahax!!

Sofy Shell Crab Roll*
Slurp!! joe never give a chance for mii to get close of his crab roll! sob!

I found that i'm bored with sushi king or Genki sushi!! the menu is bored!! even with their new item still the same thing.. oh i think they should squeeze hard on the creativity!! I'm Bored with U sushi King!! =)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid (Revisited)

I'm Back!!! Gosh i guess i had enough being a lazy worm, i should stop rolling around since i just quit my job!! ohlalala!! Deeply sorry for i'm leaked out of updated recently!! muaxx!! I'm Back!! Do you agree that human are weird? while you're working you crave for a long holiday, while you're in holiday you felt bored and wanna get back to work?! =D I'm one of the FREAK! Ok, Mom treated 3 of the gichi meow for dinner why not? mii, sis, Mr.B and mii.. for sure I'm the one who choose what to eat!!! hehex~


Tonight just not our night for Zanmai, we darn disappointed with all the food they served!! uncounted tutu train sushi.. anything from the menu is bad!! Mom: *shake head hard*
Katsu with Udon*
Omg!! is Darn oily!!! every bite of it you'll say eee so oily!! i just ate 3pices..sigh?!

well this is what i found standard and no comment~

Soft Shell Crab*
Purposely Ordered this for Mr.B and Mom since last visited we found its tasted good, turn out plate of oily and cold soft shell crab.. taste an offensive smell!! Capital B for Bad..

Calpis Match* Rm8.80
Sista order the same drinks as dessert, love the creamy pearly wihte cream.. look so comfy! lol

Macha Parfait* Rm 12.00
Favourite!!! hmm i love my cup of Macha Parfait!! lower layer with scope of macha ice cream, with the thick layer of red bean paste, Corn flakes.. omg i finish the whole cup without sharing with anyone of them! hahax!!

Sushi Zanmai
Lt 0B2-F1,
Sunway Pyramid shopping Center
46150 PJ. selangor
Tel: 03-74923080