Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid

Hungry Hungry!! i ate nothing for my breakfast after work i rush all the way to pyramid for Cutathon event.. around 4pm.. mii & tutu decided to go Kim Gary for lunch!! gosh gosh finally there's something to fill my belly!! =) but Kim Gary is quite empty today.. so i don't have to wait for the seat!! we both only allow to take lunch in 30~45mins time.. sigh!! =(
Ice Lemon Tea* Rm3.90

Holick iced*
came with my combo set..

The day of s0up*
Came with my combo too.. this is one of my top vote soup i kim gary!! the thick tomato favour aww so nice!! there's still some vege come with the soup!! *LOVE*

Ham with Egg Sandwich* Rm4.20
just a simple sandwich that we can make at home always..

Stone Grilled Seafood Rice in Japanese Style Rm16.90
not bad, they came with Enoki mushroom, octopus, crab meat, kimchi & egg..
mix well and eat!! the big potion for mii to finish it up!! i only manage to ate half of it..

Done with my lunch and is time to get my ass back to Cutathon again!!! gambate gambate!! =) well i enjoy the event well.. thou is tired.. but i guess is worth more then that...!!

4Th Catuthon 07*

I guess everyone did went Pyramid on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for sure know that A' Cut Above having a big charity event..for hair section is only for Rm10.00 and for make over+ har+ photo shooting for only Rm50.00!! the 4TH Cutaton 2007!!
Cutathin 4*

work hard everyone!!! CHEER!!

BuiBui JD!! he rock!! muaxx

My Very First customer of the day!! hair done by alan, make up done by mii.. Bommy hair.. this customer is damn lovely!! u rock!! XD

she speak hokkian & english only! stupid kenji can spoke well and i couldn't both of them kept laughing!! KENJI!! u bad!! HMMMP!!
Huey min*

mii(make up), Kinji(hairstyles), huey min (peneng customer)
hey kenji nice to work out with you ya!! =)
The last customer i done with before i leave Catathon*


we both love taking picture.. i love taking picture with him too.. cos.. he will.. lao po lao po i wan take picture with u... one? two? pls pls.. come we take picture!! lol so cute of him rite?! yes first guy ever will keep request mii of taking picture!! muaxx heart u k?!

he almost kiss mii while taking this picture!! XD

SEE!! my baby piggy!!

The Vain Buddy*

nicole & mii

my beloved bui bui jinda!! i heart him alot alot!! muaxx


Best buddy in Cut Above*

mii, buibui JD, nicole, dot, tutu, hauhau (my piggy)

After cutathon went KLCC met up bubu, joe, and gor and we went RUUMS for feddie Birthday!! be honest I'm quite tired!! but Mr.B sound like i doesn't happy every time he asked mii to club with him.. and so to avoid argument i agree to club... TIRED!! i guess i'm too old to club!! 2.30am i told Mr.B to 'CUT' club.. funny right?! i remember last time is a must to club till 4 or 5am..

Gor Gor, Joe Joe, Mr.B

The Botak Bday boi Feddie!!

Friday, October 26, 2007


This Morning woke up around 6.45AM... the main reason is to prepare breakfast.. for my sista.. ish ish too bad too bad she never bring to work!! really piss mii off and i did nag her in msn when she's working.. To be frank we both never talk face to face at all... even both of us at home we still using msn to chatting with each other.. sometime can't access Internet we will sms each other.. quite out of mind right?! but trust mii this the way we communicate with each other *LOL*

Finely Chopped the Onion*

A can of Sardin!!

Add in onion with the sardin!!

Squeeze half of the lemon juice in to cut down the fishy and onion smell*

Mix the onion, lemon juice and sardin well.. and get the bread ready!!

Ready?! ?


Jang Jang*

A glass of sassi lemon to go with my Sardin toast bread*

Discover mom bought some pink dragon fruits.. !!

Mom said: you can live without your lunch and dinner but you don't ever skip your breakfast!! Breakfast is the energy to kick start your day!! Wonderful breakfast Wonderful day!! =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


*Tagged by Claudia*

7 things to do before I die:

1. have my own dream house
2. married with my Mr.right
3. plying around with my baby
4. tried all the nice food around the world
5. travel around the world with my Mr.Right
6. tell Papa & Mama how much i love them
7. hug him tight

7 things i will not do even if it kills me:

1. share my beloved one with other bit*h...
2. be murdere
3. Abortion (Never ever)
4. one night stand
5. snatch other boyfriend
6. porn star
7. naked in the street

7 things i will do when im away from the public:

1. Blogging!! *love*
2. pratice tongue twister infront of mirror
3. camwhore
4. look throught all the picture i took before
5. lying on my bed thinking what has happen recently
6. singing out loud, dance crazily...
7. planing where & when to try out all the nice food!

7 favourite sentences or quotes:

1. Never Give Up, Never Too Late
2. we'll nv know we can fly, until we're flying
3. To the world you might be someone, To Someone you might be the World
4. If people could do it, you too
5.You tend to give up when you are closest to success!
6. So close yet So far
7. when u fail to plan, you plan to fail

7 favourite songs of all time

1. Right here waiting for you -Richard
2. Mungkin Nanti - Prter Pan
3. First Love - Utada Hikaru
4. Every time we touch - Cascada
5. Speechless- Veronicas
6. xie xie ai
7. ting hai - a mei

7 things i'll make u wish you didnt do it:

1. have 3rd party behind mii..
2. Get betray
3. hurt mii badly
4. did something 'dirty' behind mii
5. lie to mii
6. talk bad about mii
7. snatch my beloved away

7 ppl to tag:

1. Chester
2. 742
3. Peikshane
4. Orange
5. Rae
6. Chun Hoo
7. Hz

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pizza San Francisco @ Sec.2 Wangsa Maju

Sunday Sunday!! Mr.B sick =( so he skipped work and rest at home.. around afternoon both of us felt hungry and hunting for dinner.. *Sob* there's something bad happen before both of us heading to Pizza San Francisco.. i cried badly inside the car, and Mr.B tried to calm mii down and comfy mii slowly.. glad that he doesn't mad on the incident and still tried hard telling mii that's an experiences of learning not to be panic.. thxQ so so much!! thx God you're beside mii~ muaxXx!!

Pizza San Francisco*
The empty seat*

Unique Pizza, Great Pizza*
uh.. Weird Pizza, Bad Pizza
Lime Special* Rm4.90
Mr.B & mii share Lime Special, well basically there's no difference from 'kat zai shun mui' just they replace water with soda.. yeap!! that's the only difference of LIME SPECIAL...

Garlic Pizza Bread Rm5.50
if you question mii how the tasted of garlic pizza bread, i would answer you exactly same with garlic Naan..

Calzone* Rm18.90
The Signature Pizza, Mr.B sugguest to tried the signature pizza.. Look nice when its serve.. but pretty disappointed us.. the Paste is COLD!! the salami is so tasteless.. and with the stiggy amount of mozzarella cheese... and so cost us Rm18.90

Look!! =( Bad!!

Mr.B & Mrs.B
Bye Bye Pizza San Francisco!! we will never step in here anymore!! wish you happies Ending!! opss i forgot to mention that their service is BAD!!! i gave F for the services...when you wave of them for the order or Bil they will never give a damn on you!! sigh~ =(

Hawker Stall @ Jalan Pudu

Last Saturday met up Mr.B at KLCC right after his work.. Mr.B asked what i craving for dinner.. and kampungboycitygirl's blog cross my mind.. Jalan Pudu for Cockles.. Without much word Mr.B drove mii to Jalan Pudu.. Too bad we can't find the lacation Map.. so we just drop by some hawker stall for our dinner.. Be frank this hawker stalls is 'DIRTY' as in a lot of china girl will coming over to your table, sit down and talk to you.. well unfortunately non of them come close to our table and talk to Mr.B.. If not i will bath her off with Milo Panas extra Susu Pekat!! *Piff Piff* Do not let your Man visit Jalan Pudu ALONE!!! =p

Loh mee* Rm3.80

Bloody Juicy Cockles*

Plate of Cockles* Rm8.00
I'm not cockles lover, and i don't really like the smell.. and the word of *Siii Ham* all becuase of my naughty brother..'sis.. don't eat.. cos.. SII ham.. you know? Sii Ham' =.=

Mr.B Peeling the cockles shell off.. he asked mii not to touch the cockles and tried his noodles yet he done his peeling.. *So sweet* muaxx muaxx!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happies Birthday to Rae*

*Happies 19TH Birthday*
Muaxx i Heart u

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gasoline Cafe @ Metro Perdana, Kepong

Jang Jang Jang~ this is one of my currently TOP vote cafe!! i remember that we went Gas Oline at Cheras branch.. and i start crazy about it.. because of the logo.. the pose.. and the red hair.. lolx!! and the food is nice and the ambiance really make my heart stay for it !! <3 try it out.. they have a branch at 6Th floor too...
Gas Oline... Look at the logo!! look like mii?! say YES!! is mii is mii!! i heart this cafe so so much!! because of the logo look like mii!! =p

Chocomint* Rm6.90
Not bad!! Blended with chocolate chips.. just too sweet for mii..

Milky with Vanilla ice cream* Rm6.90
Mr.B doesn't complain much about this, but the milk tasted quite weird for mii.. and Mr.B found out that we should stir it with the vanilla ice cream and drink it.. and tasted good!! =p unfortunately is not my vote.. =p

Special Coke Fried Chicken Wing* Rm4.90
To be frank, the chicken wing without the coke taste but the garlic honey a bit pricey for only 2 chicken wings...

Crackers Pizza* Rm3.90
Do not Order this please.. they use Jacob's biscuits for the base, and the topping with onion, pineapple, green & red pepper & CHEESE.. Doesn't tasted good at all!! i'll never order this anymore!!

After the LIGHT supper, Bubu drove mii to The Curve for movieeeee.. actually i'm quite tired and sleepy but he craving for movie since we never hang out much for movie.. we decided to watch Magic Ground!! wanted to watch it since it been hop in cinema!! cute*

Naughty Mr.B =p

The Magic Ground.. woah i gave 4star of of 5 stars.. is funny and is so cute they way the ground talk.. 'fan sii = fans' wakakaka!! Love this cute animation, Simple and Nice.. and is the meaning of this movie is more on 'No Free Lunch In this world' =p