Thursday, January 31, 2008

Che Go Korea BBQ @ Sunway Pyramid 2

Che Go Korea BBQ is the 1st and ever korean Restaurant in Pyramid, without thinking much Mr.B decided to dinner here!! Maybe we gaven them too much of expectation end up with the word Disappointed!! seriously this is the korean restaurant that turn both of us down, speechless~ Mr.B non stop complaining about the BAD services and the BAD food!! Sorry to say that we're enough for it will never ever visit here anymore, Mr.B and mii bet that will close down in half a year?! let's check it out the food we order...

Moden seat*

Traditional seat*

Che Go Korean BBQ*

Green Tea* Rm2.50
OMFG, this stupid drinks for Rm2.5? normally they doesn't charges for drinks and even Zanmai just Rm1.00!!! tasted nothing difference!! *angry*
Hot Pot Chicken noodle* Rm15.00

Mr.B's Chicken noodle, whith the tasteless Kimchi soup base, we found no chicken but chicken skin!!! OMG!! and the maggie is damn soggy, Mr.B non stop complaining how worse is this bowl noodles, my yougerst bro can cook even better then this!

Hot Pot Fried Rice Seafood* Rm18.00
Fried rice, exactly yong zhao style fried rice with 2 shirmps and chewy otopus.. pretty disappointed with it!!
This korean restaurant served non side dish, kimchi going to cost Rm5.00. Really turn my mood now i'm not happies with their services and for sure the bad food!! 0 star out of 5 star..
Che Go Korea BBQ
Lt 0B3-LG.2
Sunway Pyramid
No. Jln PJS 11/15
Bdr Sunway

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Never try 1U TGIF out before, Mr.B craving for Japanese good yet i don't feel like stepping into Sushi Groove or Shogun so just hang around, though going to Chili's for dinner yet there's full of people... cross over to old wing he spot TGIF so just walk in without thinking much since i never try this branch out... =)
MC & Cheesy~
Perfectly fried the cheesy macaroni ball turn golden brown, crispy dressing with the warm cheesy macaroni inside! Slurp~

filling up with macaroni and cheesy~ =) <3>
Sizzling Saute chicken*
Guess most of the time i visit TGIF 3 course meal i will definitely order this, love the cheesy-licious rice melt around the rice! slurp! thumbz up.. this branch served better then subang parade, at lest the chicken breast wasn't too dried.. =)

Friday Sundae*

Too full after the appetizer & entree, but still i heart dessert!! Delicious Friday sundae =)

7 more days to CNY! guess everyone shop with full hand, guess what i bought nothing yet i got no bonus damn it company!! *heart broken* i want get need heels new skinny jeans new street wear stuff!! =( but i got no bonus!!! i hate them!! last year my annual dinner end up eating pork noodles at some random chines restaurant, i guess this year might having nothing for annual dinner! I'm not kidding!!! last year we really do having pork noodles as annual dinner oh ya with few plate of dim sum~ *shame*

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Monday, January 28, 2008

XYZ Cafe @ Prima Setapak

Prima Setapak also know as Genting Klang, recently this area full of cafe & restaurant quite amount of choices yet still not really like this messy place.. Xing Yuen Zodiac (XYZ) a Zodiac signature Cafe.. we pay our very first try here...

Aries* Rm6.90
We decided to go for XYZ signature Zodiac Drinks..Mr.B go for mine Zodiac, tasted good.. honey, yogurt & ice lemon tea.. not bad i heart the yogurt layer.. xoxo

Cancer* Rm6.90
For sure i choose Mr.B Zodiac drinks.. basically just glass of tasteless caramel with scoop of vanilla ice cream and i can still drink brown sugar at bottom... sobz*

Bolognese spaghetti* Rm6.90
As usual mii darn hungry for breakfast, since they doesn't have much choices in menu i just for for the simple one spaghetti!! OMG... MMM so~ SOUR!!! god damn it, i couldn't take the sour and i think they use vinegar to replace lemon juice!! smell darn weird and darn sour! just left my plate far away from mii!! BAD!
Chicken in Tomyam sauce* Rm6.90
Mr.B go for rice selection, and this is so much better compare to mine.. tasty tomyam sauce..

XYZ Cafe
B-G-16 Plaza Prima Setapak
35, Jalan Prima Setapak
5300 KL

Saturday, January 26, 2008

William III @ Tmn Mayang

Once again i'm back to conquer William!! Is 2:45AM, guess no where better then William!! heading toward here for the thumbz up fabulous food! *slurp*

Ribena Special* Rm3.00
As usual, all time lover~
Garlic Bread set* Rm5.00
Craving for garlic bread lately, found that a lil bit pricey.. with mayonnaise and thousand island, sound that quite unique combination..

Olish Orgalic* Rm25.00
sorry i don't know i spell it correctly or not, well this is what we amaze for!! even for those mamak freak give thumb up for this!! HUGE PORTION! full with lots of FRESH seafood! Worth the price for Rm25.00!! heavenly fantastic! the simple lovely soup base for olish orgalic tasted abit spicy more to black pepper tasted! drop your trust on mii this is fabulous!!

Huge Prawn, mussel, lala, fish, squid~

Premesen chicken* Rm15.00
End up 4 of us decided to go for more event just supper!! option for premesen chicken that we tried last visit.. Thumbz up for the great red sauce!! gorgeous portion served with half chicken in fold with German sausage with mussel.. LOVELY! =)

Next tuesday we heading back here for Freelance Annual Dinner!! so i guess Mr.B going to order full table of William's Special!! =) great!! i'm waiitng for it right now!! Stay Tune..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

One more day to weekend!! 2 more weeks for CNY!! Sister off to Bali for 4days.. so bored without her, anyway i wish her come back with full hand but not a Bali man! hahax! yeapz.. i force her to treat mii dinner before she left.. and i choose Zanmai, saw lot of post from fellow flogger i'm darn craving for it!! now is my turn for Zanmai! SLURP~

Sushi Zaimai*

The busy Kitchen*

Tutu Train sushi price*

Red plate unagi sushi* Rm6.00

Inari Sakura* Rm 3.80

i love it!! tasted sweet and a bit crunchy.. slurp! definitely my vote!

Soft Shell Crab* Rm9.80
finely fried till golden brown, eat while serve hot yet the tender dressing turn soft..
Dip your soft shell crab with the vinegar! slurp! delicious*

Dragon Roll* Rm8.80

Perfectly roll with golden brown prawn with avocado slided.. slurp! delicious!

Ebidon* Rm8.80
sista for for Ebidon, cutie served in a medium bowl with tempura prawn and tender eggiees, sis doesn't comment anything about this i guess is nice..

Curry Rice* Rm8.80

I go for curry rice, since sis not allow mii to take cold soba! ish ish~ nothing special about this curry rice

Calpis Match* Rm8.80
Sista spotlight, woah delicious~the tasted pretty difference from Ochacha, creamy match tasted bit of sour and the aroma smell so unique, passion fruit? i should ask them about it next time!


Strawberry Parfait* Rm12.00

My spotlight of the night! i waited this dessert to served for 30mins! sis and mii almost get mad, but i guess is worth of waiting for it! Thumbz up for this! served in the cutie glass with corn flask, and delicious unique strawberry ice cream, more on yogurt ice cream tasted.. whipped with cream..

Sushi Zanmai
Lt 0B2-F1,
Sunway Pyramid shopping Center
46150 PJ. selangor
Tel: 03-74923080

Monday, January 21, 2008

1ST Anniversary @ The SmokeHouse

Happy 1st Anniversary!! Decided heading back to the first date place.. Mont Kiara Baskin robbins, time flies and now we're here again for our 1st anniversary! Remember that we never talk much to each other just look at each other and smile.. 1st question i asked bubu, why you so skinny and he answered mii that why you so fat?! hahax! from there we start our sweet journey
I Love U!

Snowball* Rm6.90
Mad About Chocolate* Rm6.90
Right after a short rest in BR31 , Bubu and mii heading to Sri Hatamas for quick shopping!! not bad i bought 2tops and 1 bikini for 50% off! woah!! Because Bubu bought his Street Wear Cloth so now is my turn!! ThxQ hahax! Dinner? got no idea where to have our dinner, bubu asked mii choose between Cafe Cafe or The smokehouse.. wondering awhile and here we are for Smokehouse! The Fantastic Restaurant ever!! I'm Home mom~ so comfortable with all the relaxing decoration, the melody, the aroma.. Perfect!! WE love here!


The have 5 room and 2 living room, and just around 11 table is available for dinning, each room have their difference decoration but trust mii that's so England!! =) KL smoked house is the 3rd branch so far!

Ginger Beer* Rm12.00

Mineral water* RM9.00

Served while the table is ready, soft & tender bread to go with butter! nice!
Smokehouse Salad* Rm12.00
Screw & Pie (Chicken Mushroom Pie)* Rm48.00
Smokehouse Signature is Pie and roasted, and We try their Chicken Mushroom! The pastry pie covered on top tasted buttery, absolutely creamy!! unfortunately i still prefer the heavy tasted pie, end up i add lot of pepper and salt.. is a little bit pricey for mii but Mr.B said its fine and worth it..
Beef Wellington* Rm65.00
Spotlight of the night!! BEEF WELLINGTON!! Tenderloin of fillet meat roll with puff pastry, with chicken liver onion, celery and bread crumb!! Wonderful juicy beef! 60~70% cooked! go with the orangeze mushroom sauce that's so heavenly good!! definitely Worth the price!! =)
Our Main Came with side vegetables too
Crepe Suzette* Rm20.00
Nothing much to complain, thumbz up for their dessert! simple and nice! Orange-licious sauce~

Happies 1St Anniversary!!


Bubu I'm so proud to be your gal!! I'm so glad to have you too, thxQ for took over my princess attitude, my bad temper, my emotional.. we went through ups and down still we are holding each other! wouldn't know how far we can go but for sure that we're having each other right now! so much thing to tell you but i knew nothing better then the three little word.. I Love U!! I'm here to said I'll be better girlfriend to you kies?! Muaxxx Xoxo.. One year and still counting!