Friday, June 27, 2008

*Happy Birthday To Mr.B*

Happie 20th Birthday to MR.B

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ma Maison @ Ampang

Curious Readers here is some sharing about mii and Mr.B. he's skinny and i'm chubby (Fat! Just chubby sound better..), He love Dota i hates GAMES, He take darn lil food i do take ALOT. The thing we love? Movie? (we settle down EVERY Single movie in cinema except for malay and indian movie), Games? (Alright we used or a must to spend around 10~15bucks for hitting down Photo hunt record) Arguments? (Biasa la, Belum try Belum tau satu kali try tiap tiap hari mau..) we're still normal couple!! no couple got no arguments right Christine? city girl? Well Ma Maision is my recent updated favourite french restaurant!!

Its was a great surprise to found such a romantic restaurant at the hidden corner.
Ma Maison

Lovely setting up the dining table. Everything smell so traditional from the moment we first step in here. The Staff is real friendly and sweet which kept smiling everytime you turn your face on them. So comfy..


Bucket of bread, its alot. which half of the bucket is garlic bread and other half bucket is plain bread. Yamm...

Starter Oysters* Rm8.00 (each)

Mr.B's mom ordered oyster for tried, obviously I'm not oyster lover cause used to tasted fishy yucks!! But this is totally wash out my mind Simply Grrp into your mouth and smoothly swollen through your throat. The selling point was definitely the 'FRESH'. Feel cheated and want for more!

Appetizer Escargots* (Half dozen)

Snails lover!! Yeah Escargot is SNAIL!! don't laugh mii for the poor explanation cos i believe there still somebody out there got no idea apa tu Escargot!! Cutie Chef sweetly remove the snail from the shell and paste them into the cute cup to easy up while we dip the delicious butter garlic sauce with bread. Mouth full Escargot, i curious about what herb or leaf that they mixed in turn up such a nice aroma and for sure thumbz up!

Carre D' Agneau A La Provencale* (Rm58.00)

Actually is Roasted Lamb Rack With Mustard Crust, I found here's amaze even i'm not the lamb lover still i fell in love with their lamb rack got no mutton smell buddy!! Perfectly roasted, that's definitely how i always wanted my lamb to be!! Slurp!! Ok la.. not my lamb Mr.B one.........

Plate of Braise Cheesy Potato to accompany that Plate of delicious Lamb Racks, Sorry to said that i don't into the milky braise potato.. Tasted and smell like some non process milk with potato on top with the mozzarella cheese.

Filet De Cabillaud Au Basilic Citronne* (Rm46.00)

Cod fillet with Barsil And Lemon Butter, aww huge portion!! Fresh cod fish nicely laying on top of Spanish. Tasted so Creamy..I do enjoyed every bite of my fish fish-licious!

Saumon Grilled Et Son Ragout D' Epinard* (Rm42.00)

Grill Salmon And Its Spinach Ragout, tried a bite from bubu mom's plate fresh salmon not bad.

Gratin De Fraises Au Grand Marnier* (Rm16.00)

Strawberry Grantin with Grand - Marnier, Finally dessert!! Crave for dessert all this while actually wanted to order 2 dessert too sad can't be greedy in front of people mom so.. sigh.. look at the pretty surface!! its a liquor dessert with a scope of ice cream, Crispy surface with the warm smooth rich and creamy layer. So yammylicioussss... (Must Try)

With the romantic environment, great food, good services with no government tax or services tax so prepare cash while u dine in here!! No Credit card Only cash!!

Ma Maison (French Restaurant)

32, Persiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-4256 5410

*Closed on Every Tuesday
*Cash Only