Friday, February 29, 2008

Bar B.Q. Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid

Godness I'm hell happy for I'm no longer meeting my dearest Mr.Freedom!! *Jumping High* Around March or April i wouldn't update my post often, might be like a busy bee, forgive mii that I'm leaking out of update!! xoxo.. Remember a short shory in secondary called the road not taken, life is full of choices.. where to study, where to work, where to eat.. Make the right decision for no regret!! Cheers* Okey.. Come back Come back.. Where to eat?! Slow down our foot step in front of BBQ plaza plasma tv for the funny advertisement.. hahax.. and so get attracted into here for dinner =)

Chili Padi, Lime, Garlic*

Mix them with their special sauce*
A must to have it all the time to accompany with you delicious meat~

Heat it*

Pork Fats*

Pork fats as cooking oil, argg i just don't like it!! got kind of weird smell!! argg~


Garlic Rice* Rm1.50
Doesn't Tasted good as the previous visit, bowl of tasteless cold garlic rice *disappointed*

Supreme Mixed* Rm31.90
Mr.B want beef i wan pork and both want seafood!! so we got for these set, i guess is enough for both of us everything just right to fit into out poor belly~ SLurp!
Look at the tidy slide porkies and beef~

Ready to eat?! so tender can?!

Potato Shrimp* Rm8.90
A must for the greedy Mr.B and Mrs.B to order side dish~ aww the potato fully wrapped with the shrimp!! simple but its just delicious! yammm~

Gyoza* Rm6.00
Not Enough still? Go for another side dish then~ All time lover Gyoza!! this turn mii down, waited for 45mins and kept telling us Coming Coming.. hell them but while served its COLD!! Pissing off!!

Bar B. Q. Plaza
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center
Tel: 03- 7492 3121
Fax: 03- 7492.3122

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant @ Sri Hatamas

Gosh.. a bad news for myself of changing all my plan for next month, pretty upset about that hopefully what i do is worth it and pray hard for my right decision. Scroll through my phone most of my friend been leaving to oversea for further study, i miss all of you dude!! Now is my turn for my dearest friend Yauw!! We knew each other through Gunbound, and we get into the same college.. now.. he leaving to Aussie.. Farewell dinner for him at Edo Jo *sob sob*

Edo Jo*

Lots of sake*

So Japanese rite?

Tempura Moriawase* Rm22.00
the menu full of Japanese word, no idea what to order cause only yauw know Japanese so he suggest to order tempura for share.. aww i love the big portion tempura, with squid, pumpkin, prawn, eggplant, sweet potato, cod fish...etc!! so far this the satisfy tempura i had.. the price is reasonable for the serving! =)

Saba Shioyaki* Rm26.00
Dearest Yauw go for this, with additional Rm6.00 you can upgrade to set, came wif salad, rice, miso soup & Fruits !! What a worth~ =) they Choosy yauw never complain anything about this..

Grilled perfection salmon!! not fishy at all.. pretty good!

Pork Mayonnise Set* Rm22.00
My set my set!! Omg the i heart the tender slide pork so juicy!! i heart my plate of gravy pork mayo!! slurp!
Wafu Oroshi Steak Set* Rm35.00
Mua Mr.B set, eww i tried the beef is real great i guess is medium cooked, insider layer look so pinky!! Slurp!! Mr.b finish up whole set of this!!

Green Tea Ice Cream with red bean* Rm10.00
Without red bean Rm8.00, found this scope of nothing special ice cream is pricey, and wif a small spoon of red bean paste cost Rm2.00.. not worth it. Hope they do something about it!

The Dearest babe (look at his eye!! haha), anyone know him?! This Meow Meow dad Own Mont Kiara Soho shopping center and Jogoya.. hell him i should get the Vip card for from him!! i miss you boy!! be back asap!! i knew Aussie Gal 'Air Bag' is better than Malaysia Gal.. But Drive safe with your 'ABS' ya! XD
3 of us for the last dinner!! ='( muaxx babe boi!!!
Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant
9, Jln 22A/70A
Desa Sri Hatamas,
50480 Kl
Tel: 03-6201 8212

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Feeling mush more better today, i guess everything stand for a price and also a solution no matter what's going on paste the sunny smile on your face telling yourself that nothing better then i have this experience right now so Cheers =) Recently mii and Mr.B dropped into Japanese craving.. we crave for it most of the time. Well just because of the Astro on the month sushi show 'wo mei nong cheng' .. Wanted to dine in Zanmai yet he said he want Zen.. ok la ok la you boss you decide *Boxx Boxx*

Maki Spicy Salmon* Rm12.00
I'm going for something light and filling.. not bad tasted good. The simple and delicious combination =)

Tenjyu* Rm28.00
Mr.B go for tempura rice, Mr.B doesn't happy with the poor serving with the pricey price, tempura came with 1 prawn, and some vege.. nothing special about that yet cost Rm28.00.. i can see that he not really happy with that. Yet he just eat the prawn and left over a side.. i guess they can do so much better then that right?! *not worth it*


Free Dessert*
Attention to all the ladies!! Every Wednesday is a ladies day to Zen too, free plate of dessert just for ladies.. =) match ice cream? aww its nice! i love it!

Ice Cream Ykimi Daifuku* Rm6.00
Aww i heart this too, the mochi finely wrap with the pearly white vanilla ice cream, i enjoy every bite of them! =)

Zen Japanese Restaurant

OB2-F-U2, Oasis Boulevard 2,
Sunway Pyramid.

Tel: 03- 7492 4922

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Riblees @ Sri Hatamas

I'm real upset for what's popping now these day, trying hard to pay my effort for more not for the brilliantly feed back.. but why thing always goes wrong while i think its gonna be smooth?! so much of unexpected. I'm so upset about that, Try to be understanding while there's lots of stress surrounding you.. bewared hurting someone with your awful word. Let's get out of that, this post almost been a month still i got no time to post it up!! so sorry.. lucky mii still make it before end of this poor february =) Happies Belated Aunt Jenny (Bubu mummy). Actually i'm not so much either her mum love ribs or not but i'm the one who craving for ribs so jus ask Mr.B to bring us here for the very first try.. Riblees its a place i notice since last year..

Roast Pork Salad* Rm19.95
Siu yoke?! yes! definitely it is~ love the crispy layer!! yet the roast pork got a kind of weird smell, raw pork smell! i don't like it! and the combination is weird!!! green salad with roast pork and vinegar..

U.S Baby Back Ribs* Rm28.80 (Not available in menu yet)
Baby back ribs! aww they do better then i expected =) Grill till perfection, good job for the marinated, served in a wooden plate and lots of curly fried not to forget the fabulous finger licking good barbecue sauces~ Delicious!
Texas Style ribs* Rm36.80
The Ribless's owner introduce Mr.B something yet in menu too.. Texas Style? For mii its more to like Mexican style! ribs fully cover up with the gorgeous portion of sauce topped with lots of bean bean, onion ring & sour cream, it's good.. yet all of us cant finish it! the portion just to big for us!
Cheezy chicken* Rm22.95

Mr.B Bro go for Chicken.. i tried! tasted good too!! they really work hard on their sauces!

Organo Roast Lamb* Rm36.80
Mum go for Roast Lamb, too bad i heard she complain that part of it is burnt and and the lamb doesn't tasted fresh.. well don't have to ask for sure the mutton smell darn heavy!! *Run*

Choc Mud Cake* Rm12.80

Nit much Dessert selection, just got for the simple one.. aww so choco-licious! actually i guess they over bake so turn up live Brownies wif vanilla ice cream.. =) its ok still tasted good! we clear for it!

Happy Birthday to U!
Happy Birthday to U!
Happy Birthday to Anut Jenny!!
Happy birthday to U!!
Sorry that we didn't sing any birthday song to you, cos Mr.B said they never sing any birthday song to you before!! sorry! hope you have a nice time during this birthday celebration.. simple yet that's show lots of love ya! =) xoxo

41-1 Jln 23/70A
Desa Sri Hatamas
Tel: 03-62010180

Monday, February 25, 2008

William IV @ Taman Mayang

Sorry for the late post!! I'm deeply sorry that i'm busy for the Ipoh reviewed and i forgot about the Freelance Annual Dinner post!! Forgive mii~ As what i promise we went William for annual dinner, Lessly who one of the Freelance team member tot we going to some place nice for dinner, okey he dress up darn nice, Green polo tee, long jeans, sport shoes and red skarf.. we non stop laughing at him!! and he stunt immediately... complain that we fool him around, end up he turn his voice down showing his Thumb up =) Let's go~

Premesen chicken* Rm15.00 (Special noodle)
My all time favour!! look at the wonderful mouth watering sauces~ =)

Triple-H* Rm8.00

The wanted sandwich came in 3 layer, each layer fill with chicken chunks, ham and cheese. Dressing up with pan fried egg!! And not to forget swipe the thousand island sauce & mayo before you send every bite of the melting cheesy Triple H into your mouth! Mmmmm!

Roti Hawaii Soft Shell Crab*

Wanted Roti Hawaii Soft Shell crab too, first time trying out this all of us is so crazee about it!! every bite you can tasted the crunchy soft shell crab!! delicious, that's nothing difference from Murni Hawaii but just they additional soft shell crab!! Omg.. i'm in love!!


Heard about their Famous Carbonara, came with a huge portion.. That's so CREAMY & so CHEESY!! Too bad my taste bud gone bored while i eating too much of carbonara.. thumbz up! cheesy fans? Order this while u're in William! =)

Seafood Risotto* Rm30.00
Nothing to complain about this, i order this most of the time I'm here..

Lessly & Mr.B!! Cute gile.. look at both of the funny-licious face! <3 thx for everyone in the team who work out with us i'm pretty happies about that!! and besties for life ya! Thx for the caring you all dropping for mii & Mr.B Deeply appreciated it!

Sorry, Do make a space for mii for my beloved Anna Sui!! I'm a Big Fans of Anna Sui!! Call mii Jasmine Anna =) From Fragrances, Make up corner, towel, Hand bag & etc all with my Anna Sui!! This morning i received an email from my friend about Anna Sui cell phone! omg once again i'm so crazee about it!! Look at the sexy-licious phone.. i just want it.. knew that this phone been launch 2 year ago~ sadly i'm addicted!! Last Saturday just miss out my Limit Edition Anna sui Mirror for 2008!! so sad.. so Mr.B can i?! hehe *Shy*

Pinky-Licious can?!

Friday, February 22, 2008

D Vine Cafe @ Ipoh

Promise that this is my very last post for ipoh reviewed.. guess you all bored of my food stall post.. The only cafe i visited in Ipoh, i found ipoh is quite bored, other then Jusco, Giant or Parkson there's no where else for mii to shop!! oh lala now i know how much i love KL! =) let's have a look on my post now~

Strawberry smoothies* Rm9.80
Nothing special, yet is a bit too sweet for my taste bud..
Fresh Garden Salad*
Grill Australian Dory* Rm15.80
fillet dory fish on bed of Spanish and topped with cold lemon butter sauce and serve with roast potato.. the fish fresh.. yet the lemon butter just right to go with dory fish.. not bad..
D Vine Cafe
3, Tingkat Tmn Ipoh 7
Tmn Ipoh Selatan
31400 Ipoh
Tel: 05- 548 8446

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phun Zhan @ Bidor

I knew everyone is bored of my ipoh reviewed.. so sorry for that promise one more post to end my ipoh food reviewed!! stay tune!! so much more to bring up on next.. Thx for all the concern comment, I'm getting better now.. this month I'm going to be the very last month busy bee and i will move on to the relaxing pages... =) get back to my post, 6th day of CNY also a day for all of us to get back to KL... Aloha KL~ so early in the morning we got out ass up for breakfast... near by Gopeng.. for the famous Laksa & Curry mee... Unfortunately early bird deserve better, HABIS!!!... left lou shu fun~ no choices..

Toast Bread*
The Crispy texture toast bread go with the perfect partner kaya & butter!! Yammm~

Side Dish*

Tasted like Indians snack, tasted cold and weird.. not for my liking
Side dish..

be honest those fish cake is wonderful!! smooth and springy!! heart it alot!
Lou Shu fun with black sauce, not too salty the tasted is just right..

We left with the full belly, around half and hour drive the greedy mii asked Mr.B to stop by Bidor for lunch!! i knew all of them is lazy to get down from the car but!! i miss Phun Zhan alot!! remember last time mom used to drop by here for biscuits and snack!! =) here we go~

Famous Wantan Mee* (chicken & Mushroom)
Both of us share a plate of Char Siu Wantan mee, the noodle absolutely chewy and not soggy at all!! and the char siu taste good yet i found the colouring is abit too over =)
Extra Wanta..
For mii to Phun Zhan a must to buy is Siu Pau and Wu Kok!! i'm so in love with the Siu pao!! since i was young *ahhem*
Siu Pao Sold out so disappointed about that! look at those cutie wu kok look so cute, make fresh everyday!! come earlier~
Heat Baby Heat!!

I'm not Wu kok Lover... So i can't comment about it! =)
Recently i'm real busy for the cinema, Mr.B so crave for movie watch most of the movie yet we're waiting for step up2, red line and so on... and my friend told mii he watched Red Line DVD 2 month back, omg~ why nowadays Pasar Malam DVD so in? HAHA!