Friday, September 12, 2008

Kameya (龟屋) @ BB Park

Bad news. My dearest Mommy and sista going shanghai without mii!! sobz!! 4more days claudia leaving us to Manchester already!! Aww i felt so lonely all of suddenly wake up comfirm no breakfast that's ready got no body to talk to mii at home already!! But enjoy your trip ya i still got my Sibeh good Mr.B!! Weee.. anyone been Kameya at BB park which next to Outback before? i found this place is really cool specially the special menu, most of the selection you can't get from other japanese restaurant =)

Green Tea* (Rm5.00)

Shirasu* Rm5.00

Hand hold rice that japanese favourite outdoor selection. White rice with Anchovy nicely hold out of triangle shape..simple and filling.

Miso Shiru* Rm5.00

Mr.B a must to have miso, Kameya serve more then 5 special miso soup, served 2-3 person. we just go for the normal one. Its tasty compare to Sushi king or Genki ..

Torikawa (Chicken Skin)* Rm2.00

We found Gilled Chicken Skin here!! yamm sadly i expect for the extra crispy texture..

Potato Becon* Rm6.00

Ladies and Gentlement i heart this!!! The crispy thin becon simplr wrap with mash potato with teriyaki sauce!! Slurp.. yeap is mash potato..!! DELICIOUS...

Gyoza* Rm10.00

My love Gyoza!! Nothing special compare to other japanese house..

Soft Shell Crab Maki* Rm20.00

My sibeh poser bf!! See what he holding?! beh tahan him!! >''<


Lot. GL-13
BB Park
Plaza Low Yat
No.7 Jln Bukit Bintang
5100 K.L

Tel: 603-2142 0153

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kampachi @ Pavilion (Farewell to jeromefo again)

I'm Back!! I'm Back!! I pay my deep apologize to everyone who waiting for my update specially Simon Seow, you sound pissing at mii at the previous comment *sob*. Anyone know Jeromefo are my dearest pet bro?! Last year we make him a farewell party at Chili's celebrating he's leaving us to hertfordshire further study, Yahoo?! But why should we have another farewell dinner again? Because he's leaving us to Bristol AGAIN!!! =) Good Luck.. muaxx my dearest bro!! We leaked out 2 buddy, Chester and Claudia didn't join us for dinner sigh.. but yet we got a new member!!! Jeromefo's bro Kent... we still bullshit alot. Thx for the dinner Foo Bluek..

Mint Green Tea* Rm12.00 (Per Pot for 4)

We felt like steal the pot and cup home *Giggle* i love the mint green tea alot smell so refreshing yet jeromefo kept complain taste like toothpaste!! he's funny right?!

Nabeyaki Udon* Rm28.00

Jeromefo's udon. Hell big portion!! Udon with Prawn Tempura, Egg, chicken and vegetable. doesn't heard any comment from him i guess is nice, Kent request for a sip but he just saja finish it!! So bad..

Bukkake Udon* Rm28.00

Cold Udon with Tempura Fritters and Shredded cucumber tossed with sesame sauce!! i love the sesame sauce.. Mr.B said that's taste like a bowl of cold udon salad nothing special. =.='

Soba & Chirashi Set* Rm45.00

Soba with deep fried prawns and Raw dish on rice. I felt this set worth every penny other then the huge portion!! came with cawan, fruits, miso soup and look kent rice look so colourful right?! =)

Saba Shioyaki Set* Rm32.00

Grilled Mackerel with salt or teriyaki sauce, i go for salt.. yammy taste more traditional. Still i love set, fuel just gone down for 15cents so set most JIMAT KAN? =)

Macha Ice- Cream Special* Rm15.00

Kent and mii look at each other and said, want desert?! want want.. aww here's our deserts look so delicious right? IS DELICIOUS!! yamm.. Japanese mochi with the thick favour red bean paste with a scoop of macha ice cream accompany with the red cutie strawberry's!! Thumbz up!!!!!!!

Foo. Kent. Mr.B and mii have a great night although you left the last minuts date before you leaving since you back here for 1 whole month!!! damn you said you love this sister most huh?!! Anyway i wish you study hard over there!! Lawyer Foo Gor Gor =) muaxx love u most too...



Lot 6.09.00
Lvl 6 Pavilion

Tel: +603-2148 9608
Fax: +603-2148 2608

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OMFG malaysia...

OMFG!! Something happen in past 15mins.. Freak mii & Mr.B out!!!
Mii and Mr.B went alexie jie house for hair cut, we left around 1145pm and the guai lan Mr.B decided heading down to 1u for movie yet he send mii home we end the movie around 230am and i reached home 245am and while we stepped out the car i SAW a cb Indian breaking a Myvi window and the other motor just park right beside Mr.B car i doesn't pay a damn on him cos i tot he staying the same block as mine. The fat Indian who break Myvi window speed up his step like gonna walk closer to us we ran all the way up and start screaming ''MOMMY~ MOMMY~'' my dad get shocked and quickly ask Mr.B to stay for awhile yet they still around there. A while later the motorbike pick the farker up and ride to some where else... YET they waited Mr.B car some where hidden and start throwing rock to Mr.B car window lucky there's nothing happen!! OMFG.. police? Do something we paying tax for u!! Government? Do something!! Sadly dear Farker i curse your family car get break as how you did too, i bless you might not die peaceful!! mother fucker you think think that's funny? YOU NAK MAKAN KITA NAK MAKAN JUGA!! NAK MAKAN PERGI LA KERJA!!! GUNA LA OTAK SIKIT!! oh.. my pet bro kena pick pocket the day before yesterday in monorial!! KESIAN!
drop ur comment and share with mii!! *SAD*
Because of this i couldn't get in sleep now!! sigh.................@#$%^&*

Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm not Happy!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

*Happy Birthday To Mr.B*

Happie 20th Birthday to MR.B

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ma Maison @ Ampang

Curious Readers here is some sharing about mii and Mr.B. he's skinny and i'm chubby (Fat! Just chubby sound better..), He love Dota i hates GAMES, He take darn lil food i do take ALOT. The thing we love? Movie? (we settle down EVERY Single movie in cinema except for malay and indian movie), Games? (Alright we used or a must to spend around 10~15bucks for hitting down Photo hunt record) Arguments? (Biasa la, Belum try Belum tau satu kali try tiap tiap hari mau..) we're still normal couple!! no couple got no arguments right Christine? city girl? Well Ma Maision is my recent updated favourite french restaurant!!

Its was a great surprise to found such a romantic restaurant at the hidden corner.
Ma Maison

Lovely setting up the dining table. Everything smell so traditional from the moment we first step in here. The Staff is real friendly and sweet which kept smiling everytime you turn your face on them. So comfy..


Bucket of bread, its alot. which half of the bucket is garlic bread and other half bucket is plain bread. Yamm...

Starter Oysters* Rm8.00 (each)

Mr.B's mom ordered oyster for tried, obviously I'm not oyster lover cause used to tasted fishy yucks!! But this is totally wash out my mind Simply Grrp into your mouth and smoothly swollen through your throat. The selling point was definitely the 'FRESH'. Feel cheated and want for more!

Appetizer Escargots* (Half dozen)

Snails lover!! Yeah Escargot is SNAIL!! don't laugh mii for the poor explanation cos i believe there still somebody out there got no idea apa tu Escargot!! Cutie Chef sweetly remove the snail from the shell and paste them into the cute cup to easy up while we dip the delicious butter garlic sauce with bread. Mouth full Escargot, i curious about what herb or leaf that they mixed in turn up such a nice aroma and for sure thumbz up!

Carre D' Agneau A La Provencale* (Rm58.00)

Actually is Roasted Lamb Rack With Mustard Crust, I found here's amaze even i'm not the lamb lover still i fell in love with their lamb rack got no mutton smell buddy!! Perfectly roasted, that's definitely how i always wanted my lamb to be!! Slurp!! Ok la.. not my lamb Mr.B one.........

Plate of Braise Cheesy Potato to accompany that Plate of delicious Lamb Racks, Sorry to said that i don't into the milky braise potato.. Tasted and smell like some non process milk with potato on top with the mozzarella cheese.

Filet De Cabillaud Au Basilic Citronne* (Rm46.00)

Cod fillet with Barsil And Lemon Butter, aww huge portion!! Fresh cod fish nicely laying on top of Spanish. Tasted so Creamy..I do enjoyed every bite of my fish fish-licious!

Saumon Grilled Et Son Ragout D' Epinard* (Rm42.00)

Grill Salmon And Its Spinach Ragout, tried a bite from bubu mom's plate fresh salmon not bad.

Gratin De Fraises Au Grand Marnier* (Rm16.00)

Strawberry Grantin with Grand - Marnier, Finally dessert!! Crave for dessert all this while actually wanted to order 2 dessert too sad can't be greedy in front of people mom so.. sigh.. look at the pretty surface!! its a liquor dessert with a scope of ice cream, Crispy surface with the warm smooth rich and creamy layer. So yammylicioussss... (Must Try)

With the romantic environment, great food, good services with no government tax or services tax so prepare cash while u dine in here!! No Credit card Only cash!!

Ma Maison (French Restaurant)

32, Persiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-4256 5410

*Closed on Every Tuesday
*Cash Only

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happies Birthday To Mii @ Ninja Jones

What a late post. almost forget about this. Been a month back for my birthday, doesn't went for celebration cos I'm tearing alot!! Sad right?! Please don't ask why there's no why i just felt bad luck for each year birthday!! Sigh.. Thx Mr.B for buying my favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake for the small surprise. I'm glad to have you muaxx. Smart boss knew my birthday is near by take a chance to sing a song with ninja while we dinner. ThxQ!! Pay my very first time to Ninja Jones that i wanted to visit here since age ago, not to forget the secret metal doors you need to press or move a stone? to open up the metal door. hahax..

Finally I'm here!!
Fresh Sashimi* Rm??
I'm not a raw food lover but get force to try it!! so sad.. But i found is good still I"M NOT RAW FOOD LOVER!! Maguro Chu Toro (Tuna Belly)* Rm75.00, Nama Kaki(Prawns)* Rm12.00, Akagai(ark shell)* Rm42.00, Uni/Half Tray(sea urchin)* Rm80.00, Botanebi*(Jelly Fish) Rm56.00.. When i saw the bill about this i was OMG!! but honest speaking this sashimi is GREAT and is really fresh!!

Suriken* Rm16.00

The one bite Suriken, is smaller than i expected so mean 1 bite for Rm16! Aisk!! I can still remember the wonderful bite of this!! Crab meat and huge Scallop perfectly cover by the cheesy-licious sauce. No hump just down bite... Grrrup~

Honeydew Moto-yaki* Rm68.00

Recommended by my bossssi, honeydew fill with prawns, scallops, squid topping with the creamy cheesy sauce. Absolutely taste good!!
Tamatebeko Bento Box* Rm22.00
Alright i felt cheated by this bento!! i order tiramisu and extra additional by boss for my birthday cake! end up they just gave the bento i order with the candle. The Cake just too small for us and they said serve 2 portion?! God! Anyway its past.. Pumpkim Caramel!! Rox i love this dessert although just 2 spoon of it. Taste sinfully good, Pumpkin just go right with caramel!! uhh~

My tiny Birthday cake!! Look cute?! Green tea Tiramisu with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Tiramisu its slightly too soggy for mii but not bad its good!!

The End bill end up with Rm426.65 for 2 person. So far I'm satisfy with the delicious food and service but still i felt its a lil too pricey. I guess this is why the meaning of we pay for good food!! Fresh Sashimi, Good quality Seafood what you expect? I better keep silent since i won't have to chance to pay the bill =) Giggle* Cheers I'm 20yrs old now!!!

Ninja Jones
A-G-5, Ground Floor
Mid Valley CityKuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 - 2288 1646