Sunday, September 30, 2007

Red Baby

Okies I'm in heaven now!! i jumping high!! Guess lot of people curious about what's my red baby that i mention all this while... *Dang Dang Dang Dang* My Red hot baby T100.. Finally i get you baby!! i heart you a lot a lot!! muaXxxx mommy i heart you too!! thxQ so much!!! is mine now... =) ... mom bought two actually red hot baby is only for mii... and she bought sliver baby!! mom i heart you a lot!!! <3 Let's know more about red baby!!

LCD --- 3.0"2 (230K Pixels) Clear Photo LCD™ plus screen
Viewfinder --- N/A
Lens Construction --- 12 Elements in 10 Groups, 3 Aspheric Elements
Microphone/Speaker --- Yes/ Yes
Lens Type --- Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar®
Docking Station --- Yes, via optional CSS-HD1 HD Cradle

Recording Media --- 31MB internal Flash Memory, optional Memory Stick® DUO Media, optional
Memory Stick DUO PRO™ Media
Imaging Device --- 1/2.5" Super HAD™ CCD
Megapixel --- 8.1 MP

Total Zoom --- 10X
Optical Zoom --- 5X
Digital Zoom --- 0-2.0X (Precision)
Smart Zoom® Technology --- Up to 6.3X (5MP), 8.0X (3MP), 8.5X (16:9 2MP) 25X (VGAResolution)
Exposure Compensation --- ±2.0 EV, 1/3 EV Step Increments
Minimum Focus Distance --- 19-11/16" (50cm) Normal, 3-3/16" (8cm) Macro, 3/8" (1cm) Magnifying

Focal Length --- 5.8 - 29mm
35mm Equivalent --- 35 - 175 mm
Focus --- 9 Area Multi-Point AF, Center AF, Spot AF
ISO --- Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Shutter Speed --- 1/4-1/1000 sec. (Auto), 1"-1/1000 sec. (Program Auto)
Aperture Range --- f3.5-5.6(W), f4.4-10.0(T)
Filter Diameter --- N/A
Macro Mode --- Yes

Burst Mode --- 100 shots at 2.2 fps (all resolutions)
Date/Time Stamp --- No/ No
Erase/Protect --- Yes/Yes
Media/Battery Indicator --- Yes/Yes
Memory Stick PRO™ Media Compatibility --- Tested to support up to 8GB Memory Stick DUO
PRO™ media capacity4; does not support Access Control security function.
Color Mode(s) --- Black & White, Natural, Sepia, Vivid
Red-Eye Reduction --- Yes (On/Off all modes)
Self Timer --- Yes (10 seconds, 2 seconds, Off)
Still Image Mode(s) --- Burst, JPEG (Fine/Standard), Exposure Bracketing
White Balance --- Automatic, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent 1, Fluorescent 2, Fluorescent 3, Incandescent, Flash

Convenience Features
Movie Mode(s) --- MPEG VX Fine with Audio (640x480 at 30fps) (MPEG VX Fine requires Memory
Stick DUO PRO™ media), MPEG VX Standard with Audio (640x480 at 16fps), Presentation Mode(320 x 240 at 8.3fps).
Power Save Mode --- Yes (after approx. 3 min. of inactivity)
Scene Mode(s) --- Beach, Fireworks, High Speed Shutter, High Sensitivity, Landscape, Snow, Soft Snap, Twilight, Twilight Portrait
AF Illuminator Light --- Yes
PictBridge Compatible --- Yes
Multi-Pattern Measuring --- Yes
SteadyShot® Image Stabilization --- Yes
Inputs and Outputs
Accessory Terminal --- N/A
Audio/Video Output(s) --- Yes via Mutli-Use Connector
USB Port(s) --- Yes (Supports USB 2.0)
Operating Conditions
Flash Effective Range --- ISO Auto: 5/16” to 12' 1" (0.1-3.7m)(W), ISO 3200: 5/16" to 25'-4" (0.1-7.7m)(T)
Flash Mode(s) --- Auto, Forced On, Forced Off, Slow Synch
Battery Capacity --- 3.6V, 960 mAh
Battery Type --- Lithium-Ion NP-BG1
Service and Warranty Information
Limited Warranty --- 1 Year Parts & Labor
Operating System Compatibility --- Microsoft® 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home and Professional;Macintosh® OS 9.1/9.2/OS X (10.0-10.4)
Supplied Software --- Windows: Picture Motion Browser Vers 2.0 + USB Driver

Friday, September 28, 2007

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Klang

Diet! Diet! Diet! Diet! Diet! But i just came back from Teluk Gong for my seafood dinner... hahax.. i just ate all the meat and vegetable but no rice!! should be ok huh?! well tomorrow got no breakfast no lunch no dinner for mii other then 1 mini apple and plain water =) Say NO to Food!! Gambate!!! Uncle ask mom out for dinner... since all of us craving for crab so much... and i suggest them to Klang... one of my favourite place for seafood... with 30min travelled and we finally reach Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant.. among all the Seafood Restaurant here is the one and only full of customer.. and for sure the food is delicious... TOO BAD today is not my day... disappointed dinner.. *Sniff Sniff*

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant*

Nut* Rm1.60

its not free.. i still taught that's FOC!!
Thai Coconut* Rm3.50
Refreshing... Love it!!

Fried baby Otopus* Rm10.00

I'll not order this dish anymore!! BAD BAD BAD!!

Too Oily & tasteless... (get sound badly)

Tom yam Shrimp* Rm26.00 <3

Actually i Quite heart this Tom yam..
=( just the shrimps not fresh enough & less of spicy!!

Mini Bun* Rm2.00

Steam mini bun & Fried mini Bun,
to go with the sweet and sour crab sauce..
i just ate 4 of them =)

Sweet & Sour Crab* Rm28.00

Gosh!! Damn Disappointed on it!!
Firstly the crab is not fresh anymore..
and the sweet and sour sauce tasteless... =(

Salty egg yolk Fried crab* Rm26.00

Uh.. i heart this, The very first time i tried
crab with this way!! the salty egg yolk stick with the crab shell,
the good combination!!
Not bad!! just the crab not fresh enough
The Bill End up Rm132.75.. i accidentally deleted the vegetable pic =(
I get sound badly from my uncle.. =( they said i got 'no tongue'... because i intro bad place bad food.. well seriously i got no idea why they serve so badly nowadays compare to last time i came.. i guess 3 or 4month ago... so bad!! uncle promise next week bring all of us to Ulu Yam For seafood again... so that he feel satisfy for his tongue... don't blame mii!!! soweee~ weekend!! this week is the very first weekend mii without my baby bubu... sob* so sad!! baby boi be good boi ya!! Heart!!! Wish him luck..*crossed fingers*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dior Make Up @ Cut Above

To be frank.. I'm melancholy recently.. i got no idea why i became like this pressure for all these days.. i can't sleep well every night.. sigh!! I'm going mad soon!! but its okies i can still cheer my day!! well a lot of people been question for sometime that 'Are You Working in A Cut Above?' NO!! I'm not WORKING there... but I'm STUDYING there okies?! Taking My Cosmetic course..

Here is some picture i took in class yesterday.. nice hair i love it very very much.. i guess is for competition or City and Guide examination.. But i just snap and post it only... Sowee to the 'head' owner i didn't ask permission before i snap picture on it!! =p

wa ...

Wa... Wa...

Wa.. Wa.. Wa...

Okies is mii... yesterday finally learned something new.. Dior make up.. mean doll make up well for mii don't look like doll at all.. but teacher say is door then doll lo.. hahax ugly?! sob! the eyelashes damn heavy and damn big!! with bling bling.. actually this make up is quite easy to apply.. all we need just 2 or more of your favourite eye shadows, liquid eye liner is a MUST (use alot) few bling bling to apply on your eye shadows.. and fancy eyelashes.. i guess 1 pair around Rm40 to Rm50.. Note: please get better remover.. because is damn hard to remove it away..

Okies he's the MFH competition model.. i got no idea for his make up but he is the one and only model who attend class so i get the chance to snap few picture with him.. lol both of our make up almost look the same right?! but he damn envy my super huge eyelash...

Not To forget Happies Belated Mid-Autumn Festival, i din't play lanterns because i got class.. and i don't love mooncakes as previous year anymore.. i guess i only ate a small bite of mooncake.. DIET doing well still.. Gambate!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Teppanyaki @ Sg. Wang

Yesterday after the World War Three Gor Fetch mii to to meet up bubu there since he's there to buy some hair equipments.. Gor Craving for Bak Kut Teh A lot.. but most of his favourite place didn't open so.. after we met up bubu in sg wang we went Teppanyaki For Breakfast Lol consider dinner as well.. gor told us that this teppanyaki business since he was young.. i guess around 15years plus history back.. Not to forget is another outlet at KLCC food court too.. Cheap, Gorgeous Potion & Delicious what i can still complain about this restaurant?!


Fuji Snow* Rm3.50

So Gula Melaca-Licious..
With pineapple, mata kuching, some pink sagu & red bean
trust mii is a must to try this out for no regret*

Bizz~ Bizz~
Fried baby Fried the meat and dumpling ready to be serve soon!!!

Cuttle fish Teppanyaki* Rm9.90
Oh the fresh cuttle fish.. the cuttle fish like still alive..
Niku Soba* Rm6.90

Bubu didn't Say much about this.. just say so so for this..
but the price its pretty cheap compare to other teppanyaki or sushi king
Beef Teppanyaki* Rm10.90
Gorguors amout of bean sprout and juicy beef
After gor leaving we went 6Th Floor for shoes painting, actually we don't plan for any shoes painting but just hang around the shop.. they are too friendly.. Since i craving to get a pair of own shoes painting so we decided to have it!! and bubu too.. the same design!! XD rawx
The Cute & adorable Baby Milo.. muaxXx.. well i guess tomorrow we can get the shoes.. too bad both of us are busy to heading so next satuday i will get my beloved shoes!! And I notice that mii and bubu wearing the same saiz of shoes!! omg my GIANT FOOT!! *sob*

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tasty Pot @ Sunway Mentari

Weekend!! YahoOoooOooOo... So tiring So lazy sigh!! i went steamboat just now!! hahax my first weekend dinner!! So full.. Still Full right now!! but i craving for watermelon.. =( greedy mii!! Jasmine is Fattening!! i suppose to make up my mind on DIET!! Bubu Warn mii not to wear any sexy dress anymore!! no more mini skirt.. (i mean micro mini skirt).. no more tube top.. oh my.. he said.. 'when you slim down I'll let you wear OK?! now just dress up like normal' OK!! OK!! mean i can't slim down?!! u too underestimate mii (he know mii well i cant stop myself of eating nice food) Sobz!! Cheer!! i must aza Fighting for my mini skirt and my tube top!!! ish ish!! 2 month!!

Yesterday Onn Long (Primary Buddy) ask mii out for dinner.. so we set the venue at Tasty Pot at Sunway Mentari which near my office.. is Quite sometime i never eat steamboat =( So... Steamboat now!!!

Tasty Pot*

The Signature Soup*

Soya Bean Soup & Tomyam Soup

1st Plate of mine*

Mantis Prawns, Crab meat, Scallop & Dumpling


Siu Mai, Bao Bao ball, Fish cakes & etc...


Garlic oil & Sweet Sauce*

Chicken wings*

Its really taste good compare to Yuen Steamboat!!

tasted sweet and a bit of garlic taste.. GOOD*

After Bath with the Tomyam Soup*

Mantis Prawns!! awww~

First Cup of mine*

Yam & Choc ice-cream!!

2nd Cup of mine*

Yam & corn!!

ArgGgg Tomorrow Half day of working!! so suck!! Enjoy The weekend everyone!! muaxXxx take good care eat better food on your weekend but always remember to remember the food's calories you scope into your mouth *wink*

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The Cool 742*

Thank You 742* MuaxXx MuaxXx!! i Love it a lot A LOT!! ThxQ

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Royal China @ Ampang Park

Uh.. This Afternoon just went bubu friend's wedding Dinner Lunch..
The very first time i attend wedding dinner in the afternoon at 1PM sharp~
anyone of you attend wedding party at this time before?! something new!!
To Leong Seng (Turtle) & Soo yen...
ATTENTION everyone out there please play safe!!!
LOL!! Always remember to drop by 7-11~ a night before the night mare~
well we seat same table with all bubu's NS buddys...
LOL the way they talk damn humour!! Nice to meet you all ya!! ...
Too bad i got no chance to snap any picture with the pretty bride...
its okies.. let's see what we ate...

Royal china Five Happiness*

Er.. Overall its just pretty normal for mii..

but the Otopus really taste good compare to other 4..

Braised Shark's Fin Soup Wid Crab Meat*

i heart Shark fin Always!! too bad i found no Crab Meat..

and the shark's fin is Orange Colour!! *LOL*

Barbequed Suckling Piglet HKG Style*
Its Crispy!! and serve with some steamed bun~
yammy yammy!!
But Bubu Don't Like it!!

Steamed Fresh Pomfret wid superior Soya Sauce*
Fish~~ ee i Heart This too!
but i don't think is Fresh enough~~ sigh!!
guess they prepared it before we reach..
and Very Salty!! errrr...

Fresh Tiger Prawns in Two Flavors*
I love the salad prawns~ so nice~!! yammy!!!

Stewed Deluxe Vegetables wid Dried Oyster & Beancurd Stick*
The Dried Oyster tasted like over burn~ errrr~
but the Beancurd really tasted good~
A very good combination with the sauce..
Fried Glitinous rice in Traditional Style*
Just ate a Little bit of it~ don't really flavourful~
i heart the 'Lap Cheong'~

Double Boiled Lotus Seeds Wid Lily Bulbs & Eight Treasure*

Too busy snapping picture so we left this out~ *Sob*

Sweet Fancy Duet*

Done before Dinner Lunch

Bubu & mii

Food & Tea Restaurant @ Leisure Mall

Sunday Sunday Sunday!! yadaaaaa~ yadaaaaaaaaaa~Last Night Went Bubu's friend wedding eve with all his NS (National Services) buddys...Serdang!! Omg its Damn Far away(Because we from wangsa maju to Serdang)!!! hmmm lucky i'm not the one who drove!! *Lol* they craps alot about how they survivor in camp~ how much they treasure a Can of sardine..instant noodles and water..After their 'Heng dai Talks' and we ciao around 1230am and we heading to Leisure mall for supper.. hmm~ makan again!! wakakakaka~!! too bad its late every where its closed only left Food & Tea Restaurant... since both of us never try that restaurant out.. so we decided to gave it a try...Actually Food & Tea Restaurants is just a normal HKG style difference from Kim Gary or Wong kok or hk express.. i still prefer Kim Gary always!!

Food & Tea Restaurant*

Lemon Red Tea* Rm3.80

Red tea?!? hmmm its Totally Tasted like Ice Lemon Tea Only~

Fresh Prawn wid Pan Fried Spaghetti* Rm8.80

Franky Speaking I'm Pretty Disappointed for this!!

They didn't boiled the Spaghetti well !! and its damn salty!!

and the Prawns are 2 seize smaller then the display picture~

Ni spin noodles wid fried egg & luncheon meat* Rm5.90

For patient please order this!! *lol*

so.. Plain.. i mean the tasted!

Seafood Salad Roll* Rm4.80

OH! i Heart this!! its Crispy and inside its smooth~

eat it while is hot with the lovely mayonnaise!! Thumz up!!

although i just found prawn but not seafood inside!! lolx!~

Walnut Cake with ice cream* Rm3.80

eeee~ Bubu and i heart this too!! its nice!!

but the Walnut Cake its a bit too hard for mii..

Screw it baby screw it!!

After Rebonding!!

Bye Bye curly hair!! wakakaka~


The Cb & L7

Camwhore RoxXx*