Friday, November 30, 2007

Dome @ KLCC

*Ding Dong*

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday!!!!! <3
Although finally weekend pretty excited for my coming Saturday & Sunday.. =( sadly tomorrow i still have to be back office for half more day.. Sigh.. *Kesian* right?! Okies throw all the work away and let's have cup of Cappuccino to celebrate the coming weekend. To everyone who's work 5days a week do enjoy your weekend well ya!! DON'T spend too much time on your bed, might missed out lots of fun in the weekend =)


The thick layer of foam, additional a small pack of brown sugar aww everything go right with the aroma and taste!! *Slurp* right choices!! they served 2 slices of almond cookies too.. =)

Grape Lemonaded*
Mr.B decided to go for something sour since he said he's bz like a bee whole morning.. *bzz bzz* aww not bad!! but i still prefer ice blended grape lemonade cause its more icy!!
Nice Cappuccino for my afternoon what can i ask for more?! Relaxing~ *Dik Dak Dik Dak* bagging the clock to dick faster each second XD

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Old Town Cafe @ Kampung Baru Ampang

Finally my turn to a get post for old town cafe *bling bling*
Gor got alot of work to done by that night, asked us for accompany since all of us still craving for something light to stuck inside our mouth so let's go for old town!!! XD the very first time i drop by Ampang's old town, we went up to 1st floor open air area, because all the bossy a must to fags *sigh* yellowish lighting, with the comfortable sofa, the space is quite big, with wifi too.. Traditional coffee taste, Modern decoration XD

Xi Mut Milk Tea* Rm2.20
aww quite heart this xi mut milk tea, smooth and milky!! chinese tea tarik?!
White Coffee Blended Mocha* Rm5.80

well this is real bitter for mii, don't really like the over bitter tasted on my tongue, but that's fine for gor =)

Lime Juice* Rm2.50

Decided to go for something sour and end up they gave mii plain water wif 1 Pisces of lime, yeap that's the taste, complain and change another cup for mii end up with a 'kao kao' lime juice!! aww i heart it!! =)

Orange Juice* Rm3.20
Thirsty night, so i go for another cup of Orange Juice before the last call of old town, nothing special exactly tasted like peel fresh instant orange juice XD

Old Town Chicken Hor Fun* Rm 5.50
Gor complain about the tasteless hor fun with the small portion serving =(

Honey for French Toast*

French Toast*

Ling doesn't complain much about it, well i guess the tasted is fine yet that's a bit too oily for mii XD

Kaya Butter Toast* Rm2.00

Aww my currently craving in old town!! the hot & crispy toast to go with the smooth butter & sweet kaya!! love it love it!! this branch served better then ss15 =)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dim Sum @ Jln. Ipoh Batu Tiga

I'm not a regular clubber but i just used to club around XD Be frank i'm not really into club anymore, compared to the previous mii, 5days a week in club!! aww now gain age already, became lazy bone hate the smoke hate the liquor yet I'm still addicted dancing in club.. aww.. okies is hungry after the happening session in club, here's the best place for mii to satisfy my belly!! most of the time after we club a must for us to drop by here for the delicious Dim Sum which located at Jalan Ipoh Batu Tiga. Million * The famous Dim Sum restaurant in Jln Ipoh, there is 2 Dim sum shop in the same roll but this is the only with deep fried dim sum.. *slurp*


The bil came up with Rm 57.70, still reasonable price. mmm~ everything tasted fresh and delicious for no complain.. from midnight till 5am there will be a long queue to all the million dim sum lover!! From the moment you get out from your car, you can smell the aroma of Dim Sum.. aww supper? breakfast? fattening? who cares?!! As long as fit in something nice to quench the midnight craving XD

Monday, November 26, 2007

Victoria Station @ USJ Taipan

Happies Birthday To U..
Happies Birthday To U..
Happies Birthday To Jessie..
Happies Birthday To U..
Happies Birthday to my beloved sista Jessie Lau!!
Make a wish*
aww most of the close friend know mii and my sista will never greet face to face although i'm in living room and she's inside her room.. yeap we sms each other while shopping, inside house or inside the car don't worries is normal for both of us *lol*
*Dit Dit*
Mii.. Any idea for to9 bday dinner?!
Sis.. Nope.. you think la..
Mii.. Wendy Bistro?! Pork Ribs..
Sis.. Cincai lo..
While driving out, Jamming badly!!
Mii.. Go Boat house le..
Sis.. so far lazy la..
Mii.. Thn Taipan Victoria lo..
Sis.. ok lo..
Drove around, hardly get a parking *Sigh* the jockey don't even give a damn to us!! hello?!
Fine!! Finally we spot a parking just right infront of Victoria, happies happies get our ass out from the car for dinner.. seat down for around 5mins only they pass us the menu, don't even have a glass of sky juice.. 10mins later they served the cold complimentary bread with freezing butter *Sigh*

The cold complimentary bread*

Orange Juice* Rm6.00

Appetizer: Escargots* (1/2 dozen) Rm14.90

Not bad, creamy garlic-licious, is nice to dip with the bread, yammy~
ATTENTION!!! LOOK AT THE ESCARGOT FORK!!! so disgusting!! look at the the stain!! wondering how can this happen in Victoria station?! Gosh!!!

Caesar Salad* Rm13.90
Nothing special about it, we quite disappointed with the small potion salad with at price 13.90
Main Course: Chicken A'la kiew with Seafood* Rm19.90
Not bad at least they served hot, quite tasty the chicken finely fried till it turn golden colour, the chunk tasted good too, creamy!!

Lobster Thermistor* Rm75.90
Birthday Girl main course XD
After the first bite sis non stop complain about it, salty!! sour?!! the cheesy garlic topping even more then the lobster chunk.. yeap we only found 9 small cubes of lobster chunk.. *sigh* where's Victoria standard went?! never like before anymore.. i guess Damansara Branch serve better then here..

Lobster Bisque* Rm15.90

Served Soup after main course?! yeap!! so disappointed on them!! *Speechless*
well the lobster bisque doesn't tasted good at all compare to San Francisco, Cold!! & not Creamy at all.. *jaw drop*
Brownies* Rm6.90
Oh.. there's no FOC for birthday cake!! we didn't finish up the Brownies, its quite cold and dry, sis said that going to take time to re-visit Victoria again.. *Sigh*

Victoria Station
21& 23, USJ 10/1G
Taipan Subang, Selangor

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jackie Chan's Cafe @ Starhill

Did anyone try Jackie Chan's Cafe out yet?! Pretty excited to try it out!! aww.. Cafe located at the muse floor which used to have a lot of art shop, they set small table around the corridor, with few plasma flat screen tv, get to see jackie chan's reviewed well for mii is quite bored because they repeat the same reviewed over and over again.. no doubt still craving to try the drinks out!!
The Bar*
The Bar look so colourful, with the syrup bottle*

Mango Fapp* Rm12.50

The new drinks which still not available in menu yet, so mango-licious, so creamy the tasted is so smooth and is not sweet at all *Slurp* lovely drinks!! okies now i prefer jackie's mango fapp then Starbucks mango blended!! XD

Dragon Berry Cream Fapp* Rm12.50

well Jang Soo <3 the drink very much.. i tot the drink might taste weird with dragon fruit but is nice!! so smooth.. so yammy.. *Slurp* the light dragon fruit smell will round around your tongue slowly..
Heard that 2% of profit will be donate to disadvantaged local children, woah while drinking you're doing charity its great right?! For sure i'll re-visit here again, to try out the dessert..
Jackie Chan's Cafe
Muse Floor, Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ochacha Cafe @ Pavilion

Pavilion!! *Falling in Love*

Jang soo: Princess, mau some dessert?! BR31 oki?
mii: er.. don't want fattening!!
Jang soo: Big Apple okies? since the queue is shorter..
mii: okies lo.. *while waiting i saw Ochacha* i want try ochacha!!
Jang soo: oki oki!! Jom Jom..

woah!! so greenie!! =) everything in green, drink in green dessert in green.. walk close to the dessert.. wondering what to order.. *Hello* a lady standing beside mii introduce their top vote dessert and drink.. she's friendly, we chat a lot in front of the cashier and so i discover she's the owner of Ochacha Cafe.. Singaporean!! not bad not bad.. here is few of the top vote dessert and drink from Ochacha Which highly recommended by the owner..

Love the poster*

Ochacha Owner*

Panna Cotta* Rm9.00

woah!! so Ocha-licious!! smooth and solid!! is not watery at all, slowly tasted it wide in your tongue, is totally difference from other cafe.. the solid panna catta.. mmm~ so yammylicious!! clearly tasted the ocha smell, light and smooth till your trout

Panna Cotta in the Unique glass*

Matcha Azuki* Rm 9.00
Go for something sweet?! try matcha azuki.. the a layer of soft ocha cake a layer of sweet red bean, the red bean is a bit too sweet for mii but regarding to the owner that's the original tasted in Japan.. the red bean is fully imported from Japan to Malaysia.. aww~ try this out!!

Passion Freezie* Rm12.00 (Thirstier)
Never asked much about both of the drinks, since she decided the drinks for mii.. when they serve we both tot is the same drink just mine in ice blended and his in ice cubes.. First try, OMG!! what's that?! why the tasted are so special?! creamy?! the aroma of passion fruit are so wonderful!! doesn't know that passion fruit and ocha can be such a wonderful combination!! *Slurp*
Ochacha Rocks* Rm11.50 (Thirstier)
Yamm yamm.. So creamy of the green tea.. there's nothing to compare with Starbucks green tea fapp.. the owner told us Starbucks is more on instant powder so the taste doesn't tasted as good as the original Green Tea blanding.. to be frank i heart everything in Ochacha!! so much more to try out!! next going to try Ocha Espresso out!! aww~

Chunkie chicken Pie* Rm6.50
Tapao this for Mr.B lunch, he doesn't said much about it, i guess while i reach KLCC the pie is almost freezing!!

For no regret we will re-visit Ochacha soon!! Ochacha Going to have 2nd shop in The Garden Mid Valley Before Christmas!! so try it out!! worth every penny you paying for =)
Ochacha Cafe
Lot 6.01.01, Tingkat 6,
Pavilion K.L
55100 Jln Bukit bintang

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Pavilion

Eww!! Finally I'm here for Pavilion!! *Jumping High* So excited for all the shops and restaurant in pavilion and i think of J.Co Donut!! =( Sadly J.Co donut freaking long queue, with the empty belly, finally my friend ran out of patient and decided to go for some nice food rather queue up for the dozen of donut.. walked around.. and so we both decided to drop by Crystal Jade for our breakfast *Ahmeh* Lunch i mean...For what i know that Crystal Jade is Famous with Their dim Sum which located in Lot10, too bad this branch never served Dim Sum...

Crystal Jade*

Crystal Jade Menu*

Lemon Barley* Rm4.00

Hkg Kai Lan* Rm14.80
Hkg Kai Lan with minced garlic, the Kai Lan is real fresh!! simple and tasty!!

Fried Beef wid Bean Sauce in Hot Stone* Rm18.00

Highly recommended to order this dish!! To all the beef lover don't lacking out of trying this!! I'm not a beef lover but I'm now!! you'll never believe what you biting on is BEEF! not chewy but soft, smooth and juicy!! trust mii you will real in love with it!! double checked on ordered list.. is BEEF but not PORK!

Crispy Chicken wid Lemon* Rm16.80

Crispy, Sweet, Sour.. just nice for both of us, just the sauce is a bit too sweet and thick for both of us..

Crispy Fried Pork*

Special Dish of the week, we tried it since the stuff told us they just have it in some special date. Well not bad!! crispy, not oily, and the the pork doesn't tasted salty at all.

Mango Cream wid Sago & Pomelo* Rm6.50

Dessert!! Yammy!! so Mango-licious!! Unfortunately the pomelo cut the marks down!! the pomelo tasted real bitter!! errr.. but the mango cream is nice!!
So much more for Pavilion reviewed!! to everyone who bored of the shopping center which we used to drop by now you've a better offer!! PAVILION!! bigger shopping spaces!! wide choices on shopping, food and etc!! you'r definitely in love with pavilion!!