Monday, December 31, 2007

Bangi Kopitiam @ Wangsa Maju, Desa

Old Town Kopitiam, New Tasted Kopitiam, Old Tasted Kopitiam.. Kopitiam.. and Now Bangi Kopitiam, Christmas night we doesn't went for fancy dinner because most of Mr.B family out for xmas dinner already *Sad* so Mr.B dad, Mr.B and mii just went Bangi Kopitiam for a try.. which own by a malay owner.. Should i be happies on malay own have the same concept kopitiam as chinese do?! Be frank i'm not really happies with it... yea i knew the word of muhibar.. just an example like beef bak kut teh .. sound weird right?! anyway this kopitiam its not bad =)

Bangi Kopitiam*

Old Old Old*

Tropical Ice Jelly Ball* Rm 4.50
Cute chubby colourful jelly ball, with pineapple chunk, tasted good! heart it!

Cendol Biasa* Rm2.50

Pretty regret on ordered it!! i prefer they do it in the traditional way.. Gula Melaca. They replace Gula Melaca with KAYA! omg!! i really can't take it! i found that's quite disgusting! just leave it after a tasted.. *BAD BAD BAD*

Keropok Lekor* Rm2.50

Thick Toast Curry Chicken* Rm4.00
Yammy! the curry its a bit too oily, the curry chicken tasted real good!
Nasi Lemak Sotong* Rm 5.50 go for nasi lemak sotong, he diam diam sapu whole plate without complain i guess its nice.. wanted to try some but malu nak tanyaaaaaa....~

Laksa Johor* Rm6.00

Mr.B go for Laksa! So lemak-licous and too spicy for Mr.B, so i act kind to help him sapu half bowl of it 'lor'... hahax! not bad cukup pedas, cukup lemak!

Nasi Putih Ayam Merah* Rm5.00
Finally my turn, Hungry... Kesian when i look at my poor chicken, ketul kecccik ayam only! sad mii sapu only, flavorful chicken.. REALLY SPICY!!! delicious~
My Skinny Santa of year 2007 !! jeng jeng!! (Don't look at the ne ne pok)


The meaningful Present i received from him, touching!! Its not about the price & the brand.. but just the sincer of you to getting this present to mii is real meaningful, our very first christmas.. hope for more! muaxx!! 3 little word just for u <3

Friday, December 28, 2007

Banana Leaf @ Medan Selera, Petaling Jaya

Friday!! YahoOoo~ 3more days to go for 2008!! Poor mii today forgot to bring camera cable to office, so have to post what i have in food folder, Remember that i craving for banana leaf a alot a week ago, Mr.B busy to bring mii for the famous kanan banana leaf, most my my friend doesn't take spicy food so... finally i'm here for my banana leaf, sadly not kanan but anything, as long as to quence my craving!! *Slurp* Cousin bring mii to Medan Selera which just beside old town pasar also know as mamak 49.. love the famous gula melaca ice kacang here, recently masak-masak drop by here for Salted Fish Fried Beehoon too..

Gerai Makanan Usha*

3 daily picklet* (Keropok as well)

Bath the rice with curry.. Slurp!

Sambal Sotong*
Came in a small plate which enough for two, chewy springy sotong!! yamm~

Dried Curry Chicken*
Served hot! that's tasty quite spicy but i just love it!! the aroma of the curry spice smell good! and pretty delicious! Slurp*

Vegetarian Beancurd*
I found this quite disgusting, cold, sour, spicy and watery!! argg i jus tasted small bite from it!!

Sambal fried Beancurd*
Fish Head Curry *
Total of Banana leaf cost us Rm20.10, still cheap for 2 pax!! in mamak 49 there still alot of nice and cheap food, few of the famous stall is a must to try, gula malaca ice kacang Rm1.80, chicken rice Rm2.80, Loy kee.. etc!!
Gerai Makanan Usha

Lot. 27
34, Taman Selera
Jalan Othman
Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

RoadHouse Grill @ Jalan Ampang (Xmas Dinner)

I have a wonderful Christmas this year, not a brilliantly celebration yet a meaningful Christmas ever!! I wish all of you have a memorable Christmas too!! =) Ho ho ho~ 2day before Christmas my best friend Chester, Mr.B and mii hanging out for the early Christmas dinner, Everything go smooth until i received a sms from Mr.B.. *Morning Bu.. to9 bubu can't make it for the dinner, bu enjoy with Chester okies? sorry..* OMG!! piss piss piss.. i don't know what's going on to him cancel dinner all of sudden and smart him tell mii last minute!! *GERAM* fine.. I just lazy to argue with him about it!! RoadHouse Grill, its one of the famous traditional steakhouse discover it since June for Mr.B Birthday dinner.. and for sure i fell in love here.. =)

Road House Grill*

The Complimentary*

Pussy Foot* Rm12.00
Sigh.. Maybe i pay too much expectation on their Moktail turn up the tasteless icy Pussy Foot, pretty disappointed about it and so i change my drink with Chester.. Sorry! muaxx!

Fruit Punch* Rm12.00

Not too bad yet the fruit punch still can't satisfy my taste bud =)

RoadHouse Mix Salad* Rm9.90

RoadHouse Potato Skins* Rm8.90 ( A Pair)
The Crunchy potato skins,with Spicy beef bolognaise cover with gorgeous amount of mozzarella cheese.. eat while served hot!!
Teriyaki chicken chop* Rm 24.90
Firstly the Teriyaki sauce tasted its a bit too strong for mii, but on my 2nd tried I'm quite happy with it. the sauce more on Cinnamon smell.. woah!! i heart their french fried!! so big right?!
Teriyaki Fillet Steak* Rm41.90
Chester choose teriyaki too, with the WELL DONE beef, don't complain about he wasting beef because he hate to see the blood.. hahax! poor you! well the steak is good! no complain =)
Children from Living house, specially for Christmas session they sing well pretty enjoying about their singing!! =) after awhile they will holding a cute box and walk close to your table and said *merry Christmas* .. so 'sek zou' abit la.. hahax!
Merry Christmas to you my beloved chester~ Pretty happies to have you as my best friend.. thx for spending time with mii i heart you! do take care yourself!! never give up never too late.. Merry Christmas. god Bless =)
Present from him* <3
RoadHouse Grill
No.279 Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dae Jang Gum @ Taipan USJ (Early xmas Dinner)

9more hours to reach Christmas eve!! *Jumpping High* Bad news for i failed for the leave application, yea that sound suckies to mii! pretty mad about it too =( its oki i knew i'll still enjoy my Christmas pretty well without that although i'm real craving for it!! *SUCK* .. yet Christmas cousin decided to treat us early xmas dinner that's the fine of cancel Singapore Trip *hahax* firstly we went Bandar Puteri for Mizi Shabu-Shabu, but the queue is freaking long and FULLY book!! sigh.. so we drove down to Sri Hatamas for Korean Food, okies we pretty disappointed with it suck services..the menu doesn't have most of the item that we requested for even ginseng chicken soup!! and mom said since we reach just eat something and change to other location, i ordered BimBiBap.. guess what the waitress told us!! sorry we can't make it, we can't stand 4 people sharing 1 BimBibap!! WHAT?! now we got no penny?! ey hello pls la.. you idiot! so we just walk off from that bad services Korean restaurant, just opposite of Junction Groove, 1st Floor.. Don't ever step in there for my personal comment.. *Angry* So sis option to drop by Taipan's Dae Jang Gum behind HSBC bank. Re-visit.. =)

Dae Jang Gum* (BBQ Restaurant)


Rice Tea*

Said that dried fried the rice turn gold and boil with water, pretty healthy drink my mom love it alot,love the aroma of rice =)

Starter* (Porridge)

First time and ever i have so much of appetizer in Korean restaurant!! 16 appetizer!! omg! the table almost full with it! and is FOC for refill, they will automatically walk close to your table and refill if is empty! point is.. *FOC* all of them are so delicious, heart all <3>
fried beancurd, white carrot cubes, cabbage, salad*

Stone Grill egg*

one of the appetizer too, sis heart it alot she sapu whole bowl of it! pretty soft and tender tasted! i love it too.. first time i tried the stone Grill egg =)

Kim Chi Soup*
Jeng Jeng appetizer too.. the soup tasted a little bit of sour, not too spicy even my ulu mom who not touch kimchi still sapu half bowl of it.. =)

Korean BBQ needed*
Spicy Bean Paste & Garlic*
sesame oil*

Wasabi Salad* (BBQ)

Sesame oil Salad* (BBQ)

Dol sot BiBim Bab* Rm17

wakaka! big portion!! alot of vege and the sauce for bibim bab ROCK! yammy!

seaweed soup* (came with Bibim bab)

She's the owner of Dae Jang Gum, she's friendly & lovely.. came over our table and show the way of eating bibim bab!

Cold noodles*

aww i love soba and i love this too, with the springy chewy noodle with some water melon cucumber & egg go with the icy soup base! that's wonderful! simple but is fantastic!! =)

The Friendly waiter..

Dae jang Gum Set Menu for four* Rm 190.00

HUGE!! that's alot!! that definitely more then enough for four pax!! mussel, prawn, pork & chicken!! i can't remember which park of the porkies d.. =)

Burn baby Burn!!




Done!! now fit everything into your mouth 1 shot =)

end?! watermelon served~

Dessert?! yeap! icy barley with rice =) pretty delicious but no refill *hahax*

before you leave the lovely them will stand at the entrance giving you candy and said 'kamsamhamidaaaa" =)
Merry Christmas to everyone!! wish all of you have a wonderful holiday!!