Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Penang*macalister road new world park

Penang. I'm hell missing Penang, the FOOD rock!! Cheap and delicious. We get Ferry from Langkawi to Penang cost around 3hours floating the price will be Rm55.00 per pax, sigh i almost puke man! Bad bad bad. Mr.B and mii Stay at Penang road which near by the old food Paradise Red Garden. FOOD...... ... ... .. .

Indian Street Toast Bread*

Simple in love! Toast Bread to kick start my penang journey..
Dinner* Red Garden, Penang Road
Famous Hokkian Mee (Prawn Mee)* Rm4.50
This is a must to try!! they really did well for this bowl of hokkian mee, the soup base rock!! tasted sweet and doesn't felt thirsty at all lot of blogger and media spot them too!!
Grill* Rm5.00
Mr.B spot a Grill store, no hump for a try while they have lots of choices vegetable, beef, pork and etc. Gosh that's better then we expected wipe through the secret spice, perfect way to bring up the aroma and taste!! SEDAP!! =)
Food Paradise* Gurney
Laksa* Rm2.50

Lucky us gor come and pick us up to food Paradise!! Png Laksa?! aww for mii i'm not really into they Laksa age ago found doesn't taste good compare few years back!! And so i found out that they love combine laksa with fish ball.. huh? yeah they do!

Fried Oyster* Rm8.00

My favourite! Not the oyster buy the egg beside the oyster, Slurp this is really good oyster is fresh and the egg taste heavenly good!! soft and tender, dip with the chili sauce what else to ask for more?! Delicious..

Toast Squid* Rm10.00

Okay. i got no idea what this call and this is really first time i try it out is a bit difference from the snack squid it smell like salty fish!! yes it is!! Smelly but taste good when you dip with the black nut sauce =) oh ya and its pricey 3 slice of them cost 10buck!!

DAY 2*

Every morning i get up hell early, i smell food around!! Great!

Loh Bak, Png Road* Rm4.50 (1 pax)

Drop by the nearest Restaurant for breakfast, discover this loh bak stall which non stop frying.. gave them a tried and i was like Woah this is really good!! Specially the tofu.. out layer is hell crispy while you bite it you will really felt how soft and how juicy is the tofu!! i miss u.. slurp!
Char Kuey Teow* Rm3.50

Loh bak is not full enough, go for a plate of char keoy teow as i expected not delicious at all taste soggy and over salty!! Sigh u break the image of png Char Keoy teow aunty.. =( BAD
Toast Bread, Half Boiled Egg* Rm3.60

Mr.B All time favourite!! its healthy huh?
Penang Hill*
Tutu Train.. Climb hard =)
Nice view?!

Iced Kacang* Rm2.50

Actually i wondering why a must to mii to have a bowl of ice kacang every time i visit Png hill, Maybe i used to it since i was still a child!! I miss the day i came here with my parents!!

Oh there is few activity on top of Png Hill, since we paid Rm8 for the train for sure we should spend more time on top of it, they offer canopy walk.. too bad smart them asked us to pay for the jet ride Rm5 each!! and canopy walk Rm15 each!! Mr.B decide to conquer the 1.4KM walk.. so.. we WALK!!

See.. While walking you'll not miss out the nice view and those old English house..

sorry for i leak out some picture at the moment promise will replace it back soon..


Went Macalister Road, around 20mins walk from Png Road, a street full of food stall!! full of people around, ang mo, Malay, Chinese, traveller..

I SPOT THIS!! and i called it Professional PORK PORRIDGE!! look at the stall full of pork intestine, yeap only pork porridge!! i love it!! muaxxxxxxxx

My bowl of Pork Porridge* Rm4.50

Simple adorable =) , came worm full of pork intestine. i down in 3mins time so you can imagine how delicious is it! SLURP!!

Char Kuih* Rm2.00

Rm2.00? yes!! So cheap right? i'm surprise while Mr.B told mii about it, not bad came with satisfy portion the kuih doesn't taste soggy at all.

Popiah* Rm2.20

Otak-Otak* rm2.50

Gosh, get Conn by this hell otak!! look so temptation but it COLD!! and taste so watery and also sell fishy!! argg just one small bite of them and that it! argggg... disgusting otak ever!!

Roti Special* Rm3.00

A motorbike rider who just right beside our table look so interesting so Greedy Mr.B walk close to kepoh more food!! for mii this taste nothing special compare to KL one just the bread taste softer, guess home made bread..

Grill Special* Rm 3.50

some home made meat ball and sausage, taste chewy!! not bad.. worth trying .

DAY 3*

Beef Noodle* Rm3.00

We both share bowl of this, clear soup base came with tofu, beef balls, and fried spring roll

from Okay. after quick breakfast we took bus to Toy Museum at Tanjung Bungah Road, approx 30mispenang road!! The world's Largest toy museum? and also holder of 2 records listed in Malaysia book records..Well For Mycard holder Rm10.00, Non Mycard holder Rm15.00..

Lotsssssssssss of toy!!

Mr.B Favourite!!

Hamsap mii =) blek!

A pizza house while opposite toy Museum having lunch promotion sorry for i forgot the name of it!! PAPA pizza or something.. pretty sorry, i will edit it once i remember! Set Lunch Rm28.00 with additional Rm2.00 for 2bowl of mushroom soup!!

Weee.. Thick mushroom soup!! is so so much better compare to Pizza Hutz!! lovely serve with slice of garlic bread..

Oh our set lunch with BBQ Chicken wing too!! the BBQ sauce tasted delicious.. not too sweet. slurp!

Pizza!! Hawaiian Chicken!! nothing much to comment but just delicious!! and we both felt that's worth for the price RM30.00!! full belly home!

Dinner* Macalister Road

Char Keoy Teow* Rm5.00

So Far this is the most expensive char keoy teow i have!! 3 prawn and some crab meat cost mii 5buck!! nothing special but the prawn and crab meat!! hmmp! don;t question mii why never go for the sister char keoy teow, we did but they moved!! sigh!

Chee Chong Fun* Rm1.80

i suka this!! =) soft smooth chee cheong fun with 3 difference sauce and , rojak sauce, some hei kohchilis!! i love it! and is cheap!! =)

DAY 4*

Bubu: Bu ar.. we left out something i guess..
Mii: what else? left your phone or wallet?!
Bubu: Nono.. Food i mean!!
Mii: Laksa, Chee cheong Fun, Keoy teow.. got ar why?
Bubu: Dim sum!! i wan Dim Sum...
Mii: say la u wan!! turn one big round!! ish

so we walk approx 15min from hotel to reach one of the dim sum restaurant called Kuai Lam..

Char Siu Bao*

Love the black sauce, and filling with tender mincer pork!! <3

Siu mai*

Hkg Chee Cheong Fun*

Aww the aroma of the special Sambal taste really good!! The Bill End up Rm14.10 woth the pot of tea!! Cheap can?! =)

Ride bus to Komtar, oh ya not to forget we watch movie there too and we met some idiot!! Or png ppl doesn't have manner inside the cinema sorry i really got no idea apologize that i'm you're not!! they can just talk on the call for 30mins and damn hell loud!! you think you house? and they love to discuss inside the cinema, my friend told mii hor.. neh neh neh see told you d de la... PLEASE get out if you want to talk!! if this happen in Pavilion i surely throw my cup of coke on their head it!! idiot!! DULAN!! Phew.. Sorry.. from Komtar we walk to new world park not far around 35mins walk? sigh is hell far and hell hot!!!! HOTTTTTT...Burning baby..
New World Park*
Lots of nice restaurant, old town, MFM, 600cc.. etc and after you walk through all the shop you will reach new hawker stall stop!! =)
Iced Kacang* Rm2.00
weather hell hot no cure!! Iced kacang still!!
Chinese Pancake* Rm3.00
Oh la la.. this is something i gonna say about!! thick layer fill with chess, egg, peanut crunch and sweet corn!! you can't never imagine how filling and how delicious it can be!! this is the best best best pancake i have tried!! tasted abit salty and sweet, complicated tasted wonderful!! we both miss this so much!! Chinese Pancake award?! =)
Cup Tray* Rm4.00
Fill with egg slice, crab meat, and some vbegetable..

Dinner, Png Road*
If you're driving maybe you might not discover the hiden up street food, this street just right behind our hotel is aorund 10mins walk..
Almond soup* Rm2.00
Err. sorry i can't take the smell.. smell weird that i can't explain.. so i just left them a side!
Lucky Mr.B choose long ngan iced!! so refreshing..
Yong tou fu mix* Rm4.00
Lok Lok..Remember still my ipoh post?! 60cents? here we found 30cents!! hell thats so cheap! bet mii if you found more cheaper then 30cents.. higher i can get from this stall is Rm1.00! + lucky mii..
4 difference sauce for you liking!! Satay sauce, Red Chili, Green Chili and sweet paste..
Part of it!! we have alot of them and end up Rm6.60 =)
2 step away to reach my all time favourite!! Tofu fa!! =) guess how much is bowl of this gula malaca tofu fa?! 90cents!! yes!!! arggg i miss u man!! and i finish it in 2mins time!! super duper soft, smooth, tender, sinfully good!! =)
Bye Bye Penang!! Sobz..
Before Chasing up to bus stop we stop by one of the famous lorong in penang road too, charcoal toast bread, everyday full of nice car, manager, director, worker, kids, housewife..etc just to waiting for the charcoal toast bread to be serve!! lucky us got a place to seat..
Nasi Lemak, small like a jelly cup seiz yet this is really delicious and they simply serve with half of the egg and a bit sambal.. simple throu delicious!! =)
2 set of half boiled egg for mii & Mr.B...
Long waiting Carcoal toast breal!! pity aunty kneel down beside the charcoal side, slowly waiting the white bread to turn brown, imagine if i can do it! hard work will no one know while we just finish it in 2mins time... =) that's life huh? Bill end Up Rm8.80.. cheap enough?! yes with 2 drink, 1 nasi lemak 2 set of half boiled egg and 2 set toast bread..

Next should be my Ipoh Post!! =) Penang i miss you i hope i will be back asap!! In this trip i learn so so much, something thing doesn't need to have fancy decoration, simple is nice. Not to forget who you are and who you be with. Turn around did you forget someone important?


Jackson said... much good food!!! i wan i wan!!

durianberry said...

Yup the restaurant is called Papa's Pizza. Wah you walked from Komtar to New World! *clap clap* If KL it's ok but Pg full with motorbikes, so hard to walk. Both of you not bad ya, really good at cari makan. Hehe

kent said...

omg, so many food u had "discover" and "digested" haha!Day 1 and Day 2 Grill was plenty temptating me ...wellz, that time i having breakfast as char kuey teow at penang road, they charge me for rm 5.50...seriously pricey...wellz, but a good quality as wellz!! haha

good food traveller and journey


little inbox said...

Wow, what a fruitful food hunting trip. Me as a Penangite feel guilty ler.

New Kid on the Blog said...

Yo!!! You rock man!!!!

evonne said...

Carcoal toast bread~
i had been this stall for 2 days! then told the aunty next day i will come to get the bread as they start operating at 8am but i ffk..

i miss the toast bread la..

Jalan macalister? I had pass through this road for so many days during my 4 days 3 nites there but never had anything for business purpose, so dont explore much...

ling239 said...

the grilled veggie looks exciting ~ ^_^

welcome back my dear...

Simon Seow said...

Wah, really feasting in Penang. I want the pork porridge, so many pork goodies.

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

You and bubu so many horny!!!!!

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

You and bubu so many horny!!!!!

Timothy said...

My gosh, that's like the longest post on Penang food I've ever read ! Haha. Anyway, I was in Penang last weekend for a Salsa Congress in Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel and boy, did I eat a lot too! Did you visit Penang Road for the Kuay Teow and Assam Laksa? I haven't wrote mine yet ... think I'll post it up soon. By the way .. love your shot, appetite's kicking now!

UncleJosh said...

a very very long post... with heaps of things i love to eat~!
darn you!!!! no want friend you already
making me droll on my office table...
hungry ler~!

well... eating in penang has always been cheaper but the portion are smaller too

i am heading up penang VERY SOON~!

mimi said...

I want to go Penang!!!! I wonder how big is u & ur Mr. B stomach?

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah, asam laksa, char kway teow, loh bak...u really got me thinking of my trip to penang many many years ago...and yes, penang food is damn shiok!!!! lurve it!

alexander said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip.
The food you had looks really delicious. I haven't been to Penang for more than 10 years now. Thanks for sharing.

Alex's World! -

alice @ chai ping said...

The longest post I had read..
The food at Penang, reli look tempting..must check it out 1day..=)

[ B a B y M e R V ] said...

i like penang post but there are lots more u not yet tasted...

i love the almond soup most... hehe

but i can see only penangites love it. jus like y penangites can take spicy but most of kl cant

the pork porridge not sos nice liao. in fact 3 years back one was only Rm3.50 n very very very nice! biz hour only from 5-7pm, now selling until 10pm!

Kenny Mah said...

Omigosh... I nearly fainted reading this post... so much good food, so little time! My favourite would be the orr chien... so hard to find decent ones in Klang Valley. Any suggestions? :)

allaboutattitude said...

OMG! I didn't have those good finds when I was up in Penang!
Drop by

J2Kfm said...

wow, amazing food enough time and stomach space meh? or donate some food to strangers? haha... can;t wait to see what u had in Ipoh ...

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

melaka melaka!
i can't wait!!!!

kyo said...

oh my vacation... XD one shot post so many foods.. u wan my stomach die of looking at it.......!? haha..!

Hungry Hamster said...

Great pictures on your Penang trip!! I really miss Penang food now! Hopefully I can go back and visit before the end of the year!

ps, I thought you are good at baking yourself!

ai wei said...

wow! wat a nice trip u had!!!

it is such a food heaven...

Imbi & Itchy said...

oh wow, you ate almost the wholeee of penang! i shall vote you as Penang food ambassador, okay?

wmw said...

That was one long post (or did I miss the break somewhere???), now I want to go jalan jalan cari makan in Penang!

squall said...

omg...all penang miss the yummy food thr...wan go penang now...

Bernsy said...

omigosh, how mush weight did u gains ?


~Christine~Leng said...

I'm heading there soon! *well if plans go on well*
so many food you had!! can't wait to try all these at one go!! hahaha.

Cynthia said...

You are a bad girl :) how could you do this to us in 1 post!

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, so much good food in Penang, can't believe you guys had so much food, the scenery looks so pretty! Haven't been to Penang for quite some time.

CK Lam said...

wow..looks like you have tasted a lot of Pg food in that few days... do come bk again as there are more tasty food out there.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i feel full scrolling at all these food..overdose!

PenangTuaPui said...

seems like u all had cover most of the place...hmm...

lets see if u can find any place that u miss at our side.. will updates more....

lets MAKAN......

Bernsy said...

i thinks someone's on diet after the trip.. so long no hear from you liao ...

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

penang's malaysia's food paradise!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Update mydear! I want to see more foods!

Tummythoz said...

Lol at your cinema experience in Pg! Lucky nobody put leg up kick-kick your chair from behind.

Fortesfidelis said...

wa..looks like u went on a makan spree in pg. hehehe

gill gill said...

pretty agree with [ B a B y M e R V ], the innerds porraidge was totally out compare to lastime. they using the lowest grade of rice but charge the highest price, and tasted MSG and bad service.

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