Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happies Birthday To Mii @ Ninja Jones

What a late post. almost forget about this. Been a month back for my birthday, doesn't went for celebration cos I'm tearing alot!! Sad right?! Please don't ask why there's no why i just felt bad luck for each year birthday!! Sigh.. Thx Mr.B for buying my favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake for the small surprise. I'm glad to have you muaxx. Smart boss knew my birthday is near by take a chance to sing a song with ninja while we dinner. ThxQ!! Pay my very first time to Ninja Jones that i wanted to visit here since age ago, not to forget the secret metal doors you need to press or move a stone? to open up the metal door. hahax..

Finally I'm here!!
Fresh Sashimi* Rm??
I'm not a raw food lover but get force to try it!! so sad.. But i found is good still I"M NOT RAW FOOD LOVER!! Maguro Chu Toro (Tuna Belly)* Rm75.00, Nama Kaki(Prawns)* Rm12.00, Akagai(ark shell)* Rm42.00, Uni/Half Tray(sea urchin)* Rm80.00, Botanebi*(Jelly Fish) Rm56.00.. When i saw the bill about this i was OMG!! but honest speaking this sashimi is GREAT and is really fresh!!

Suriken* Rm16.00

The one bite Suriken, is smaller than i expected so mean 1 bite for Rm16! Aisk!! I can still remember the wonderful bite of this!! Crab meat and huge Scallop perfectly cover by the cheesy-licious sauce. No hump just down bite... Grrrup~

Honeydew Moto-yaki* Rm68.00

Recommended by my bossssi, honeydew fill with prawns, scallops, squid topping with the creamy cheesy sauce. Absolutely taste good!!
Tamatebeko Bento Box* Rm22.00
Alright i felt cheated by this bento!! i order tiramisu and extra additional by boss for my birthday cake! end up they just gave the bento i order with the candle. The Cake just too small for us and they said serve 2 portion?! God! Anyway its past.. Pumpkim Caramel!! Rox i love this dessert although just 2 spoon of it. Taste sinfully good, Pumpkin just go right with caramel!! uhh~

My tiny Birthday cake!! Look cute?! Green tea Tiramisu with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Tiramisu its slightly too soggy for mii but not bad its good!!

The End bill end up with Rm426.65 for 2 person. So far I'm satisfy with the delicious food and service but still i felt its a lil too pricey. I guess this is why the meaning of we pay for good food!! Fresh Sashimi, Good quality Seafood what you expect? I better keep silent since i won't have to chance to pay the bill =) Giggle* Cheers I'm 20yrs old now!!!

Ninja Jones
A-G-5, Ground Floor
Mid Valley CityKuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 - 2288 1646

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ @ Ampang Tmn Cahaya

Alright. i lost my Ipoh Trip Picture. So.. Forget about it. Guess everyone sick of my William post so now Jimmy okies?! First time been here was 2years back while celebrated Bubu mommy's birthday here and I'm fell in love with Jimmy!! Hanging out with Bubu's VIP takkan want to eat 'dai chao' sure request for something better!! Jimmy.. Basically o'm hell crave for the grill crab!!

Mini yao char guai?! Finger licking good!!

Just wondering what turn this good stuff really good,totally difference from we usually get from outside. I love their kaya, is more watery compare to the usual one but its really GOOD!!! Trust mii one or two plate is not enough!

Left by left. left by left. Slurp?!

Squid!! Grill Squid!!

Dip sauce! Lime, garlic, chili, and peanut crunch..

Kelabu Mango. Rm9.00

simply delicious.

Claypot Tomyam. Rm18.00

Tomyam is a must to order in Jimmy. Neither too sour or too spicy just right for everyone.

Lala. Rm10.00

BBQ Crab* Rm24.90

Waiting for too long baby!! Slurp. Every table sound a must to have one of them!! Huge Huge crab!! Basically got no taste cos is totally Grill alive without any spices. Dip them with the peanut sauces. FRESH JUICY FAT CRAB!! mmmm~

Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ

Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya, Ampang,

Tel: 03-4251 1807