Friday, August 24, 2007


Thx God is Friday*

Tomorrow i can hang out with my most stupid but cute lovely bubu!! *YahooOoo*

i miss him so so much!! let's upload some pictures.. is too bored of reading all the wording here *Gegek*

My Bubu Look cute huh?! blek*

i *Heart* u

Let's Skip To The Next...

The notti mii in class ..

ya i know is funnies!! *Hollywood make up*

with the RED hot lips. my stupid senior is behind XD

ohh.. Picture free for yesterday class!! Because am not in the right mood!!
Just so pissing off with someone.
hey hello~ I label it as ah samm ah pohh or maid is non of ur business ok?!
What's your problem?!
Nothing to do with you!! ish ish!!


While waiting for my senior to reach pyramid i went in to giant for a short walk, hunting something nice to cook on Saturday and Sunday for my big baby bubu *sick* pity him!

i bought nothing but some 'kuih cucuk' flour.. and rush all the way to Bread story...

Yammylicious!! i love this
but now they replace cucumber with corn d =(

Oh i bought this bread too.

Suck!! Don't ever buy it!! 2 bite of it and i say bye bye to it!!

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