Monday, August 27, 2007

Bread & Olive Cafe @ Look Out Point

Monday!! sigh~ well I hate Monday a lot a lot & a lot!! lot of work.. lot of documents to prepare.. and the worse.. got meeting!! *Sigh*
But i enjoyed my weekend!! ThxQ bubu* *Opss* my Bubu cooked something for mii on Saturday night

Maggie with alot of sausage & crab meat
Oh this is the 2nd time he cooked for mii
is taste so much better then the very first time


*Sigh* Pop up some small argument while going dinner with bubu family..they went face to face pan mee at Genting Klang for dinner.& i refuses to ordered anything from menu *sorry* thxQ for the understanding always take over my v.i.p (very important princess) attitude. *muaxx*
both of us turn silent without a word to each other..9.30pm.. i thought he driving mii home while will drop by Maybank to bank in some cheques..HUH? ampang point? Then Bubu Took out a map that i printed from Internet..Bread & Olive Cafe? *woah* he bringing mii to look out point that i requested whole day!! Is sad and i kept the map up and said

mii: *OK! am not angry now & i don't wan to go there*
Bubu: *Pass me the map now*
mii: *Don't want! I say am not going*
Bubu: *OK! I can still find it without the map*
The map is so confusing & complicated we went wrong a lot of turning..and at last he found out that is not as how complicated as the map show..

Finally we reach Bread & Olive Cafe
*omg* so Beautiful!! so nice!! so Romantic!! *ThxQ*
Here's Some Food to share with.. (sorry for the Blur Pictures)

BAO Flava Layers* Rm9.50

You can pick any four fruits for this drink

Bubu pick mango, strawberries, guava & kiwi

The drinks is too THICK for mii, and its only nice to

drink it while is cold enough. =(

Fatayer with Combo Plate. Rm13.50

Choice of Fillings Spanish, Beef, Chicken..etc.

i Don't really like the way they serve *garbage?*

look so messy, and i taste meatless.

Naan with some spices? all taste same to mii!!

for the price Rm13.50 can eat much better naan at Murni *Lol*

Pancake Bonansa. Rm12.50

Alot of fruits too little pancakes

i think they onli gave 6pcs of dollar pancakes

the fruits is refreshing too

Bubu: too much fruits all the fruits taste so sour *uhh*

Mii: So you still prefer paddington's pancakes?

Bubu: For sure!! always there *Smile*

*without make up mii*

Oh the hair look cute? i cut for him!! *muaxx*

we enjoy the view, the wind, and the city lighting...For sure we will visit here veri often from now on!! After we dinner we went Cineleisure for JAY!! *Secret* *Gosh* i love the movie so so much!!the song!! the melody!! *woah* Must Watch!!!


[9]a[9]a said...

whao~~ the food seem so nice ler..
hey,did u remember u promise me before??

u wanna treat me mamm mamm gar..

___ ??? % __ + less ______[9]a[9]a

Lc said...

wah look out point!!! so nice place. hehe. i oso wan go but very far ler.

Anonymous said...

my dear~u c,bubu treat u so nice!!!
always bring u to eat nice thing!!
dun argui always ok??must cherich him ya^^


FrauleinSenk said...

I am very disappointed by the service given to me & my family at Bread & Olives Cafe. I arrived at 8.15pm on 31 Dec 2009 & was shocked to find out that B&O Cafe had imposed a mandatory Set Meal which cost RM80++ per person. Not only do I find that insulting, but how can you force people to order something that they rea...lly do not want. What was worse was that the usual menu was not available & that if you wanted an ala carte meal you had to wait till 11.30pm!! As a customer, I find that Bread & Olives not only violated every rule in the restaurant business, but the waiters were rude, (and I quote the waiter saying,"I have your order in my pocket') well guess what? The order never came! Our drinks were never served, the reason being, oh we ran out of glasses. After 4 agonizing hours, we left with nothing but a bitter experience...I will let everyone I know how 'great' Bread & Olives Cafe' is...