Monday, August 27, 2007

Bread & Olive Cafe @ Look Out Point

Monday!! sigh~ well I hate Monday a lot a lot & a lot!! lot of work.. lot of documents to prepare.. and the worse.. got meeting!! *Sigh*
But i enjoyed my weekend!! ThxQ bubu* *Opss* my Bubu cooked something for mii on Saturday night

Maggie with alot of sausage & crab meat
Oh this is the 2nd time he cooked for mii
is taste so much better then the very first time


*Sigh* Pop up some small argument while going dinner with bubu family..they went face to face pan mee at Genting Klang for dinner.& i refuses to ordered anything from menu *sorry* thxQ for the understanding always take over my v.i.p (very important princess) attitude. *muaxx*
both of us turn silent without a word to each other..9.30pm.. i thought he driving mii home while will drop by Maybank to bank in some cheques..HUH? ampang point? Then Bubu Took out a map that i printed from Internet..Bread & Olive Cafe? *woah* he bringing mii to look out point that i requested whole day!! Is sad and i kept the map up and said

mii: *OK! am not angry now & i don't wan to go there*
Bubu: *Pass me the map now*
mii: *Don't want! I say am not going*
Bubu: *OK! I can still find it without the map*
The map is so confusing & complicated we went wrong a lot of turning..and at last he found out that is not as how complicated as the map show..

Finally we reach Bread & Olive Cafe
*omg* so Beautiful!! so nice!! so Romantic!! *ThxQ*
Here's Some Food to share with.. (sorry for the Blur Pictures)

BAO Flava Layers* Rm9.50

You can pick any four fruits for this drink

Bubu pick mango, strawberries, guava & kiwi

The drinks is too THICK for mii, and its only nice to

drink it while is cold enough. =(

Fatayer with Combo Plate. Rm13.50

Choice of Fillings Spanish, Beef, Chicken..etc.

i Don't really like the way they serve *garbage?*

look so messy, and i taste meatless.

Naan with some spices? all taste same to mii!!

for the price Rm13.50 can eat much better naan at Murni *Lol*

Pancake Bonansa. Rm12.50

Alot of fruits too little pancakes

i think they onli gave 6pcs of dollar pancakes

the fruits is refreshing too

Bubu: too much fruits all the fruits taste so sour *uhh*

Mii: So you still prefer paddington's pancakes?

Bubu: For sure!! always there *Smile*

*without make up mii*

Oh the hair look cute? i cut for him!! *muaxx*

we enjoy the view, the wind, and the city lighting...For sure we will visit here veri often from now on!! After we dinner we went Cineleisure for JAY!! *Secret* *Gosh* i love the movie so so much!!the song!! the melody!! *woah* Must Watch!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Status

Pagi Pagi hujan... really don't feel like working *Sniff Sniff*
don't feel like blogging too. But am too bored in office..
nothing for mii to do other then online.

yesterday my best lito family members ffk mii.. *sob sob* suppose to meet two of them at taipan, but when bubu droveall the way down from wangsa maju and howy said can't make it d..*omg* dot dot dot.. okies.. end up mii and bubu went out jalan jalan cari makan.

Hot honey lemon*


Bubu ordered Soya cincau*

Bubu said that he can make so much better thn they serve.

My Bubu is a Bartender, muaxx

Turky Derby Sandwich*

Bubu said its taste good

*Sob* i miss San Francisco Steakhouse very much!!

the ambience, they way they serve!! i love there alot!!

went there with Marshall for dinner.. here's some food we order that night

Marshall decide to order bottle of *Australia premium sparkling juice*

since both of us got no idea for our drinks.

Gosh!! both of us love it!! we thought we can't finish up

but surprisingly we manage to finish it!!

*we wan more*

The complimentary bread!! Taste good for mii!!

marshall love this bread alot. *Lol*

The Appetizer: I suggest to order half dozen of garlic Escagots

since marshall never try Escagots before.

Mars: yer~ want meh? i feel bad!!

mii: eh hello~ try la is nice!

Mars: sure. let's try then!!

*Lol* the Escagots is so Galiclicious!!
and both of us decide to order galic bread for accompany the
creamy galiclicios sauce. Yammy for no regret*

The Lovely Ceaser salad

The Yammylicious Lobster Bisque*

*omg* This soup seriously taste good!!

so thick, so lobster-licious!!

Mars: *Touching* so heavenly good!

Marshall Main course!! Grill Red eye steak?(i forgot the name)

medium cook!! scare of trying it.. because merah merah geli tau~

*haha* but i did try it since marshall feed close to my mouth d!

*opss* not bad!! tak geli pun!! hahax!

My Main Course!! Ribs with Grill Pineapple!

The pineapple is so juicy!! *Lol*

The Ribs is Just taste ok for mii.

Dessert? we didn't order anything for dessert.

because while we order i told the waitress to ready slide of cake for mii.

since marshall birthday just around the corner.

S.F waitress: Happies Birthday to You Sir.

Mars look so hilarious : Huh? ThxQ but how you know?

S.F waitress: Er.. someone told us about it. But i don't know is who *Good*

Mars look at mii: Oh.. i know it!!

Mii: Hehe.. Happies birthday!! *wink*

Mars: ThxQ so much, is so surprise!

To Marshall: Hey both of us never thought we got a chance to dine together like that day before after all that's is over. See, i told you i always believing in fate, its only you thought am childish =p now you agree with mii. finally now you so much agree with my thinking and saying. thxQ for the memorable dinner. XD all the best for your manchester!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Thx God is Friday*

Tomorrow i can hang out with my most stupid but cute lovely bubu!! *YahooOoo*

i miss him so so much!! let's upload some pictures.. is too bored of reading all the wording here *Gegek*

My Bubu Look cute huh?! blek*

i *Heart* u

Let's Skip To The Next...

The notti mii in class ..

ya i know is funnies!! *Hollywood make up*

with the RED hot lips. my stupid senior is behind XD

ohh.. Picture free for yesterday class!! Because am not in the right mood!!
Just so pissing off with someone.
hey hello~ I label it as ah samm ah pohh or maid is non of ur business ok?!
What's your problem?!
Nothing to do with you!! ish ish!!


While waiting for my senior to reach pyramid i went in to giant for a short walk, hunting something nice to cook on Saturday and Sunday for my big baby bubu *sick* pity him!

i bought nothing but some 'kuih cucuk' flour.. and rush all the way to Bread story...

Yammylicious!! i love this
but now they replace cucumber with corn d =(

Oh i bought this bread too.

Suck!! Don't ever buy it!! 2 bite of it and i say bye bye to it!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Finally i done with my *New* bloggy here!! muaxXx.. i'm Loving it!!
i can start upload all my yammylicious food here!!
atlest i won't felt bored and kept complaining i got nothing better to do~
so happieSss*

Layer One: On The Outside

Name: Jasmine, Gal
Birth Date: April 19th (i wish someone special will celebrate my bday wif mii every year, for sure my family too)
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two: On The Inside

Your Heritage: Chinese!!
Weaknesses: Food Temtation *gegek* that's why am Fat!!
Your Perfect Pizza: Cheesy!! Lots of topping!! yammy~

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your Thoughts First Waking Up: Mon~Sat-awful~
Your Bedtime: Depends!! sometimes 745PM sometimes 5 or 6AM
Your Most Missed Memory: Primary & Secondary Life =(

Layer Four: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's... i'm Lovin IT
Adidas or Nike: Nike For sure~
Tea or Nestea: Nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla: BOTH!!

Layer Five: Do You...

Smoke: Smoke Free? XD
Curse: To lousy serving staff -I pay extra 10% ok? without customer no one pay you for salary!
Have a crush: Yeap!
Think you've been in love: am in LovE
Go to school: Nope anymore =(
Want to get married: For sure. always waiting for the day to come!! but i rather not to get married if i get some jerk hubby!!
Believe in yourself: Not really =(
Think you're a health freak: nope!! am not~~

Layer Six: In The Past Month Have you...

Drank alcohol: VSOP, Vodka, and etc...
Gone to the mall: Of course! Always!!
Been on stage: nope!!
Eaten sushi: Jogoya for supper
Dyed your hair: Yeap!! Highlight XD

Layer Seven: Have You Ever...

Played A Stripping Game: Nope!! i don't like it!!
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: Nopeeeeeeee

Layer Eight: You're Hoping

To Be Married: A rich hubby? lolx
For a: holiday!! LoOooOoog Holiday

Layer Nine: In a Boy (For guys, In a Gal)

Big Charming Green Eye, with G cup? Long Leg? Slim but not skinny?
Short Hair or Long Hair: Long Hair~

Layer Ten: What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago: Editing my Blog
1 Hour Ago: Lepak at Office for ntg~
4.5 Hours Ago: Still at home get ready to work =(
1 month Ago: Working, Study, Lepak
1 Year Ago: Enjoying my life in coll~

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence

I Love: Food!! Bubu!! Family!! Friends!!
I Feel: Bored & Lost!!
I Hate: Liars!! Farkers!! Love Stealer!!
I Hide: nothing!!
I Miss: my mum!!
I Need: LoOooOong Holiday & Lots of cash for mii to shop!!!

Layer Twelve: Tag Five People

Anyone who Read This post?!