Monday, September 3, 2007

Mahattan Fish Market @ Cineleisure

ArGggGg Monday!! I hate monday the *most*... Guess what today i busy till got no time to update my poor blog or log in friendster or check my mail.. Oh i checked my mail... *admin mailbox* I got no lunch for today!! *mommmmmmy*

well 4days of holiday.. since Merdeka...yada yadaaaaaaaa~ TOO SHORT for mii... XD well mii, bubu, gor & a random girl decided to count down at curve.. and go clubbing after all that.. yammmmy~
we had our dinner at mahattan fish market..

Lime Juice*
i expect it to be sour and refreshing..
err.. bitter?! Gosh!!
Still *Heart* Jack's place Lime juice!!

Mahattan Seafood Chowder

Garlic Butter Mussels*
Thumbz up!! i Heart this!!
so Garlic-licious

The Bread to accompany the creamy galic-licious sauce

Grill Gala Platter For Two*
i Don't lik it at all!!
other then the mussels taste good for mii
the potion is too little for mii.
Fish & co is better still :P

Tuscan Tiramisu Rm8.90
Okies.. Don't Order this!!
not nice at all, taste nothing..
and is too wet.. not good :(

i expect the dessert to be taste good but so disappointed mii...
sigh!! how come MFM turn up like this nowadays?!
where's all the yammylicious went?!
hahax mii & Bubu cant spoon it while its taste sux..
and i left the tiramisu to the random girl...
lol she ate like piggy... hello~ is not delicious at all!!
just so funnies while i'm looking at her... *Wakakaka*
Happies Birthday to my beloved yunize~
Hey stupid girl you make mii jealous ok?!!!
never mind next year i will celebrate my birthday grand
although this year is quite soooo sooo .... er... ntg for mii...
blek!!! happies birthday ya!! i heart you!!


Ecl!5oNz said...

nice to meet u... =)

yunizE said...

wah seh...u heart me ah....MANHATTAN great!!notin is prefect lar....n so as food....
muaxmuax...nice blog..i official it as a nice blog n yummy blog!!!!
hip hip hoorraayy!!