Tuesday, November 6, 2007

TGIF @ Subang Perade

TGIF!!! wait today yet Friday.. Randomly just drop by here for the 3 courses meal!! i guess around 4 to 5 month i never step my foot into TGIF right after Mr.B birthday in the Curve.. quite disappointed on what they serve that night OR i ordered something wrongly?! everyone telling mii how great TGIF JD sauce is.. till i tried out and.. UHH 'GREAT' huh?! and so I'm once again in TGIF for Lunch.. they very first time i have my Lunch in TGIF after they launch 3 courses meal for quite sometime ago..


Ice Lemon Tea* Rm7+
Beverage is not included in 3 courses meal..
But is Bottomless =)

Buffalo Wing*
Woah!! Strong Smell, Vinegar? just don't so close up to your nose if you're not ready, is good yet extremely sour! but is fine for mii.. love the tarta sauce too <3

Sizzling Sauteed Chicken*
Bored with Chicken rice?! okies a new suggestion!! A must to Try this out!! the rice is soft and tender just go right with anything!! mmm~ the rice are so flavourful!! herb? i got no idea with it but just SO GREAT!! Nothing is perfect, the chicken is a bit too DRY..opss and look so colourful!!

Chicken Parnesan Quesadillas* Rm26++
Winnie Afraid that both of us share 3 courses meal might not full enough so we order this.. *Cheng Cheng* Simple and nice!! the thiny pancakes go with cheese, chicken cubes, cherry tomato.. SEDAP~ and i heart the pancake smell.. so mother.. lol mommy i miss u!! XD

Mocha Mud Pie*
Desserts!! omg omg!! one word S-I-N-F-U-L, the cold Mocha Mud Pie with warm chocolate Syrup and some Almond Slices.. HELLO? may i request for 2 More hour for lunch?!
Mmmm~ i still Craving about it now!! i want TGIF for my lunch EVERYDAY *Slap Slap* okies I'll be broke and bankrupt!! 3 courses meal cost Rm39.90 with beverage, and extra order and Tax the bill end up with Rm84++ for no regret that's a wondeful lunch what if i heading back office and get scolded badly? i can still cheeeeese =)


wenching & esiong said...

We had their 3 course meal too. It was so filling! I like their buffalo wings and Jack Daniel’s chicken and shrimp, their shrimps were really good!

yammylicious said...

really?! last time i tried the JD ribs.. don't really like it.. too sweet..