Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Island Cafe @ SS2

Last Sunday Mr.B suppose to fetch mii home earlier.. Too bad, we both end up went home late because of his brother.. Sigh!! Around 1am Mr.B picked mii to some where for dinner. Gosh i guess most of the place is closing down.. told Mr.B drop by SS2 for oyster omelet.. while we reached there Island Cafe is still on business hour.. for no doubt we walked in before their last call at 2.30am.. is Quiet, we are the only customer in Island Cafe.

Island Cafe*

Jasmine Tea* Rm 4.50

Plum Lemon* Rm4.50
Uhh.. i heart this!! the thick Palm tasted, sour with a a bit of salty.. totally heart it!!

Four Seas Hot & Spicy Noodle with Chicken Chop* Rm9.90
woah!! i guess this spicy noodle in kimgary cost around 10+ too but the only difference in Island Cafe is.. with Chicken Chop!! quite worth.. well the spicy noodle is quite tasteless maybe they can improve more for the spicy soup XD

Chicken Chop*
Spicy Noodles came with Chicken Chop and Salad!! totally in love with it!! Chiken Chop!! Crispy & juicy!! SALAD!! simple combination go with corn, crab meat, and cucumber with well with mayonnaise tasted good!!

Island Cafe Served pretty much better then last time, good taste & big portion!! for anyone who just around SS2 can drop by for a try seriously they are better now XD

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