Sunday, November 4, 2007

Secret Recipe @ Kelana Jaya

Friday night!! yahoo yahoo!! finally weekend!! Chester and mii date out for camwhore for the title of i do i do.. everything goes well before we start shooting.. chester said will be leaving his house at 8.30pm.. and so.. he 7.30pm already out from his house.. we chat for awhile touch up our hair and make up!! yea i did make up for him.. just for fun!! XD.. double and triple checked all the equipment that we needed.. DONE! LET's GO!! let's go for dinner!! ... the bossy chester craving for secret recipe's dory fish with lobster sauces.. so for no question just go for it..

Pan Grilled Dory Fish with Lobster Sauce* Rm17.00
Uh.. Not bad!! not fishy at all and the sauce is pretty creamy, thou i taste nothing for lobster..
Brownise with ice Cream* Rm6.50
yammy yammy!! A must for mii to order evertime i dine in secret recipe!! Thumbz up!! a warm chocolicious Brownise, go with the cold vanila ice cream... and go with mmmmmmm~

Ice Lemon Tea* Rm5.00

After bubu reached and join us for the camwhore we decided to drop by some where for drinks!! seriously with the hot weather make mii thirsty all the time.. we drove all the way to the curve to quench our thirty.. almost all the restaurant closed.. and mii pick Emperor cafe, since we all lazy to walk far away..

Lime smooties* Rm9.00
Ordered this for my Mr.B.. expected it to be tasted refreshing, totally out of expected end up with bitter lime smooties.. don't they serve better lime juice?! or the lime they bought from market are bitter?! arGggG
Ice Lemon Tea* Rm7.00
Iced Lime* Rm7.00
Uh... BITTER!! doesn't tasted sour or sweet at all, but just bitter!!! BAD!! with the price Rm7.00 i guess i can drink 6 cup of this in any of the mamak.. and so they tasted better!!


~Christine~Leng said...

brownie with ice cream in secret recipe? all the while I thought only 'Delicious' serve this heavenly delicious dessert somehow! and it's cheaper :) you find it good??
Try the one in 'delicious'. Heard they're good as well :)

Big Boys Oven said...

Wah! Such a huge!

yammylicious said...

Christine.. yeap!! secret recipe is nice!! try it out!! and is cheaper then delicious, delicious around 9.50?!

big Boy oven.. huge dessert.. FATTENING lolx XD

wenching & esiong said...

Yeah, the brownie with ice-cream is cheaper in Secret Recipe and I find them quite nice too! Though I still prefer Delicious! :)

Did you try out their other main course? I like their tomyam though it might be a little expensive.

yammylicious said...

Wenching & esiong.. Tom yam gung?! uhlala i heart it alot!! sedap... XD