Saturday, November 10, 2007

GreenWood @ SS2

Woah!! getting lots of new hkg style cafe surrounding SS2, and Gor craving for dessert all of sudden we drove around seek for a nice parking and we saw GreenWood Cafe, we tot there might be another new hkg express cafe. And so we notice that the owner is Malay and they took over Shell We Meet and change to a Hkg style but halal cafe. Yeap, is quite easy to spot this cafe is just opposite Wong Kok Char Chan Teng or just right beside Thomas & Guy Salon.

Asam Boy Calamansi* Rm7.99
A bottle of Super Sour 'Kat Zai xun Mui'
Ultimate Club Sandwich* Rm15
woah is Quite huge potion, 2 huge sandwich wif fried.. smoked ham, Becon, Cheddar Cheese & fried Egg on 3 decks of white bread!! Make sure you open your mouth big enough!!

French Toast* Rm3.00
i heart GreenWood French toast now, is totally difference from kimgary.. the came with Maple syrup & butter dip the bread wid the maple syrup.. woah the bread is soft and not oily at all!! and the price is cheap... is really filling!!

Warm Apple Pie* Rm7.00
The smell, the tasted is weird.. doesn't taste like apple pie at all, the pie rough is tasted so weird the heavy flour smell, and the apple chunk taste like solid apple jam..they serve Cold!

Warm Chocolate Brownise* Rm7.00
Gor decided to go for Brownies, yeah i love Brownies but they disappointed mii, Brownies came with a very small potion and is too dry for us to scoop on!! BAD! and once again they serve cold...
Tiramisu* Rm6.00
Finally My turn for dessert, tasteless, drench every layer of tiramisu, no choc or coffee taste at all.. i gave F for this tiramisu =(


david santos said...

I passed here for seeing your work that is very good and desiring a good weekend

wenching & esiong said...

The dessert looks quite nice actually. Too bad they didn't taste as good as you said. But still, we still feel like trying this place out for their mains!

yammylicious said...

david santos.. thxQ

Wenching & esiong... try the french toast!! is nice hahax

~Christine~Leng said...

dessert looking great... but looks can be deceiving sometimes huh? too bad :(

ai wei said...

those dessert sounds ... bad.
aiks, they jz hav the 'look'.

any other recommendation?

yammylicious said...

Christine.. yea!! really leak out of something..

Ai wei.. 'look' hahax.. hmm try ochacha @ pavilion!! woah u will love it trust mii!