Friday, November 30, 2007

Dome @ KLCC

*Ding Dong*

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday!!!!! <3
Although finally weekend pretty excited for my coming Saturday & Sunday.. =( sadly tomorrow i still have to be back office for half more day.. Sigh.. *Kesian* right?! Okies throw all the work away and let's have cup of Cappuccino to celebrate the coming weekend. To everyone who's work 5days a week do enjoy your weekend well ya!! DON'T spend too much time on your bed, might missed out lots of fun in the weekend =)


The thick layer of foam, additional a small pack of brown sugar aww everything go right with the aroma and taste!! *Slurp* right choices!! they served 2 slices of almond cookies too.. =)

Grape Lemonaded*
Mr.B decided to go for something sour since he said he's bz like a bee whole morning.. *bzz bzz* aww not bad!! but i still prefer ice blended grape lemonade cause its more icy!!
Nice Cappuccino for my afternoon what can i ask for more?! Relaxing~ *Dik Dak Dik Dak* bagging the clock to dick faster each second XD


daphne said...

I used to hang out ALOT in singapore DOME. I think they serve better coffee than starbucks or coffeebean (although personally i prefer coffeebean than starbucks). Love that layer of foam I see there!

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

Friday! hehehe... dislike this friday coming too fast, a lot of work still not yet completed but tomorrow no office hmm....

ai wei said...

so many new post!

slurp~ would like to have a cup of cappucino now. it is so foamy! said...

I love their pies...

yammylicious said...

daphne.. i heart both.. but i don't like coffee bean at all.. sigh!!

alvin.. really?! gambate working ya!! take a rest no matter how bz u are =)

aiwei.. hahax! thxQ.. yeap! love the foam! =)

celine.. dome pie is nice!! beef pie!! yam~