Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jackie Chan's Cafe @ Starhill

Did anyone try Jackie Chan's Cafe out yet?! Pretty excited to try it out!! aww.. Cafe located at the muse floor which used to have a lot of art shop, they set small table around the corridor, with few plasma flat screen tv, get to see jackie chan's reviewed well for mii is quite bored because they repeat the same reviewed over and over again.. no doubt still craving to try the drinks out!!
The Bar*
The Bar look so colourful, with the syrup bottle*

Mango Fapp* Rm12.50

The new drinks which still not available in menu yet, so mango-licious, so creamy the tasted is so smooth and is not sweet at all *Slurp* lovely drinks!! okies now i prefer jackie's mango fapp then Starbucks mango blended!! XD

Dragon Berry Cream Fapp* Rm12.50

well Jang Soo <3 the drink very much.. i tot the drink might taste weird with dragon fruit but is nice!! so smooth.. so yammy.. *Slurp* the light dragon fruit smell will round around your tongue slowly..
Heard that 2% of profit will be donate to disadvantaged local children, woah while drinking you're doing charity its great right?! For sure i'll re-visit here again, to try out the dessert..
Jackie Chan's Cafe
Muse Floor, Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

jackie chan and drinks?..ermm dont seem to fit ler?..anywayz thanks for dropping by..look forward to some more of ur foodie reviews!

tankiasu said...

Wow, nicer than Starbucks? Ok will check it out soon.

Jeromfo said...

When's your turn to
open 'JasmineLau' Cafe?
When i come back, you
muz bring me go makan orrh^^

wenching & esiong said...

Sounds interesting. Can't believe that Jackie Chan's actually having a cafe. Anyway, thanks for introducing, gonna check it out next time!

Jackson said...

hmmmm...will love to try and compare wt Starbucks!

~Christine~Leng said...

have not visited yet... but sure will do! and.. thx for reminding gal! ;P
feel like having their dessert also! ^^

Little Orangezz said...

Yo..I accidentally went up there tat day...Warm welcome..Bt I din try..haha...looks lik d price is standard la..ard starbucks price...nice pic...

durianberry said...

Can I buy the syrup? :3 The drinks are so creamy and looks really tasty

yammylicious said...

joe...thx for dropping by too =)

Kiasu... starbucks is sweeter,jackies mango fapp is creamy & not so sweet.. for mii XD

jeromfo... sure!! come back ASAP k?! a lot of food waiting u to be back XD

wenching & esiong... yea!! try it out ya!! jackie chan trying to korek more cash from malaysia!! lolx!

jackson.. thx for dropping by.. yeap yeap..

christine.. you're welcome!! i guess their dessert not bad too!! must try XD

little orange.. really?! then next time a must for you to try it out k?! =)

durianberry.. uhh i'm not too sure about it.. maybe? 2nd visit i will try to ask about it ya.. =)

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