Thursday, January 17, 2008

King Pie @ One Utama

Went One U for midnight show, 'IN THE NAME OF THE KING'.. First time and ever i fall asleep in cinema!! this movie is real bored but Mr.B love it.. not only i fall asleep, the gal on my right and left and side fall asleep too! =) half and hour more to go, so we walked to King Pie for something light!!

King Pie*

King Pie Combo* Rm11.70

Came with french fried, pie and cup of Pepsi.. The fried doesn't tasted good at all, pour freezing fried into a real hot fried machine.. that's bad..

Chicken mushroom pie*

The pie tasted good..

i go for Salami cheese pie, really in love with the warm cheesy pie that's tasty!!


wenching & esiong said...

Never notice this place in 1 Utama. The chicken mushroom pie looks really delicious!

misscouture92 said...

omg.tat looks so good.appreciate u for putting it so delicious.reminded me of home back in malaysia.keep up ur food blog.


ai wei said...

yumzzz! thier pies are great! i love them. gotta have some soon! aiks... so many eateries to go for in my list lerrr!

~Christine~Leng said...

i once tried out their curry puff and it wasn't good :(
since you've reviewed about their Chicken Mushroom Pie, will give them another shot then! ;)

bigfish_chin said...

King Pie?
Errrmmmhhh ~ May b should give a try...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

pies were always my comfort food when i wanted supper in i miss it..terribly haha

yammylicious said...

wenching & esiong.. just infront of TGV or the bowling center.. will spot it easily..

misscouture92.. thx for dropping by my blog.. and be back sooon k?!

aiwei.. i wanted to try their apple pie wif ice cream!! slurp! i guess is nice!

christine.. really? i never notice that they have curry puff.. hmm cos i jus pay all my attention to apple pie.. too bad! havent try it out yet! sob*

big fish.. yea king pie! i guess KLCC one closed down already..

joe.. is time for you to get them home! slurp!! hungry hungry!

ling239 said...

heard they are every where now, yet to try one... :p

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah! salami+cheese, i like!in a warm pie somemore...

Jason said...

Pie as fast food? Interesting :)

Christy said...

All pies?
Sounds interesting:)

Nicholas Chan said...

Is it a fast food restaurant?

I never fell asleep in the cinema before, even if the movie is boring, I try to force myself to watch it till the end, cause I've already pay for it. Haha, don't want to waste. LOL

alexander said...

more yummy food.
But it's fatty. hehe...

I guess you can't have best of both world.

Alex's World! -

yammylicious said...

ling.. giv thm a try! try their apple pie!! so craving for it! slurp!

nic.. yeap! is nice! cheesy-licious!!

jason.. aww that's rite, cos be4 we enter cinema will get 1901 and some other snack.. hahax

christy.. so far from wad i see is onli pies.. but christine said tat they got curry puff too..

nicholas.. jus a normal food stand, gosh i do that too last time.. but this movie is super duper bored!!! and with i nv zzz for 3 days >'<

alexander.. TRUE!! i gain lots of weight!! alll becos of the food temptation *sob*

Simon Seow said...

kakakaka, must be a movie meant for guy. I read some where that this movie is so-so only.

Ya, King Pie not bad, I've tried a few last time. The special one I tried is the lamb liver if not mistaken.