Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Million dim Sum @ Jln. Ipoh (Revisited)

Zombieee~ i doesn't have enough sleep since last Saturday! i guess everyday i slept less then 4 hour my black circle is getting darker!! so sad about that!! Yesterday planing for our freelance with Mr.B until around 1AM!! that's really tired, 2 person but doing 5 people work!! but we really enjoy it much!! While we done the plan, we can hear that both of our dummy drumming loudly!! *shy*.. so .. Dim Sum!!! weeee~ hungry like we doesn't eat for 3days! XD Visit our favourite dim sum restaurant in Batu tiga!!

Siu Mai*

Fu Pei Dim Sum*

This is real good!! the fish filly is really tasty! springy & chewy~


Har Gao*
Super Big Fish Ball*

Fried Dim Sum*
tasty, pork filling! but its not hot already!

i forgot what's the name but this is darn good! crispy golden dressing go with the juicy chewy filling, dip them with mayonnaise.. SLURP!

Pan fried Dumpling*

I'm one of the big fans for pan fried dumpling! and i order this 2 plate without thinking much! BUT YET this turn mii down! served cold!! the skin and filling turn hard!! pretty disappointed!! end up Mr.B said that I'm greedy!! ( I'm not greedy, i can finish but is cold and hard!!!)

Look at this!! BAD!! ginger!!!!! so damn kasar!! might as well give mii whole ginger to bite it! my bro can cut so much better then this!! *sad*

Sigh!! Maybe is weekday.. but i will still revisit here again!! i love their dim sum! next going to try their egg tart, char siu bao and other more stuff! SLurp! The Total bil for both of us came to Rm38.00~


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

gonna get some dim sum tml. make me crave for some liao LOL

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

btw i linked ya to my food blog :P

celine said...

Hmm...another blog that reminded me how long I'm not having dim sum already...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i still prefer my morning dim sum..haha nite time is for sleeping hahaha...

Nic (KHKL) said...

long long time never visit already..since i retire from the clubbing scene..haha! wah, looks like u eat like really never eat for 3 days, huh? hehe....

Hazza said...

All that for rm38! I could go there everyday! Lovely looking food! Thanks for sharing!

aim said...

HUNGRY !!!!! .....

Your Blog is COOL +++++
Two Thumbs Up .... For You



Sawaddee Krab ( Bye Bye = In Thai)

kent said...

well well ...the ginger a... i think they juz simply go and chop it into small slices haha...anywayz...i LOVE SIU MAI ........MY FAVOURITE NEH...OMG OMG OMG OMG ....CANT LIVE WITHOUT SIEW MAI!!! haha...

monsieur ck
[New Year, New Life, New Journey for Food!]
[go and visit my food journey blog]

Little Orangezz said...

Hey...Its time for Yong Tao Foo d...Go visit some n upload on ur blog..haha

alexander said...

Woo... the dim sum looks so good.
I can only watch.

Alex's World! -

yammylicious said...

SlowCatchUpKuan.. eww really?! that great hahax! thxQ so much for dropping by ya.. muaxx! hv a nice day!

celine.. serious?!! woah than now is time for u to quence dimsum craving! slurp!

joe.. i'm pretty agree with you!! i love hving dimsum at the 'morning'? hahax! fresh air, cooling weather~ nice!

nic.. gosh don't tok about club! i darn long time nv visit club d! sad mii!! is really veri hungry!! 4 hour 2 ppldoin for 4 customer!! tired! hungry of course!

hazza.. yeap! go visit thr! is nice!! and.. make sure u go in the rite timing! the best is thurday nite! =)

aim.. thx for visited my blog too! hv a nice day!

kent.. woah u're siu mai fansiii.. and i'm pan fried dumpling fansii~ XD

little orange.. don't really heart yong taufu specially ampang yong taufu! bored of the limited choices!

alexander.. no worries u can go to 7-11 and get some instand siu mai! tasted good too lolx!

bigfish_chin said...

So Cheap... Jalan Ipoh Dim Sum always GOOD! Go try another good one at Kuchai Lama (Fuk Gei)! Their Char Xiu Bao is Yummmyy...

yammylicious said...

big fish.. really?! woah woah thx for telling mii that! will look for it real soon! slurp!

Timothy Low said...

the dim sum looks really, really good. Have u tried dim sum in Chynna ... KL Hilt? Pretty good stuff they have there. Btw nice page. Will drop by again real soon.

Nicholas Chan said...

i love dim sum. my all time favourite is har gao siu mai. =)

Cynthia said...

I wish with all my might that I can have dim sum and dim sum that is as delicious as this!

yammylicious said...

Timothy Low.. thx for dropping by! i nv try chnnya dim sum.. but well i guess i will giv thm a try! thxQ so much ya!! =)

nicholas chan.. woah!! but my favourite is pan fried dumpling! slurp!! =) thx for dropping by ya!

cynthia.. you're rite!! i love dim sum alot too! small and just right to pop thm into the mouth!! slirp!

Simon Seow said...

Ah, the nostalgic Jln Ipoh dim sum. Craving for dim sum at 3 am in the morning, you know where you can find some hot dim sum. Patronised here more when I was a kid. Nowadays only me so don't do dim sum there because all friends live in faraway places like Puchong or Cheras.

ekeng said...

is this dim sum place got provide Dim Sum around 4am or 5am?

yammylicious said...

simon seow.. 3am! sometime i will dream about food! lik chciken rice or chicken wing!! no worries i will find out more dim sum place to qunence ur im sum craving k?!

wkwng.. yeap! they business house is on midnnite! special rite?! specialy ladies nite u will darn alot clubbing full tis place!

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Next time you muz bring me
go eat! Long time didn't eat 'dim sum' already ><

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

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