Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Toro Ramen @ Law Yat Plaza

Jam Badly in KL! Stuck in the traffic jam for 1 hour plus!! so bored.. went sg.wang to get some body art painting equipment for Wednesday Aloha Anniversary event!! Unfortunately i received a called said that CANCELLED! bad news.. hungry but yet bored with sg. wang food so Mr.B bought mii to Law Yat Plaza... RAMeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~
Toro Ramen*
Both of our set came with Gyoza!! but they doesn't good in gyoza?! too less stuffing and too limp! Ajisen Ramen Served better Gyoza!!
Poor Gyoza stuffing*
Sapporo Ramen Set* Rm17.90
The soup base is really very thick till it turn too over salty to mii, felt so thirsty!! The pork was so thinly sliced and grilled that it was savory, carnitas with all the great taste of crispy pork fat. i love they gorgeous amount of corn.. sadly soup base screw the whole bowl of ramen.. =(
Chicken Katsu Set* Rm15.90
Mr.B go for Katsu set, that's really delicious.. trust mii they served real big portion, even the topping.. =)
Came with bowl of miso soup!!! mmm~ so flavourful!! seaweed~
Mr.B set came with Fruit*

Shame mii this is my 3rd or 4th time visit law yat! ya Capital L for LAME! i found out that there's quite alot of delicious Japanese restaurant here!! slurp!! and KLCC korean BBQ is on business now!!! i cant wait to get myself there for a try!! Counting down for my ang pau festival.. Dong Dong chiang!! and yet got nothing for my CNY shopping!! BONUS PLSSSSSS~


Bernsy said...

ok i gip you bonus...... dong song chiang.. happy new year

ling239 said...

is this the same as the one in Ikano ? that one in Ikano was not too bad though...

kent said...

gyoza.......omg...i like it!! delixious lar... gyoza....

monsieur ck
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wenching & esiong said...

It's quite hard to find a restaurant for good ramen in KL. Don't know why.

The chicken katsu looks good btw.

Jacelyn Chew said...

the chicken katsu set looks yummy. it looks like curry noodle....i guess due to the color of ur photo....

yammylicious said...

bernsy.. serious?! DEAL bank in to mii hahax!!

kent.. gyoza is my super heart food! i can have it 24/7!!

wenching & esiong.. true! i don't know why too! no worries for sure thr's some whr hiding up! =)

jacelyn chew.. yea! i hate taking pic wif yellowiz lighting! pic sux! or mayb my cam sux!

Nicholas Chan said...

I like Chicken Katsu, egg, fried chicken. Woot, delicious.

yammylicious said...

nicholas chan.. yes! thats nice but here they gave extra crab meat too! =)

ekeng said...

Oh..gyoza and ramen...both are my favorite..Will avoid Sapporo Ramen :)