Monday, January 7, 2008

Rude Hawker Stall @ Indo mee SS2

Do allow mii to be rude in this post, i'm seriously pissing off for yesterday incident! that the worse part of mine for year 2008! Damn it! yesterday went mid valley for 'heart break kid', the show end around 1.30am and both of us craving for 'chut chut' (Balitong), no hump we drove down to SS2 indo mee.. here the story begin... while he arrived there's 2 annoying fella kept offer their food to us, both of them exactly offer us the same food!! told my friend that want to eat chut chut, and the aunty straight away telling the chef that 'One Balitong', and the uncle said that to the kitchen too.. GOSH! i told my friend to rise up and tell the aunty CANCEL! instant he just looking at mii and said why don't you said since you order from them?!

mii.. Tell the aunty CANCEL la... damn annoying la!
Aunty: cannot cancel already order..
my friend: you tell lar... since you order one..
mii: just say cancel onli can?!
My friend: you say la..
mii: (pissing off- don't know what is it so hard to tell)

Mii: Aunty i wan cancel!!!
Aunty: already help you order cannot cancel!! if wan cancel then cancel from mii and tat side!
Mii: i don't want already.. i'm uncle side..
Aunty daughter: Hey!! you think who you are now?! order mean already order!! get it?!
Mii: what?! that's the way you tok to mii?! i'm the customer!! what kind of attitude you showing off to mii?!
Aunty daughter: wtf now?! you wan thn you take it! or u can jus pay and leave here now!!
Mii: what's your problem?! i'm not going to pay even you serve! your attitude sux!
Aunty daughter: so what?! just get off!! you think you're rich and showing off here?!
Mii: what i do?! oh ok i'm atlest richer then you so what?! KID..
(i calm myself instant acting nothing, since my friend just siting down saying ntg)

awhile later the aunty daughter pass by mii said that, 'oh cheap ass' just go away from here! WOAH! *ANGRY* pass by mii againt said that, 'well if i got a gf like you i already dump her earlier before what a shame' .. that moment i really feel lik slapping her, think twice i shouldn't argue or fight with those blood staking brain BITCH on the mamak.. my friend sitting down without a word what the point i shouting at the mamak for?! i'm still a girl... SERIOUSLY i never felt so pissing before! Gave someone who suppose to beg mii to eat their food and turn to scold mii?! any other idea?!

the location is.. SS2 indo mee which just in front of Island cafe.. the 2nd hawker stall from the left hand.. don't ever order any food from there PLEASE! get scold for no reason.. *hey bitch, i'm not argue or slapping you doesn't mean you're right or i'm afraid of you, just felt not worth argue with a low education blood staking gal like you do! watch your tongue lady, next you might not be so lucky who will kept silent and let you scold!* =)

Anyone have been this kind of WORSE experience?! =(


ah_mel said...

ish... thats really bad!!! thanks for sharing yammy... its ok... we dont go there... ^^

Christy said...

Oooo!! So sorry to hear that, will definitely take note of that too....
Chill have all our support, it's not your fault, they were the ones who initiated the trouble and you're right in not arguing back even though you were very angry...they are not worth your time and effort:)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahlau eh..garangnya..u sure no 1 take vid of the hoo haa n post on youtube ar?

kent said...

is the aunty chinese??? next time when my bro back that time u bring both of us to go there..hantam them cukup cukup ...what kind of service...we are customer neh...haihz....dont care the bitch so much...she said others people cheap which means she are saying her cheap also...dont care the WAITRESS SO MUCH AS LONG AS SHE IS A UNEDUCATED WAITRESS then only because she is uneducated then only can become waitress haha

monsieur ck
[New Year, New Life, New Journey for Food!]
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ling239 said...

oh dear...
cool down, cool down *hugs
ur fren with u is guy ah ? XD
next time hor stay far far away from this store or dun bother to eat there at all lar *sigh
what mood also boh liao ler ~

-∵| åh-†ёh² |∴- said...

its really terrible~

opss...forgot to intro..
i juz dropby..
ur blog really make me hungry even juz after dinner...

do link u in my blog..


~Christine~Leng said...

chill gal :) and cheer up :)
Don't need to bother those uneducated ppl ;P Arguing with those pathetic, rude tenants who treated customers badly is just a waste of energy. hehe.
Not dining there again is the best revenge perhaps? *hugs*

ekeng said...

Cool down !! Cheer up girl !!
Agree with Christine..Don't need to bother with those uneducated ppl..Wasting energy..If i'm your friend,i will help you to cancel the food :)

yammylicious said...

ai mei.. yea that's the bad experience ever! =(

christy.. thx alot gal, wondering how they survive their business wif kind of attitude..sigh~

joe.. hmm not sure. but thx mayb i will check it out! hahax.. if got i will link u k?!

kent.. yea chinese aunty! with her uneducated daughter! damn it! totally no manners! that's the worse women i ever met! bitch~

ah teh.. thx for dropping by ya! =) i'm glad to hear that!

christine.. thxQ so much ya! yea its true.. wasting my time & energy on her.. *huggies*

ekeng.. really? oh thxQ so so much!! hahax! well i guess if u were thr u already slap her.. lol..

Jason said...

WTH with such attitude! Sorry to hear about the bad experience, will sure noted that down so that we won't ever step in that place.

ai wei said...

cheer up gal! (hugZ)

will take note that not to visit here! ^^

yammylicious said...

jason.. yea! that's suck! that night i can feel that lot pairs of eye looking over at my table! ish! thx ya!

aiwei.. huggies* sigh.. wondering.. bad bad bad of year 2008!

Hazza said...

So they basically ordered the food for you without you actually ordering it. I would just walk away without saying a word. Let them ACTUALLY cook the food and then find that the table is empty when they try to serve it.

Nic (KHKL) said...

so sorry for your mishap...i think you are actually the victim caught between the 2 rivalry stalls...some people are just not very reasonable...haiz, cold down ya! :)

yammylicious said...

hazza.. thx for droppin by my blog.. sigh! they're sux! be frank till now i doesn't feel comfy wif wad they said! sux!

nic.. welcome back!! =) yea i wish no one meet the same incident like i do! thxQ so much ya!

Julian Si said...

Sorry to hear about that experience ... that's a mad hawker!

I'd stick to HANI SATAY and IBRAHIM MI GORENG when I am there, great service, super food ...

Good luck next time!

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