Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Never try 1U TGIF out before, Mr.B craving for Japanese good yet i don't feel like stepping into Sushi Groove or Shogun so just hang around, though going to Chili's for dinner yet there's full of people... cross over to old wing he spot TGIF so just walk in without thinking much since i never try this branch out... =)
MC & Cheesy~
Perfectly fried the cheesy macaroni ball turn golden brown, crispy dressing with the warm cheesy macaroni inside! Slurp~

filling up with macaroni and cheesy~ =) <3>
Sizzling Saute chicken*
Guess most of the time i visit TGIF 3 course meal i will definitely order this, love the cheesy-licious rice melt around the rice! slurp! thumbz up.. this branch served better then subang parade, at lest the chicken breast wasn't too dried.. =)

Friday Sundae*

Too full after the appetizer & entree, but still i heart dessert!! Delicious Friday sundae =)

7 more days to CNY! guess everyone shop with full hand, guess what i bought nothing yet i got no bonus damn it company!! *heart broken* i want get need heels new skinny jeans new street wear stuff!! =( but i got no bonus!!! i hate them!! last year my annual dinner end up eating pork noodles at some random chines restaurant, i guess this year might having nothing for annual dinner! I'm not kidding!!! last year we really do having pork noodles as annual dinner oh ya with few plate of dim sum~ *shame*

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ling239 said...

oh dear... is it time to move on ?

Jason said...

Ah, no bonus and simple annual dinner? O.o

Nic (KHKL) said...

ok lar...heard my co. got retrenchment somemore leh...anyway, the mud pie in tgif is very check it out next time ;)

Simon Seow said...

I don't have bonus too. I am categorized as NEW (less than 6 months in the company).

Your annual dinner is better. Eventhough my annual dinner is in a 5-star hotel. I got food poisoned.

ekeng said...

Thanks God It's Friday...the MC & Cheesy look so good..i want i want :)

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

so 'kiamsap' the boss!
lolx....dear, come my hse and get ang pau then...

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

Cynthia said...

The company should be ashamed!

celine said...

No bonus? Hopefully got bonus next year. Treat yourself a good dinner then.

yammylicious said...

ling.. yeap waiting for my salary and i will ciao! but till now they doesn't out cheq yet!

jason.. no bonus and worse annual dinner i should said!!

nic.. woah ur office sound even worse then mine! mud pie i love it lot!! yeap~

simon.. aww thats sad! then i rather hv my bowl of pork noodle thn lying on hospital! hahax!!

ekeng.. yeap the bebola is nice! hahax!!

jeromefo.. yeap that WORSE!! thats the point i said i will leave without any letter! F it onli! and i will go ur house ask kent to pick mii! =)

cynthia.. yeap i felt thats too.. so whn ppl asked mii i will jus tell thm i hv pork noodle wif dim sum as my annual dinner!

celine.. next year i comfirm will not be at here anymore!!! flying toward mac or chennel for make up artise~ =)

lasilasi said...

wow the fried cheese looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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