Friday, January 11, 2008

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ SS2

Felt so melancholic nowadays, everything i do doesn't go to the right way, trying hard to be the best one but turn out i still fell down for no reason.. Do upset about all the question marks! Work hard for nothing, leaking out of passion doing it! Flushing all my effort through, 'you do more then enough i don't need it stop doing it'. OK, i'm done with my emotional part, Recently mii & Mr.B doing freelance every where, so Ladies and Gentlemen to who wanted to do rebornding, perming, colour can add up my msn ya!! thxQ (
After done 2 customer hair at Sunway area we went Murni for supper too bad FULL going to take a long time get a table so we change out location to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, been half year back i never dine in here already.. Let's check it out...
Iced Lemon Tea* Rm3.80

Chocolate Lava* Rm6.90

i heart this, used to lick the choco peanut like no other business, too bad this Chester lava can't event get my tongue close to his cup! =(

Chocolate Milk Shake* Rm6.90
Lesley go for milk shake! with ice cream!! and this choco milk shake tasted real 'kao'!!choco-licious! Slurp!
Mango Milk Shake* Rm6.90
Lover Twin* Rm6.90
Mr.B ordered this for us, well i tried this lot of time not only here but other place too, blue one tasted like some Merinda syrup, and the yellow one is corn tasted.. weird tasted!
Spaghetti wid pork fillet* Rm8.80
Edmund shake his head after the first tried, but he still finish up the spaghetti! guess he's darn hungry!!
Shanghai Style Vege Rice* Rm9.80
Mr.B go for the simple one, i guess he doesn't like it he left more then half bowl of it a side
Minced Pork & Potato in Shanghai Style* Rm8.20
Wrapped fish in egg vege rice* Rm9.80
Japanese Curry udon wid chicken Rm13.20

Woah!! happies to know that Wong Kok got Japanese selection now!! i go for curry udon! Slurp.. the Japanese curry its not spicy at all, but darn heavy curry tasted! love it! with a fried egg and some cucumber pickled, too bad the udon its a bit too hard for mii.. 2 more mins of boiling will be perfect =)
Teriyaki Chicken wid sweet sauce* Rm8.90
Chester go for japanese selection too while everyone said that in hkg cafe we should hv all hkg style food hahax.. Japanese pancake! tasty! fill with crab meat, shrimp & cabbage.. <3 a must to try it out!
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng


Dragon City said...

yeah..Murni always super full, they need to do something about it b4 all their customer change place.. = )

btw, the Chocolate Lava very tempting ler...

ling239 said...

dunno why i never like this place... =.="

Anonymous said...

I dunno. For me personally, I love their Shanghai Style Vege Rice, esp with pork chop.. I'd definitely finish the whole bowl! :D

kent said...

erm...go this restaurant before...but their menu quite "normal" or "ordinary" prefer korean style stone rice in kim gary more!! well...the choc lava tasty or not?

monsieur ck
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ekeng said...

shanghai style vege pork rice is my fav in Wong Kok CCT..i tried Lover Twin before..Taste weird..kinda boring with Char Chan Teng already..hehe :)

alexander said...

You are making hungry with all these photos!

Alex's World! -

yammylicious said...

dragon city..gosh.. they almost took over the whole road! btw 2 juntion, sometime will across till public bank! haha! yea the lava is nice..

ling.. giv mii 5 gal! i alway heart kim gary more.. just felt that wong kok is quite lala to mi =)

kennymah.. really? nex time i should try it..

kent.. yea i heart the lava.. slurp!

ekeng.. yea true.. too much hkg cct nowadays! u're rite ekeng..

alexander.. i'm hungry nowww! ='(

Hazza said...

Is this one of those modern fusion restaurant like Kim Gary? Its name made me laugh .. why so long? :)

aim said...

HUNGRY +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

ooo...i wanna try their chocolate lava. Looks good! :)
I always order ice blended yam when i'm here ;P

wenching & esiong said...

Yeah, agree with Christine, the chocolate lava looks attractive. Gonna try it out next time!!

Cynthia said...

One of those drinks have just given me an idea to try - the mango milk shake. When mangoes are in season, I'll definitely be making some. Thanks!

celine said...

I will never considered for Japanese curry dish, same as per your comment. Not spicy and heavy curry paste...

yammylicious said...

hazza.. gosh i got no idea about it! i should check it out one day! wong kok is one of the hkg place, CCT mean cafe..

aim.. let's go eat! =)

christine.. nv try their yam be4! i should check it out on nex visit! thxQ

wengching & esiong.. i heart chco lava alot! hahax!

cynthia.. woah that's sound lovely!! =)

celine.. yea true!!! i still love malaysia curry!! slurp!

Jason said...

I'm going to try the Chocolate Lava on my next visit :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

aiyer...why the spaghetti looks so funny one? so little somemore...hehe...but i think i will try the Chocolate Lava if i'm there...looks chocolicious!

yammylicious said...

jason.. yea!! try it out!! thats veri nice! slurp!

nic.. er.. i got no idea about it too! asked thm whn u visit wong kok! hahax

Simon Seow said...

My friend ordered the Twin Tower last time and he said tasted like cough syrup. I tried the Japanese Curry Rice, not too bad.

yammylicious said...

simon seow.. yea! old time soft drink tasted! i don lik it! yea is nice the curyr rice!

ai wei said...

i m missing wong kok now. long time nv go, gotta pay a visit soon!

have tried their choc lava last time. they are great!

foodlover said...

I recommend its Rice in Superior Soup with Minced Meat & Dried Oyster 蚝干肉碎汤饭 at Wong Kok. It is only sold here in town.

www.españ said...

This won't really have success, I believe this way.

Wong Mee said...

my breakfast set order on 10.30am, until 11.15am haven't serve yet....fried chicken like stone...borsh soup cold like the y put ice into soup...