Saturday, December 1, 2007

William @ Tmn Mayang

Murni?! i guess most of you did visited Murni for alot of time, now is time heading to William (Murni Youngest Bro), Which located at the behind old Lim Kok Wing and that's real mamak stall, just right beside the drain, okies is smelly while you're eating do remember greet with the rat and flyz *Hello* XD aww the food William served is gorgeous!! absolutely in love with it!! eating in mamak stall but paying for manhattan Fish Market (MFM) Price, for no doubt they Serve much better then MFM =) its 12.30am, while Mr.B sending mii back he wanted to try William out since he never drop by here before, aww they got no menu so just cincai tell them you want something spacial for 2 pax..

Mii: Bang ada apa yg sedap?!
Abang: ada @#$, ^%$#, @*^$, )%*#, (okie i totally don't understand any thing he list to mii too much and the name really sound weird to us) so you nak apa?!
Mii: oo banyak-nya, nak spaghetti special ada?! cukup 2 org share..
Abang: Oh ada banyak ah moi, @#$%, %^&*, %^&* (sakit kepala sigh)
Mii: Woah!! ok la.. yg itu itu gitu gitu la..
Abang: Minum?!
Mii: Ribena Special Kecik =)

Ribena Special* Rm3.00
aww.. is nice served in the small bottle, but they fit in alot of lychy, the ribena also tasted *kao kao* sedap!!

Pre-Mussel Chicken Spaghetti* Rm12
First we really got no idea what it is, we found lot of mussel and half of the chicken, with the special spaghetti!! actually is hand made pan mee just they name it spaghetti, Special?! aww the thick tomato paste!! totally in love with it!! look closer to the picture, the chicken wrapped with a sausage!! awww so miracle right?! half way eating only we notice about it!! that's real special!! XD the 'spaghetti' tasted real good, fantastic combination!! the huge portion enough for 2 person!!

Mussel!! Look at the Fresh, Juicy Mussel!! gosh can you get this in any restaurant which cost you more then Rm12.00?! i don't think so!! thoz we sweat, we greet to the rat thats still worth it!! nice food!! =) William Mamak rox!! no gov tax & services charges too!! don't ask for more just try it out!!


Nic (KHKL) said...

dunno abt the taste but the redness of the pan mee is very appetising leh! wah, got parmesan cheese also! nice :>

wenching & esiong said...

The ribena looks good. Think it would taste really good with lychee! Maybe we'll try this place out one day!

yammylicious said...

Nic.. yea!! they served good pasta!! yammm~ althou jus a mamak but they can easily beat any restaurant down...

wenching & esiong.. yeap!! damn 'kao' one their ribena.. i guess they get sponer by ribena lolx!