Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ajisen Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid

A week 4days i spend around 4hours in Pyramid, Not because of Pyramid do good offer for mii, but i having class there so bored!! yeap now Pyramid upgraded to a bigger shopping mall, doesn't bother about the boutique but the coming up new restaurant such as, Zen cafe, donut, International Pancakes, Benefit Bar, Italianese, TGIF & etc.. I really can't wait to try all the new restaurant out!! Ajisen Ramen are of of the new restaurant too.. Located at Pyramid two which just close to A&W, they having promotion for their opening 20% on all the Ramen!!

Ajisen Ramen*

Mincer Garlic & Chili Paste*
Hot & Cold Green Tea*

Delux tempura Moriaware set* Rm16.80
came with 3 fried dumpling, onion ring, prawn tempura, eggplant Tempura, lovely salad with thousand island dressing & white rice.. Not bad quite huge portion for Mr.B, love the dumpling & salad alot..
Volcano Ramen* Rm18.90

Ready to for something spicy, spot the word v-o-l-c-a-n-o uh really sound HOT! served with 3 thiny pork slices, they really did well for the pork.. =) the soup is milky miso type, after mix with the chili paste now u feel the HOT SOUP!! Thumbz up!! delicious!

Pan Fried Gyoza* (Additional Rm3.80 with ramen )

Heart their Gravy juicy Gyoza!!

10days more for Xmas!! =) wish everyone did enjoy well with the year end sales to who already ran out of pocket as mii, makan roti tahan and pray hard so that get bonus soon ^^


wenching & esiong said...

The volcano ramen looks delicious! We still haven't been to the new Pyramid yet.

U.Lee said...

Hi there, love your pics here. From what you describe this place, must be real exciting, huh?
Anyway, you have a nice day, Best regards, UL.

ai wei said...

save me the GYOZA!!!! they look tasty.. aiks, have yet to try out ajisen ramen...

~Christine~Leng said...

wow.. 20% off till when ya?
and... i'm so looking forward to dine in the newly opened restaurants at sunway! will make my way there soon ;P

yammylicious said...

wenching & esiong.. yea is nice!! the ramen not soggy at all.. =) and veri spicy!

i.lee.. thx for dropping by ya! yeap! this place is worth trying out.. hv a nice day too..

ai wei.. oki la.. save half for u!! love gyoza!! rox!

christine.. hmm i guess until end of dec.. but 20% not much diff.. the tax already more thn the 20% dic.. any how still better thn ntg .. =)

Kelly Mahoney said...

That bento-box type entree looks tasty. Now I'm hungry again. I'm the worst dieter ever.

ekeng said... 20% off..i wanna go on this sat..haha :)