Monday, February 25, 2008

William IV @ Taman Mayang

Sorry for the late post!! I'm deeply sorry that i'm busy for the Ipoh reviewed and i forgot about the Freelance Annual Dinner post!! Forgive mii~ As what i promise we went William for annual dinner, Lessly who one of the Freelance team member tot we going to some place nice for dinner, okey he dress up darn nice, Green polo tee, long jeans, sport shoes and red skarf.. we non stop laughing at him!! and he stunt immediately... complain that we fool him around, end up he turn his voice down showing his Thumb up =) Let's go~

Premesen chicken* Rm15.00 (Special noodle)
My all time favour!! look at the wonderful mouth watering sauces~ =)

Triple-H* Rm8.00

The wanted sandwich came in 3 layer, each layer fill with chicken chunks, ham and cheese. Dressing up with pan fried egg!! And not to forget swipe the thousand island sauce & mayo before you send every bite of the melting cheesy Triple H into your mouth! Mmmmm!

Roti Hawaii Soft Shell Crab*

Wanted Roti Hawaii Soft Shell crab too, first time trying out this all of us is so crazee about it!! every bite you can tasted the crunchy soft shell crab!! delicious, that's nothing difference from Murni Hawaii but just they additional soft shell crab!! Omg.. i'm in love!!


Heard about their Famous Carbonara, came with a huge portion.. That's so CREAMY & so CHEESY!! Too bad my taste bud gone bored while i eating too much of carbonara.. thumbz up! cheesy fans? Order this while u're in William! =)

Seafood Risotto* Rm30.00
Nothing to complain about this, i order this most of the time I'm here..

Lessly & Mr.B!! Cute gile.. look at both of the funny-licious face! <3 thx for everyone in the team who work out with us i'm pretty happies about that!! and besties for life ya! Thx for the caring you all dropping for mii & Mr.B Deeply appreciated it!

Sorry, Do make a space for mii for my beloved Anna Sui!! I'm a Big Fans of Anna Sui!! Call mii Jasmine Anna =) From Fragrances, Make up corner, towel, Hand bag & etc all with my Anna Sui!! This morning i received an email from my friend about Anna Sui cell phone! omg once again i'm so crazee about it!! Look at the sexy-licious phone.. i just want it.. knew that this phone been launch 2 year ago~ sadly i'm addicted!! Last Saturday just miss out my Limit Edition Anna sui Mirror for 2008!! so sad.. so Mr.B can i?! hehe *Shy*

Pinky-Licious can?!


celine said...

Wow, the food all looks delicious. Did Mr.B say something?

Honey Star said...

ARGH the HP so pretty!!! I want one too :) I think Anna Sui got the best and most consistent cosmetics packaging. So luxurious and rich looking. *drool drool*

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I want that Triple-H so badly! Cheesey and gooey and rich in calories, hehe! (Need it cos I'm so scrawny :P )

cheesywee said...

LOVE your pictures!
carbonara looks delicious!
triple H isn't look too bad either!!!
god i want some cheese right now :)
cute phone too .. just got the new chocolate and dented it already :(

mimi said...

The sauce for premesan chicken is tomato sauce?

ekeng said...

Oh my god...The Premesen Chicken are soooo no no..i mean the beautiful lady back there..kekeke :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

the permesen chicken punya sauce so much until wanna tertumpah red, so appetising! nice!

ling239 said...

The Roti Hawaii Soft Shell Crab looks like hermit crab in the shell.... LOL

yammylicious said...

Celine.. no cos he came here for lots of time d! jus wan to surprise his friend! hahax!

honey star.. luxurious and rich looking?!! yes!!! i love thm!! i wan to get all of thm back to my house!

kenny mah.. a must to try their triple H out k!? is darn good! omg~ i missing it rite now! =)

cheesywee.. new choco phone? toush screen tat one? i heard lots of bad feed back about that! thx for droping by ya!

mimi.. yea totamoto wid some secret recipe i guess hahax!

ekeng.. aww u spot the gal but not my premesen chicken huh?! hmm~ sad! but she's hot!

nic.. yea they really not hesty on sauce one!! slurp! sedap gile nic! cuba la!

ling.. HERMIT CRAB? lol the roti is the shell rite?! hahax!

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

lolx...Mr.B's face looks so funny!
i thought he supposes to work in Singapore now?

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

bingo said...

hey, nice shot of the chick in the background of the parmesan special noodles... ;)

没人妖部落格格 said...

leng lui tanya skit~mane tempat ni??sedapnya~~

Simon Seow said...

Wow, overflowing with sauce. Williams always serve such big portion.