Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Riblees @ Sri Hatamas

I'm real upset for what's popping now these day, trying hard to pay my effort for more not for the brilliantly feed back.. but why thing always goes wrong while i think its gonna be smooth?! so much of unexpected. I'm so upset about that, Try to be understanding while there's lots of stress surrounding you.. bewared hurting someone with your awful word. Let's get out of that, this post almost been a month still i got no time to post it up!! so sorry.. lucky mii still make it before end of this poor february =) Happies Belated Aunt Jenny (Bubu mummy). Actually i'm not so much either her mum love ribs or not but i'm the one who craving for ribs so jus ask Mr.B to bring us here for the very first try.. Riblees its a place i notice since last year..

Roast Pork Salad* Rm19.95
Siu yoke?! yes! definitely it is~ love the crispy layer!! yet the roast pork got a kind of weird smell, raw pork smell! i don't like it! and the combination is weird!!! green salad with roast pork and vinegar..

U.S Baby Back Ribs* Rm28.80 (Not available in menu yet)
Baby back ribs! aww they do better then i expected =) Grill till perfection, good job for the marinated, served in a wooden plate and lots of curly fried not to forget the fabulous finger licking good barbecue sauces~ Delicious!
Texas Style ribs* Rm36.80
The Ribless's owner introduce Mr.B something yet in menu too.. Texas Style? For mii its more to like Mexican style! ribs fully cover up with the gorgeous portion of sauce topped with lots of bean bean, onion ring & sour cream, it's good.. yet all of us cant finish it! the portion just to big for us!
Cheezy chicken* Rm22.95

Mr.B Bro go for Chicken.. i tried! tasted good too!! they really work hard on their sauces!

Organo Roast Lamb* Rm36.80
Mum go for Roast Lamb, too bad i heard she complain that part of it is burnt and and the lamb doesn't tasted fresh.. well don't have to ask for sure the mutton smell darn heavy!! *Run*

Choc Mud Cake* Rm12.80

Nit much Dessert selection, just got for the simple one.. aww so choco-licious! actually i guess they over bake so turn up live Brownies wif vanilla ice cream.. =) its ok still tasted good! we clear for it!

Happy Birthday to U!
Happy Birthday to U!
Happy Birthday to Anut Jenny!!
Happy birthday to U!!
Sorry that we didn't sing any birthday song to you, cos Mr.B said they never sing any birthday song to you before!! sorry! hope you have a nice time during this birthday celebration.. simple yet that's show lots of love ya! =) xoxo

41-1 Jln 23/70A
Desa Sri Hatamas
Tel: 03-62010180


celine said...

U.S Baby Back Ribs looks yummy!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The portions sure look big!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Plus: that's got to be the first melting Bday Cake I've seen! Wowsers.

mimi said...

Seem like all foods are in big portion!!!

weiwei said...

wanna know where really the william iv situated at? hehe^^ the foods look like vvery yumylicious

ling239 said...

another porky place...
must go try soon
tks ~ ^_^

Tummythoz said...

So what's been popping up nowadays that make u sad? Hope u r feeling much better now.

ekeng said...

heard this place many times..thanks for ur review..i wanna go there for pork..Oink Oink (^@@^)

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

wow...the ice-cream looks so niceE~!

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

yammylicious said...

Celine.. not onli it look good taste good too! slurp!

lemongrass.. not onli big but huge!! hahax!!

kennymah.. aww anything mean to be a birthday cake as long as the heart of love is thr! =)

mimi.. yea is huge! and veri filling if u're fitting belly better share wif other half!

weiwei.. william located in Tmn Mayang which behind the old lim kok wing school..

ling.. yea seldom ribs restaurant served pork! now i found!!

thummythouz.. sad case!! alot of crap! hell tired on all that! i hope march will be a better month for mii! thx ya! xoxo

ekeng.. really?! eww.. pork rox!! ^^ i love thm!

jeromefo..thxQ!! onli the ice cream look good?

wmw said...

I enjoyed eating at Riblee's when they were in Taman S.E.A. Haven't been there since they shifted. I loved the spicy cuttlefish snack! Need to visit this place again.

Julian Si said...

Nice blog! You must try this if you like Riblees ...


:-) Slurp!