Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food Street @ Ipoh

Thanks for all the concern i feeling better today, yet I'm MC yesterday!! sigh get sounded by my director sad.. i'm sick badly why can't i MC peacefully? Rest real well at home.. i hope can get well soon!! =) Few more post to end my ipoh reviewed.. This post is in 5th day of CNY, we went a food street near sam tet boy school for dinner.. a place my parents used to bought us here too, change alot, got more food stall now!

Ice Kacang wif Ice Cream*
The bowl of ice kacang with huge scope of Vanilla ice cream yet is quite lack out of gula melacca.. no doubt just rise up your hand and ask for more =)

Kat Zai shun mui* (KAO)


Am not really happy with the black sauce, taste weird can easily taste the 'kicap pekat'..

Hoo Hee*
Special name right? yeap in Ipoh They call cheng tong as Ho hee..

Horrible Laksa*
Totally tasted like hot water with pouring in a bottle of chili sauce.. omg this is the most horrible laksa i ever taste!

Sotong Kanggung*
i doesn't give a bite on it cause i still prefer the black sauce sotong kanggung! =)

Sweet & Sour Crab* Rm54.00 ( 2 crab)
Mr.B and mii Decided to go for crab, they don't served steamed bun but toast bread.. sigh the crab tasted salty turn the fresh crab meat down! pretty disappointed!!

This month got only 29days! yahoo!! happies birthday to all the 29Th February baby!! i wish i birth a baby on this date too so i will save lots of cash down!! =)


sQuall said...

so special name...ho hee...

ling239 said...

Kat Zai shun mui also got KAO version ah ? hahahaaa.....

�ԏ��� said...

walao..make me hungry oledi!! faster close ur page!! lol

Jason said...

There's only 2 stalls I'll patronise for ais kacang and char kuey teow there. :)

ekeng said...

aiks...u make me craving for ice kacang on 3am..hahaha

yammylicious said...

squall.. yea! i found taht's special too! =)

ling.. yeap! the drinks is real fresh! not mixing lot of water inside..

�ԏ���.. aww really? thxQ ya! and thx for dropping by here! muaxx

jason.. really? i nv try their char keuy teow out!

ekeng... dont! dont crave anything late nite! gain weight!!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

hawker food there so different from kl, hor? ho hee sounds cute leh..like someone's name only..hehe...

mimi said...

ho hee....1st time heard abt it ;)

wenching & esiong said...

Sounds like the food there wasn't that good overall, especially the laksa.

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Omg....the crabs look so nice!

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

没人妖部落格格 said...

wow~your really have monster appetite!haha not bad 吃的是福^^

Bernsy said...

fuah... how all the food looks so nice.. will use your blog as my ipoh food guide lo

yammylicious said...

nic... aww nex time lable ur baby name as hoo hee! hahax! jk ya!

mimi... yea is my first time i heard about it too! awww!~ thx for dropping by my blog ya! muaxx!

wenching & esiong.. yea i'm quite disappointed on the food! =(

jeromefo.. yea look nice but tasted bad!

没人妖部落格格.. aww not mii no mii! is share! hahax!

bernsy.. really? thxQ so so much ya!

Anonymous said...

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