Saturday, February 2, 2008

Haagen Dazs @ Sunway Pyramid 2

Finally my sista came back from Bali.. To welcome she's once again home i asked her to treat mii dinner end up i choose Haagen Dazs, Since she still left over quite amount of cas.. no harm for mii to help her out =) Ice cream Craving.. now i'm here to qunece my thirst!!! Slurp~

Haagan Dazs Lover*

Special Fondue* Rm63.90 (2~3pax)

they have 2 choices for fondue, Normal Fondue with 14 cutie scoop of diff tasted ice cream with the price Rm59.90 OR Special fondue with all choco-licious ice cream & 2 taste choco dipping (mint & stawberry)... yet my picky sista request for Special founde dipping with the normal fondue's accompany.. aww lovely! now here's the better combination~

2 way tasted Choco dipping*

Right hand side is the Mint taste choco, left hand side is the stawberry taste choco! lovely smooth flavorful sinful rich choco! Slurp*

cutie ice cream*

Choc Choc Chip, Stawberry, Macadamia Nut & coffee ice cram..Lovely can?

The fruity*
Sweety Pineapple, Sourlicious Green apple, and the horny yellowish banana~

Bamboo stick Pocky, Temptational Marshmellows & The dried hard Waffle =(

Dip Dip Dip!!!

Ice Tea* Rm8.90
Lipton Tea? aww anything~

Counting down for CNY, Just received my cheq yesterday and i guess 2nd of CNY onli i can visit my ATM =( so sad for the late paying cheq, this year i doesn't bought much CNY cloth.. Sigh what a sad year for mii!! No Bonus, No Annual Dinner, No Hamper, No Chinese Orange.. Basically mean we got nothing and my bossieeees is Chinese nor Indians or Malay!! New year eve i still have to work full, doesn't allow mii to take leave even half day leave!! i'm so upset about it!! Pissing can?! @#$%^&* Aww.. @nd day of CNY follow my Jantan go back hometown (Ipoh), i wish there's some restaurant for mii to eat!! =) Get your Bonus yet?!


raystyler said...

wow!!it's great to view ur blog ya yammie!!
haha..i can know more about foods around pj subang sunway!!

hehe..this blog u jz post about food??

kent said...

heyz heyz, i had this since last thursday but i juz go for normal that 1...juz havent post it neh...quite buzy nowadays...actually want to choose that choclate special that 1 geh....waffle~~~

monsieur ck
[New Year, New Life, New Journey for Food!]
[go and visit my food journey blog]

Jessie Lau said...

Pitty me .. Kena TIPU by this GIRL again ...

ai wei said...

oh, gal, u really know how to indulge urself >.<

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

don laugh at me but i haven try fondue before LOL everytime i wanted to have it i feel guilty LOL

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

hiedear.Still remember last year?
I came to your hse to eat steamboat! lolx lolx..
Your dad really funny la....

Rose said...

Oh! So nice! What a nice treat! How I missed Haagen Dazs ice cream.

Precious Pea said... cream fondue. Wanted to try this so badly but sad, Hubby doesn't take ice cream so impossible for me to have this alone. :(

Nic (KHKL) said...

me same like you...everything slow...very sianz right??...haizz...luckily got good food..hehe

Hazza said...

That ice cream was quite an indulgent treat - money and calories! But, why not, if its only once in a while! Cant think of eating that myself at the moment, but thats because its winter here.

~Christine~Leng said...

oo... would love to try this! precious pea ah.. aiwei and I can teman you wor~~~ want? ;P haha

ling239 said...

do they serve this with dark chocolate ?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah so expensive cham ar? nothing of the above ar..change job?

amb3r1te said...

the fondue looks yummy!

so kolien ar u... aww...

shoppingmum said...

Wah!!! Your food photos so nice!

ai wei said...

precious pea... not to worry, me n christine always available to teman you. haha ^^

Simon Seow said...

Now now, I'm trying to loose weight. Don't tempt me.

As, I've commented previously. I am categorized as NEW, so No Bonus, No Pay Raise, No Hamper, No Chinese Orange but got Annual Dinner in One World Hotel on 16th Feb and a packet of Ang Pow envelope. LOL.

Jason said...

Aww... what a bad company! Balik Ipoh? We might bump into each other! :)

Happy Chinese New Year! Drive safely.

celine said...

Wow, so nice ler...yummy yummy!

IronEaters said...

nice blog! n ahhh..haagen dazs. wat a indulgence =)

n Happy CNY!

lasilasi said...

really nice food blog gal! u just made me miss fondue =p

Alexander said...

Uh-Oh! It is ice-cream; irresistible. :P

Alex's World! -

yammylicious said...

Raystyler.. thx for dropping by ya! yeapz just about food!! lolx

Kent.. oh really? thats great waiting for your revied thn =) busy cny shopping?!

Jessie.. alah nex tim whn i big gal d i treat you back lo okies? haahx

Aiwei.. oh gal, i'm stress u know so i need founde!! hahax! =)

SlowCatchUpKuan.. aww why are you feel guity to the poor fondue?! silly you! HAVE THM!! yammm~

Jeromefo.. mean yuou're poking fun on mii huh?? hahax! yeap!! but still year still steambot! =)

Rose.. thx for dropping by ya! haha you can hv in on nex k?! =)

Precious Pea.. no worries i can go with you if you want too!! =) k? deal?!

Nic.. yea not onli sien is super duper sien! 2008 cny turn up lik shit! hate it!! DAMN IT~

hazza.. money and calories?! awww i nv think of rither one of it! cos i just enjoy the moment i pop thm into my mouth~

Christine.. aww yea yea i will go with both of you too!! nak ikut XD

Ling.. i don't think so, will check it out for ya on my real soon revisit ya!

Joe.. still fine le cos i'm not the one who paying! so its fine rite jessie?! WAKAKAK

amb3r1te.. now you know how kolian is mii! sob!!!

Shoppingmom.. thx for dropping by my blog =)

Simon.. u make mii darn jealous on you! better kept the ang pao nicely! if not i will gab it! =)

Jason.. yeap!! but not my kampung.. is my man kampung, sure! leave down your contact k?! =)

Celine.. hello!! you or baby craving for fondue?! =)

IronEaters.. aww stressful lifestyle... hv to~ hahax! thx for dropping by ya! XD

LAsiLasi.. aww really?! mmm~ thx for dropping by my blog! muaxxx

alexander.. yammmmmm~ wan some?

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