Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Famous Lai Fun @ Ipoh, Gopeng

Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick!! Sore Throat, Cough, Fever, Headached & PMS!!! All Visit mii one shoot, i can really gone case.. I still in love with my CNY why i fall sick this time?! *Sob* Most of my friend leaving to Aussie tonight gonna miss them badly.. so sad to say goodbye to them~ Take Good Care!! =) 12 more hours to Valentine day!! wohoOoooOoo~ Happies Valentine Day to eveyone!! Enjoy ya!!

Plum Shake*

Mix Jellys*

Famous Lai Fun @ Ipoh

Busy can?!

Grab Grab Grab*

The Chewy Lai fun, first time trying this noodle.. found that's difference from those laksa Lai Fun, tasted more chewy but yet i its doesn't suit my tasted bud.. Familiar with Malay Laksa noodles.. found its quite fishy.. but Mr.B Family love them alot!! =.='

The Lauk*
Ipoh used to hv plain noodle but hv another bowl of lauk to accompanies.. hmmm~

Good Stuff*

Sorry for the poor Photography, cos i just want to finish up my bowl of noodle and jump into the car ASAP, the weather is hot!! Sweating like no tomorrow.. wanted to get some hawker food while i found they're quite intresting, yet they're rushing to visit relatives.. no worries March i'm heading down to Ipoh again!! =)


bigfish_chin said...

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines day!
Time flies... is already the 7th day of CNY. Hope you have a Fruitful Year ahead in the Year of RAT!

ling239 said...

shd stop eating deep fried and oily food leh....
get well soon ~ ^_^

Timothy said...

Hey hey ... Gong Xi Fa Chai .... and hope you get well soon ! So you're Ipoh girl ?

raystyler said...

wahahahah...yammie yammie..
nice food always ya..
hehe...ehh..y nv link my blog??
sad neh...

remember to link ohh

yammylicious said...

BigFish.. HAppies Valentine day to u too!! =)

Ling.. thxQ gal!! yea you're right.. i should stop eating all that!! =(

Timothy.. Gong xi Gong Xi.. nope i'm not ipo gal! but my Mr.B is Ipo boi just follow for fun!! =)

Raystyler.. link you up d!! =) muaxx

ekeng said...

Hey..Give me 5..I also sick sick sick...i got my sick leave on yesterday..Eat medicine..drink more water..Get Well Soon :)

yammylicious said...

ekeng.. you too ekeng.. get well soon my boy!! =) happies valentine day!! xoxo

raystyler said...

huh??got link u ar...haha..u cant see it??

yammylicious mar...!!

Jason said...

Hope you're better now, the weather in Ipoh was freaking hot!
The lai fun... malu to say, I haven't tried thm out yet. :P

yammylicious said...

raystyler.. got ke?! x nampak la weh! hahax!

jason.. thxQ i hving flu now! sob! aww i tot you're ipo boy?!