Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese New Year Dinner @ Ipoh, Gopeng

3RD day of Chinese New Year went Back Mr.B hometown Ipoh, omg the sun is damn HOT!! almost get burnt inside the car, and every where is jam!! On the way heading down to Ipoh wanted to stop by Bidor for Lunch but is darn JAMMING!! End up we delivery McD while we reach Mr.B Grandpa house... At night we met up all his uncle aunt & relatives, every where is fully book during new year so they randomly pick up a restaurant at Gopeng around 30min drive to be reach..

Restaurant Kamta*

Yee Sang*

My First Yee Sang for this Chinese new year =)

Steamed Shrimps with egg white*

Fresh shrimp, love to suck all the gravy before peeling the oranges shell off.. slurp~

Steamed Beancurd with fish mincer*
i heart this!!! Soft smooth bencurd with the springy fish mincer~ with the nice aroma oyster gravy!! slurp just love it!!

Steamed Fish Head with Garlic Oyster sauce*
I found its quite fishy, doesn't tasted fresh too mii..

Wong zao Sang yu Tong* (Chinese Alcohol fish soup)
Tasted good, but i can only drink 1 bowl of it too shy to refill in front of everyone


The King of Four*
Bill End up with RM168.50. Much more Ipoh Review coming up on next =) Ipoh & KL having the same sun why i felt Ipoh sun is so much biggest then KL one? Darn hot i sweat non stop even i'm wearing a short and singlet!! Sore throat badly!! And i lose quite amount of money on black jack!!! arGggGgg..


ling239 said...

the prawns are huge !!!
must be very delicious....

Happy CNY ~ ^_^

Big Boys Oven said...

Gong Xi Fat Cai! lots of win win win! yeah!

~Christine~Leng said...

that's what i love about CNY. the food!
don't worry gal... still have 2 weeks left to win all your money back!! haha.

Jacelyn Chew said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai !! Yeah, do take care of yourself and drink more water. The weather is truly bad these days.

mouse said...

Happy Year of the Mouse/Rat! And I have to say the price is reasonable for the amount of food, and everything looks great. Especially the Yee Sang - did you have fun tossing it? :)

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

holy shit...so many niCe foods!!!!
got go visit my hse?

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

Jackson said...

I wan the steamed fish head!! Lose in black-jack?? Hahaha... i didn't coz i dun gamble..

Nic (KHKL) said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, yammylicious! lose in blackjack? try putting a few mandarin oranges next to you while gambling...it worked for me :) hehehe...

yammylicious said...

Ling.. gong xi gong xi..aww its fresh!! and delicious! slurp!

Bingboyoven.. gong xi gong xi.. arggg I LOST!!! ='(

Christine.. muaxx gal!! 2more week for mii to hv extra pocket money!! hell~ losing lik no tomolo! ='(

Jacelyn Chew.. hving sore throat and fever now! sob!! i hate that!! ='(

mouse.. thx for dropping by ya!! happies cny!! yea i love tossing thm but yet i shy to eat alot infront of stranger! aisk!

jeromefo.. no time to visit your house yet i going back to ip and i'm sick now!! ='( sad case ever!!!

jackson.. aww yea i hate black jack!! hate them!!!!

nic.. aww really? i going to hv a lory chinese orange beside mii then! hahax thxQ

Jason said...

Yeah, we love to eat during CNY! I quite like the soup but I think drink too much will be very heaty.

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