Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phun Zhan @ Bidor

I knew everyone is bored of my ipoh reviewed.. so sorry for that promise one more post to end my ipoh food reviewed!! stay tune!! so much more to bring up on next.. Thx for all the concern comment, I'm getting better now.. this month I'm going to be the very last month busy bee and i will move on to the relaxing pages... =) get back to my post, 6th day of CNY also a day for all of us to get back to KL... Aloha KL~ so early in the morning we got out ass up for breakfast... near by Gopeng.. for the famous Laksa & Curry mee... Unfortunately early bird deserve better, HABIS!!!... left lou shu fun~ no choices..

Toast Bread*
The Crispy texture toast bread go with the perfect partner kaya & butter!! Yammm~

Side Dish*

Tasted like Indians snack, tasted cold and weird.. not for my liking
Side dish..

be honest those fish cake is wonderful!! smooth and springy!! heart it alot!
Lou Shu fun with black sauce, not too salty the tasted is just right..

We left with the full belly, around half and hour drive the greedy mii asked Mr.B to stop by Bidor for lunch!! i knew all of them is lazy to get down from the car but!! i miss Phun Zhan alot!! remember last time mom used to drop by here for biscuits and snack!! =) here we go~

Famous Wantan Mee* (chicken & Mushroom)
Both of us share a plate of Char Siu Wantan mee, the noodle absolutely chewy and not soggy at all!! and the char siu taste good yet i found the colouring is abit too over =)
Extra Wanta..
For mii to Phun Zhan a must to buy is Siu Pau and Wu Kok!! i'm so in love with the Siu pao!! since i was young *ahhem*
Siu Pao Sold out so disappointed about that! look at those cutie wu kok look so cute, make fresh everyday!! come earlier~
Heat Baby Heat!!

I'm not Wu kok Lover... So i can't comment about it! =)
Recently i'm real busy for the cinema, Mr.B so crave for movie watch most of the movie yet we're waiting for step up2, red line and so on... and my friend told mii he watched Red Line DVD 2 month back, omg~ why nowadays Pasar Malam DVD so in? HAHA!


ling239 said...

the toast looks so fluffy ~ ^_^

celine said...

Hi yammylicious, celine here, just move my blog to new site. Take note ya...

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Ipoh Mali! Ipoh Mali!

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

mimi said...

Everytime travel to North must stop by to have their famous duck mee :)

Sue Me said...

omg..ur from ipoh too?me too..gosh..i miss those wu kok from dad used to bring me there when i was young..gosh..i miss ipoh!!

Imbi & Itchy said...

Those portion of chicken slices and mushroom on top of the wantan mee is so hugeeeee. Wish KL would be like that.

ekeng said...

heard this place many times..but never been there..i just been to Ipoh once few years ago :)

kent said...

when i go Ipoh with my relatives...sure we will go this shop...omg...their wu kok really nice...and their wanton noodles delixious as well....

well...want to try out their wanton noodles with Duck drumstick as well!!! saw alot of people keep ordering this

monsieur ck
New Year New Life New Journey for Food

alexander said...

Yummy... great captures! These pictures make me feel hungry.

Alex's World! -

yammylicious said...

ling.. yea! the soft and tender hainan bread is the best to toast it! slurp!

celine.. hello how u doing? yea i will update it ya! =)

jeromefo.. london mali!! london london mali!! =)

mimi.. yes most of the table having duck mee too.. too bad sold out! =(

sue.. woah!! there's a childhood place huh?! hahax! not mii, my boi is ipo zai! lolx

imbi & itchy.. well i guess KL got a stall hv the fantastic wantan mee served this portion too..

ekeng.. ulu ekeng, hahax jk ya! i darn seldom go ipo too.. now big gal d.. wan shopping center not kampung d!

kent..SOLD OUT!! sob sob! will try it out nex time okies?! i still in love with their siu pao actually!

alaxender.. aww really? thats nice jom wu kok! =)

~Christine~Leng said...

I love yams!! that's why.. I love wu kok ;P

ai wei said...

I love the Wu Kok. especially those from this place. served great when i's piping HOT!!!

Jason said...

Sad to say, I never been to Bidor~~ parents never bring us there before :(

wmw said...

I also love the Woo Kok here, very tasty!

Anonymous said...

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