Thursday, February 28, 2008

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant @ Sri Hatamas

Gosh.. a bad news for myself of changing all my plan for next month, pretty upset about that hopefully what i do is worth it and pray hard for my right decision. Scroll through my phone most of my friend been leaving to oversea for further study, i miss all of you dude!! Now is my turn for my dearest friend Yauw!! We knew each other through Gunbound, and we get into the same college.. now.. he leaving to Aussie.. Farewell dinner for him at Edo Jo *sob sob*

Edo Jo*

Lots of sake*

So Japanese rite?

Tempura Moriawase* Rm22.00
the menu full of Japanese word, no idea what to order cause only yauw know Japanese so he suggest to order tempura for share.. aww i love the big portion tempura, with squid, pumpkin, prawn, eggplant, sweet potato, cod fish...etc!! so far this the satisfy tempura i had.. the price is reasonable for the serving! =)

Saba Shioyaki* Rm26.00
Dearest Yauw go for this, with additional Rm6.00 you can upgrade to set, came wif salad, rice, miso soup & Fruits !! What a worth~ =) they Choosy yauw never complain anything about this..

Grilled perfection salmon!! not fishy at all.. pretty good!

Pork Mayonnise Set* Rm22.00
My set my set!! Omg the i heart the tender slide pork so juicy!! i heart my plate of gravy pork mayo!! slurp!
Wafu Oroshi Steak Set* Rm35.00
Mua Mr.B set, eww i tried the beef is real great i guess is medium cooked, insider layer look so pinky!! Slurp!! Mr.b finish up whole set of this!!

Green Tea Ice Cream with red bean* Rm10.00
Without red bean Rm8.00, found this scope of nothing special ice cream is pricey, and wif a small spoon of red bean paste cost Rm2.00.. not worth it. Hope they do something about it!

The Dearest babe (look at his eye!! haha), anyone know him?! This Meow Meow dad Own Mont Kiara Soho shopping center and Jogoya.. hell him i should get the Vip card for from him!! i miss you boy!! be back asap!! i knew Aussie Gal 'Air Bag' is better than Malaysia Gal.. But Drive safe with your 'ABS' ya! XD
3 of us for the last dinner!! ='( muaxx babe boi!!!
Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant
9, Jln 22A/70A
Desa Sri Hatamas,
50480 Kl
Tel: 03-6201 8212


ling239 said...

the beef looks good and sounds so delicious.... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ooh... I love the rows upon rows of sake bottles! So very the cool. :D

wenching & esiong said...

Passed by this restaurant quite a few times. Perhaps we'll try it out next time!

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

omG! So nice all the foods
Didn't notice this shop before
when i was in Malaysia.

Je t'amine Paris, Londres.
Vais et visitez moi blog

ekeng said...

Ehh..u play Gunbound's a cute online game..Wow..the steak set look beary good wor..i want i want..hehe :)

yammylicious said...

ling.. aww not onli sound delicious.. but its really delicious too! slurp~

kennymah.. aww same here!! a must to buy if u're in japan!! a sign of luck rite?

wenching & esiong.. you should! summo you know japanese is better to read through the menu!! =)

jeromefo.. really? maybe you nv go round around those small road! lol

ekeng.. u wan? jom we makan sama sama nex time! hahax

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

my all time fav jap place..esp after gym haha..yeap i think pretty spot on with their good dishes..tempura and their pork mayo..

Shirley Khor said...

Erm~That saba looks fat & juice :P"

Im a saba lover. Hehe~

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

Good to see ya visiting around
KL's Foods place.
Will be my turn when i come back...^^

~Christine~Leng said...

this place looks great!
so tempted to try it out :)
whoa.. he's one lucky fellow ;P so will he take over jogoya then? lolz!

Simon Seow said...

Don't worry, there's always us makan gang here to eat with you.

Jason said...

Such a grand spread of Japanese meal. Too bad I rarely step into Hartamas area.