Tuesday, December 18, 2007

J.Co Donuts & Coffee @ Sunway Pyramid

*Cheng Cheng* Now Pyramid 2 got J.co donuts too!! pretty excited about it.. 3weeks ago J.co business their 2nd branch of J.co donuts in Pyramid!! so happies!! so shame of myself until today only i get to tasted the silly donut.. *sob* BECAUSE I REALLY LAZY TO QUEUE UP!! is appraoximate 6.30pm.. spot that J.co with the short queue, so snake myself into the queue too when reach mii only notice that most of their donut SOLD OUT!! left less then 10 choices.. so sapu all the flavour in J.co.. XD finally!!
J.co Donuts & Coffee*

Just my day!! Not a long queue..

Everyhting for Jco, do you notice that the sofa with the tag of 'Jco Life style'? =)

1 Dozen of J.co Rm19.05 (gov tax 0.95) = Rm20.00

Jco signature donut, heard that recipe from roma, almond from califonia and the white chocolate from belgium!! i heart Alcapone, tasted 3 country in once.. =)

Basically i can't recall the name of this poor donut!! but i love it very much!! with the chocolicious dressing inside fill with the mocha cream.. uh love it!

Sadly JCrown Oreo sold out! so just bought this.. still tasted good! love the oreo =)

Tasted J.co yet?! Try it out!! yet you'll get addict.. Now J.co having a small Promotion which free 1 Glazzy Donuts.. =) For my Parents J.co a little too sweet for them, its fine for mii love the soft and tender donuts! muaxx! J.co launch their yoghurt too, cremel, strawberry & Blue berries!!


Nic (KHKL) said...

sunway got branch oredi? good! that means less queue in pavilion! time to get some donuts (nvr tried b4 leh)...hehe!

ai wei said...

i have yet to try this!!! they have yogurt flavour, blueberries too! my fave... always long queue n i m tooo lazy for it

ekeng said...

finally J.Co Donuts open in Sunway..i'm going there this weekend :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sien lar..the queue like that..i cant tahan the queue..once is seriously enough..

yammylicious said...

nic.. er.. i don;t think the queue will be shorter, mayb less 2 or 3 pj face .. hahax

Aiwei.. yea is real long queue! i'm lazy for tat too.. but they got a baverage counter.. not much ppl..

ekeng..thx for dropping by.. yeap! but u must be ready to queue! XD better hold some snack on hand..

joe.. yea! really sien for tat!! big apple not bad also wad!! summore short queue.. too bad pavilion's big apple 'zap lap jor' sob sob!

daphne said...

all those donuts!!!! wait till u try krispy creme! hehehehe

a feast, everyday said...

Didn't know j.co has a outlet in Sunway! Was in pavillon last weekend and the queue at j.co was a mile long. Didn't even get near enough to smell d doughnuts:(

~Christine~Leng said...

I'm definitely dropping by this week :) but the lines... is it as terrible as Pavillion's u think? Oh my.. i dislike waiting.. haha

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