Friday, December 28, 2007

Banana Leaf @ Medan Selera, Petaling Jaya

Friday!! YahoOoo~ 3more days to go for 2008!! Poor mii today forgot to bring camera cable to office, so have to post what i have in food folder, Remember that i craving for banana leaf a alot a week ago, Mr.B busy to bring mii for the famous kanan banana leaf, most my my friend doesn't take spicy food so... finally i'm here for my banana leaf, sadly not kanan but anything, as long as to quence my craving!! *Slurp* Cousin bring mii to Medan Selera which just beside old town pasar also know as mamak 49.. love the famous gula melaca ice kacang here, recently masak-masak drop by here for Salted Fish Fried Beehoon too..

Gerai Makanan Usha*

3 daily picklet* (Keropok as well)

Bath the rice with curry.. Slurp!

Sambal Sotong*
Came in a small plate which enough for two, chewy springy sotong!! yamm~

Dried Curry Chicken*
Served hot! that's tasty quite spicy but i just love it!! the aroma of the curry spice smell good! and pretty delicious! Slurp*

Vegetarian Beancurd*
I found this quite disgusting, cold, sour, spicy and watery!! argg i jus tasted small bite from it!!

Sambal fried Beancurd*
Fish Head Curry *
Total of Banana leaf cost us Rm20.10, still cheap for 2 pax!! in mamak 49 there still alot of nice and cheap food, few of the famous stall is a must to try, gula malaca ice kacang Rm1.80, chicken rice Rm2.80, Loy kee.. etc!!
Gerai Makanan Usha

Lot. 27
34, Taman Selera
Jalan Othman
Petaling Jaya


Jackson said...

i love to eat that way too! Especially if i can skip the fork and spoon and use my hand..hehe

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

if included the fish head curry rm20.10 for 2 pax is reasonable :D coz normally they will charge high for the fish head curry 1, seem the boss hold one's hand (手下留情)

wenching & esiong said...

Not familiar with this area. Perhaps we'll check it out next time!

Cynthia said...

I'm with Jackson, I want to eat with my hand. You have made me so hungry especially with that fish head curry and okras!!! My favourite.

Thanks for your new year's wishes and the same to you!

Aleckii said...

Great blog! AHHHH!!! Food is my favourite thing in the world! And you're showing me all these great food when I'm stuck here in RUssia for about... half a year more! So unfair!!!!

Aleckii said...

Great blog by the way, and have a happy new year!

yammylicious said...

jackson.. true!! sometime mom doesn't cook i just get some sambal, boil an egg and eat wif hand.. slurp!

alvin..hahax, just a mamak stall banana leaf! still reasonable.. kanan around 20 per pax.. aww~

wenching & esiong.. if u found old town pasar and for sure u will found tis mamak too.. jus rite beside..

cynthia.. really? hahax come let's eat tgt.. happies new year too.. wish u hv a brilliantly year ya! muaxx

aleckii.. thx for dropping by, oh yea my sis bf stuck in russia for 3 year too.. any food u craving for? mayb i can look for u! *wink*