Wednesday, December 5, 2007

William II @ Tmn Mayang

Capital W for William the rock mamak stall!! Once again we conquer William XD Mr.B, mii bought Ling & Johnny for the very first try since both of they doesn't believe how great can William be,they tot we just con them for some roti canai mamak stall!! End up they kept woah-ing till we finish up all the food, so basically you can imagine how good William served =)

Ribena Special* (Large) Rm5.00
Look at the amount of lychee!! but the Ribena doesn't tasted as 'kao' as the previous visit =(
Meat Platter* Rm15.00 (Beef or Chicken)
We go for the beef meat platter, which came with German ham, black paper sausage, mincer beef, 'Chinese sausage slices', mint paste to accompany the mincer lamb & the gorgeous mashed potato in the middle, they served gorgeous portion, every single item which served on meat platter tasted great specially lamb mincer!! i tasted nothing about mutton smell great job!! the mint paste is pretty refreshing =)
Seafood Chowder* Rm22.00

Expensive?! is totally worth every penny you paying out, the portion is real enough for 4pax, a lot of seafood! found 6 to 7 Big Bamboo lalas, around 10 to 15 prawns, 4 meaty mussel & vege trust mii you will really satisfy with the price you paying out!! the soup tasted so creamy, can you found any better seafood chowder then William?

Garlic Bread*
Very Hard!! Very crunchy!! Very garliclicious!! Very.. nice to go with seafood chowder!! Dip it , Bite it!

Seafood Risotto* Rm30.00
Yeah!! this's the top vote of the night!! Highly recommended to try this out!! Fresh Seafood!! 2 Big Shrimp, lots of prawn, 2 calamari( full of calamari egg), fish, 8 Big Bamboo Lalas, 6 mussel, mashed potato in the middle to replace risotto (risotto dah habis) put your trust on mii the seafood are real fresh!! not fishy at all, thumbz up for the sauces!! you can tasted the sea..
The Bill came up with Rm77.00, okies that's pricey to having a supper in mamak stall but we sound nothing about it!! cause is real worth it!! pretty admire William did good job in his business, even that's just an road side mamak which just right beside the smelly drain with lot of disgusting 'pet'. Prove that don't mean only high class restaurant serve better, sometime mamak stall can serve better then any restaurant. Hungry yet?! Hunting best place for supper?! Drop by William to discover more =)
Top Vote Order
Seafood Risotto
Risotto Rosti
Butterfly Butter Prawn
Seafood Chowder
Pre-mussel Chicken Spaghetti
Meat Platter


Honey Star said...

Oh my goodness!! they have Risotto in mamak? :D I really got to check this place out.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The seafood risotto gets my vote too. Love it!

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah! 2 William reviews in a month...will there be a 3rd one? haha...the chowder and risotto look huge! will try out this place when i'm at this area...

yammylicious said...

honey star.. thx for droppin by ya! yeap!! but better be thr earlier risotto selling fast!

lyrical lemongrass.. yea!! my favourite too.. is worth it!

nic... hahax! might be veri soon!! try it out ya!

~Christine~Leng said...

omg.. seafood at williams? I'm so heading there soon. will defintely check out your recommendation gal!
have been raving about going there, but didn't at last.

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

beef meat platter looks nice la hahaha... i went there once before!! should revisit again~

ling239 said...

the Seafood Chowder... such big portion looks like a meal on its own ~ ^_^

yammylicious said...

christine.. fresh seafood!! risotto is a must to order ne! around 8~10pm i guess going to take long time for ur food to reach..

alvin.. really?! what you think about william?! everything sound special over thr rite? =)

ling.. yeap yeap!! totally agree with ur word gal! muaxx

jeromefo said...

I miss William's Foods
Can't wait to come back and
eat kau kau! ^^