Friday, December 7, 2007

Spice of India @ KLCC

Friday!! day of the week that i heart a lot!! Busy Busy Busy!! Leaving office around 1.30pm and heading to The Curve for Miss Triump before 3pm and done my event around 11.30pm!! with the poor weather i really don't feel lik going any where other then dead sleep at home =( no choices have to. wish today i might have a lot of fun let's cheers for my Friday and ur lovely friday too!! Mr.B lunch break at 3pm while waiting Ling to reach KLCC we went lunch around, Mr.B spot Spice of India without thinking much he just told mii ' try here ya? ' =) so here's the place..

Spice of India*

Comfortable lighting*
India snack*
Chili sauce & Mint sauce, not bad but i heart the orangez chili sauce, a bit sour and not really sour..

Milk Shake* Rm9.00
nothing special, tastes like HL milk shake =)

Plain Biryani Rice* Rm13.00
Came with real small potion which enough for 1pax, the biryani Rice so colourful heart the colour combination lots, Basmati rice cooked with safforn & aroma spice.

Lamb Gohst* Rm26.00
Mr.B craving for mutton so the manager recomamded us to try Lamb Gohst, once again the portion is only enough for one pax!! =( which cost us Rm26.00, the heavy mutton smell turn mii down, i tot they can cook better since their playing well with the spice, end up i just ate the plain biryani rice. Bad ='(

That's the portion after devide by two, so sad!! i miss banana left Rm13 for the plain rice Rm26 for the mutton i guess i can eat a lot of day banana leaf already =(

Home Made Mango Kulfi (Indian Ice-cream)* Rm10
Pretty happies to reading dessert item in the menu, so we go for Mango Kulfi, maybe i'm quite ulu a bit shock while i saw this, wondering what is this and so i force Mr.B to eat first, and he telling mii oh very delicious try one too.. yet he's drinking my warm water, *dah sences pun* i did force myself to tried a little bit of it, aww thats really TAK SEDAP, no mango taste but tasted like freezing green bean cubes, so we leave Mango Kulfi after one and a half cubes =)
Buie buie, i might not visit here anymore. Not a worth lunch we have here, pretty disappointed they way they playing with the spice, or maybe they're too traditional serving and i'm not used to it?


742 said...

Mamak is always the best. Spice of India is your choice when you are in Melbourne - cuz there's no mamak.

Jason said...

Freeze green bean cubes... yiii~~

yammylicious said...

742.. really? well u're coming back d.. so mamak rox k?! ^^

jason.. yea not nice at all!!