Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Lawn @ KLCC

Mr.B found out that's a new cafe in KLCC since a month ago, until i discover that The Lawn actually link by Marmalade and so i'm pretty curious to give it a try, since we just eaten our lovely dinner just hanging here for some sweet treat =) Heart their lovely decoration, specially the flower shape woden table and the glass papper simple but lovely.

The Lawn By Marmalade*
Brownise* Rm7.90

walk close to the yammylicious dessert bar, they left 2 oreo cupcakes and 3 carrot cupcakes, so we deciced not to go for cupcakes but brownise, brownise served in the lovely flower shape plate yet the brownise disappointed both of us *speechless* found out that the brownise is quite hard & dry for us, don't really heart the combination of peanut & walnut brownise, we For sure I'll be heading here again to try out more =)

Wanted to try their smoked salmon, and the Pie menu look so attractive too a must to try all this out on my next visit, pretty happies that found something new in KLCC. Give mii Give mii Give mii more!!

The Lawn
K23B, Level 2 Ramlee Mall
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur


Jason said...

It's hard to notice whether the brownies is dry or not isn't it? Oh well, maybe they have some other better item on the menu :)

~Christine~Leng said...

oh you went to the lawn too? Thought of going there.. but due to some unfavoured reviews.. guess this have to wait ;P
wouldn't dare to try their cupcakes again as they tasted too sweet (at Marmalade)
perhaps I could go for their mains! ^^

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

remember to post the smoked salmon after u revisit! :D

want to know their smoked salmon nice or not~

wenching & esiong said...

I would this place would be good coz Marmalade was quite good. Still, I feel like trying this place out!

Nic (KHKL) said...

hmm...seems like no good comment yet on the lawn leh...will wait and see first before trying out this place...

yammylicious said...

jason..totally agree with ur word.. going to try their main soon soon soon =)

christine.. mei yen not really satisfy with their main too.. sigh! wad a bad impression.. hancur la marmalade.. XD

alvin.. yea! i'm happies to do tat wish the smoked salmon will not turn mii down.. =)

wenching & esiong.. yeap! marmalade is quite good but not the lawn, hope might be better on my nex visit.. aww XD

nic.. hahax pandai pandai while order..

Jason said...

But after reading Mei Yen's review... the mains doesn't seem appealing to me anymore :S

JeromeFo said...

oh./ dear...your pics
are ' killing ' me!!!!!!!!!!!

ai wei said...

hmmm... new cafe in klcc? i think i m real out dated!

yammylicious said...

jason.. yea.. i read tat too.. they spoil marmalade reputation..sad =(

jeromefo.. hahax! be back to msia for xmas i will treat everything u wan! jus in order =)

aiwei.. new cafe.. thr nv another spaceless restaurant beside 1901 which jus open..~