Monday, December 31, 2007

Bangi Kopitiam @ Wangsa Maju, Desa

Old Town Kopitiam, New Tasted Kopitiam, Old Tasted Kopitiam.. Kopitiam.. and Now Bangi Kopitiam, Christmas night we doesn't went for fancy dinner because most of Mr.B family out for xmas dinner already *Sad* so Mr.B dad, Mr.B and mii just went Bangi Kopitiam for a try.. which own by a malay owner.. Should i be happies on malay own have the same concept kopitiam as chinese do?! Be frank i'm not really happies with it... yea i knew the word of muhibar.. just an example like beef bak kut teh .. sound weird right?! anyway this kopitiam its not bad =)

Bangi Kopitiam*

Old Old Old*

Tropical Ice Jelly Ball* Rm 4.50
Cute chubby colourful jelly ball, with pineapple chunk, tasted good! heart it!

Cendol Biasa* Rm2.50

Pretty regret on ordered it!! i prefer they do it in the traditional way.. Gula Melaca. They replace Gula Melaca with KAYA! omg!! i really can't take it! i found that's quite disgusting! just leave it after a tasted.. *BAD BAD BAD*

Keropok Lekor* Rm2.50

Thick Toast Curry Chicken* Rm4.00
Yammy! the curry its a bit too oily, the curry chicken tasted real good!
Nasi Lemak Sotong* Rm 5.50 go for nasi lemak sotong, he diam diam sapu whole plate without complain i guess its nice.. wanted to try some but malu nak tanyaaaaaa....~

Laksa Johor* Rm6.00

Mr.B go for Laksa! So lemak-licous and too spicy for Mr.B, so i act kind to help him sapu half bowl of it 'lor'... hahax! not bad cukup pedas, cukup lemak!

Nasi Putih Ayam Merah* Rm5.00
Finally my turn, Hungry... Kesian when i look at my poor chicken, ketul kecccik ayam only! sad mii sapu only, flavorful chicken.. REALLY SPICY!!! delicious~
My Skinny Santa of year 2007 !! jeng jeng!! (Don't look at the ne ne pok)


The meaningful Present i received from him, touching!! Its not about the price & the brand.. but just the sincer of you to getting this present to mii is real meaningful, our very first christmas.. hope for more! muaxx!! 3 little word just for u <3


Little Orangezz said...

wow..keropok lekor wei..yummy..
btw..what happen to Mr.B hair? haha...a bit familiar d way I c...
happy 2008 anyway!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

replace gula melaka with kaya?? hehehe. interesting!

Happy 2008!!

yammylicious said...

little orangez.. he did double twice perm.. he chg his hairstyle always.. hahax. oh i prefer roadside lekor more..happies new year to u too!

lemongrass.. but not nice at all!! don try! eeee~ =)

Nic (KHKL) said...

apa dia??? cendol dgn kaya?? kelakar lar..haha! niways, happy new year to you!

~Christine~Leng said...

with kaya? weird..
Laksa Johor is something I wanna try :) Looks good, thick broth?

So many prezzies! So nice lar~~ your Mr.B :)

yammylicious said...

nic.. happies new year to u too! tu larr.. cendol dgn kaya! ish mmgtak sedap pun! kaya dah la kasar! hahax

christine.. yea the soup base is nice! lemak-licious! happies new year to u gal!! haha thxQ ..

Aleckii said...

Ahhhh!!! Look at those food, feel like I want to leap into the computer to have a taste, all so delicious!!!

You're killing me!

Anyway, happy new year!

Kenny said...

Hmm.. cendol with kaya.. sound so weird..

yammylicious said...

aleckii.. happies nea year to u too! hahax really?! i will post more malaysian food which russia don hv! =)

kenny.. yea that not onli sound weird but tasted weird too X|

New Kid on the Blog said...

hi hi ... happy new year... the nasi lemak looks yummy... i like the ice jelly ....

celine said...

Wah, so many presents...the nasi lemak and the laksa Johor looks delicious...

celine said...

Oh ya, by the way, pls drop by my blog to claim your award.

yammylicious said...

new kid on the blog.. yea! thats real delicious.. spicy! slurp!

celine.. gal, thxQ for the award ya! muaxx!!

Happy New Year!! 2008*

ekeng said...

Tropical Ice Jelly Ball are so special..the colourful thing look like Fish Food..hahaha :)

yammylicious said...

ekeng.. opss u remind mii of tat! hmm true also huh?! so i'm the greedy fish~ blek!

Jason said...

Replace gula melaka with kaya!?
Err.. how to drink that?

yammylicious said...

jason.. good question.. that y i don even touch it after a tasted!

Big Boys Oven said...

what dish have been replaced with kays instead of gula melaka? Cendol! This sounds real muhibbah! lol!

Honey Star said...

Gosh..very nice presents! :) I love Anna Sui's packaging. So sexy and classic looking at the same time! Your guy got great taste :D

yammylicious said...

big boy oven.. ish! i doesn't in love wif it! REJECT!! =)

honey star.. aww. yes! i love it alot too.. oh him.. poor him said tat anna sui = sui...(bad luck) ish!

FiRdAuS said...

erm just want to correct your information, Bangi Kopitiam was not own by Malay owner, but Chinese. His name is Mr. Ooi, i work with him before as Graphic Designer. Bangi Kopitiam is build by 5 close friends of Mr. Ooi (my boss), 4 of them are chinese and 1 Malay known as Kid from Search group band, Malaysia famous Malay group band. Thank You =_=