Monday, December 3, 2007

Nippon Tei @ KLCC

Tired!! Accompany Mr.B for one of the event which organised in Conversion center, and so the event end around 5.30pm!! and i waited him for 5.30 hours!! well it's okies i enjoy myself there, both of us are real tired and hungry!! Walking half way Mr.B said that he craving for Japanese food, 1 step before entering Genki Sushi he change his mind to Nippon Tei .. no doubt i'm hungry serve everything to mii!!! XD pretty upset about Nippon Tei service we stand outside like no one saw us, and why all of the stuff look 'muka masam' ??! Okies Anything doesn't give a damn on it, FOOD!!! *Hungry*
Nippon Tei*

Green Tea* FOC

Chicken Katsu* Rm22.00
Chicken hot pot, came with a bowl of rice, bean & soba soup

chicken with crispy dressing soak into the flavorful soup wif an raw egg, tasted real great!! the soup tasted sweet just right to go with the crispy chicken *thumz up* the hot pot will kept boiling until you finish up =)

Rice, Soba & Bean*

Tenzaru Soba* Rm22.00
Craving for Tempura & Soba!! that's the right choices Tenzaru Soba!!

The golden dressing Tempura, eggplant, prawn, potato.. still hot while they served in front of mii, crispy!! =)

My cold soba noodles !! gorgeous portion for mii, hot weather better go for something cooling & refreshing, totally worth the price we paying for just not really satisfy with their services =( we paying 10% service charges on it eh!!

For no regret both of us will re-visit Nippon Tei again, wish that the service might be better, bad service might chase away lots of customer althought you serve fantastic food =) Good Food, Good Service, Good Feedback. Say Cheese~


Nic (KHKL) said...

haha...i agree on the service...that's y i turned my back on this place last time...but the food looks nice leh... :>

Jackson said...

HAHHAA...I remembered i tried their food in Time Square 3 years back... and it was just so so

yammylicious said...

nic.. yea! bad service!! *disappointed*

jackson.. aww really? for mii the food is nice.. =)

Christy said... you are in the Jap food mood:p I was having that whole of last month:D

ling239 said...

hmm... haven't been to this restaurant for many years d, glad that the food still tastes good ~ ^_^

team bsg said...

great , another patient japanese food lover ! Nex time we join you ok !

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

last month almost every weekend i also had Japanese food,

time to change something different hehe...

wenching & esiong said...

We've been to this restaurant once. But we didn't really enjoy our visit there. Definitely agree with you that their service is poor. And we didn't really like their food, especially their raw fish.

yammylicious said...

christy.. yea, goin to hv lots of jap food tis mth ^^

ling239.. agree with the food but not the service!! poor service sigh~

team bsg.. yea! jap food lover!! okies waiting the day to come ya! =)

alvin.. every weekend?! hmm something diff.. mongolia food?! or arabian food?!

wenching & esiong.. *giv mii 5* totally uncomfortable with their service.. like we nv pay for the service chrg!! ='(

~Christine~Leng said...

jap food. jap food!
I love it! but... haven't try nippon tei's yet. sob...

ai wei said...

jap food are great!
hmmm... i heard bad review on nippon tei in klcc.

yammylicious said...

christine.. try it out.. but get ready for the bad services ya! lolx

aiwei.. yea!! pretty bad!! so sad!! sigh!

yunizE said...

yalo wehh...the service rely super bad loh...but the food not bad la!! nxt time u mz try their salmon belly!! yummy~~~!