Thursday, September 6, 2007


Today Might be the last day I blogging in office..
from next week onward I'll facing the bloody CCTV for 8hours everyday!
seriously i don't like it, its just like i'm staying in jail..
well is a way to protact company will. so i can't complain much or
i can't event have a chance to say anything.
no more lunch... =( sigh~
i love here alot because i got mcD which just 2min walk from my office.. hehex
Gosh.. i push all my work away and steal half and hour for blogging here..
after that i have to get my ass back to work again!! =( so sad..

So down.. just look through some random friend friendster..
they look so happy so enjoy.. i felt so lonely..
they took picture with an adorable smile with whole bunch of friend..
all the laughter.. i felt so sour of myself.. why i'm not in those picture anymore?
i regret of i gave up my college.. can't blame is my choice..
i got lot of friend who surrounding mii.. but my close friend is not more then ten..
ok its pity i know! most of my close friend already couple up..
so they got not much time for mii, and am busy with my work and study...

i want to take picture with whole bunch of friend!! i wan to sing K all together..
i want go dinner together.. i want watch movie together... i want... ...celebrate my birthday
with bunch of friend together =(

its ok... shouldn't request for too much.. without friend i still got my other half
i think now he's the one who can cheer mii always.. take funnies poser movie..
and dinner together.. thank you so much. always heart you...

Merdeka eve*
Bubu curl-ing my hair


Christy said... sad...don't worry too much!
Cheer up:)
You are a great gal who will achieve much more great things:)

Don't worry, you still have lots of virtual friends..hehe:)
Nice to meet you;)

claudia said...

you hv me honey!!!!!!!!i noe how u feel,i do wan big big bunch of frenz too.and i reali dun hv.but sumtimes lil doesnt mean u r lonely.esp when one is enuf which u love so much..take care dearie!

742 said...

Say people couple up no time for you... you also couple up ady, no time for people la =P

Btw, no matter how lonely, you still have him with you =) Take k.

Anonymous said...

dun think too much my dear..
its ok~even they still keep contact...
bubu very love u de,
trust him n trust urself~
add oil ya!!!!
love ur sexy new hair style...nice nice!!!
not mature at all~its sexy!!!!