Sunday, September 16, 2007

Asia Cafe @ SS15

Last Friday I asked bubu Came to fetch mii at office since i'm leaving offce at 4:10pm! uhhh.. its raining and is jam every where well i guess every muslim is waiting for buka puasa!!
so i have to wait him alone at sin Hock Sing for 2 HOURS!! *Pengsan*~ around 730pm we decided to go for dinner near by... we went parkson and carefore look for nice place for dinner.. too bad there's nothing that can make bubu stay for dinner.. so... bubu decided to go Asia Cafe for dinner... since there got more choices.. UHHH~

Miso Noodles* Rm6.50

Hmmm The miso soup its not thick enough
compare to what we prepared at home..
Shanghainese Fried Dumpling* Rm4.00 for 7
Oh!! I wouldn't wisit this stall anymore!!
Pretty oilly and salty!!
i guess one dumpling wif 2 spoon of oil!!
err... no way!!
Selamat Hari Berpuasa!! Enjoy the Puasa!!! For sure i don't need puasa because i'm a HUNGRY GHOST!!
Hahax!!! Coming up more post for Bubu friend's Wedding dinner!!! oh lalala~ i'm hungry now!!!

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