Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nan Xiang Man Tou Dian @ Curve

So tired!! I just came back from work 2hours ago.. last night i doesn't sleep well oh gosh~
have a quick updated and i'm going to naaaaaaaap.

Oh la la~ yesterday suppose to met up with few of my primary school buddy.. chee yew, vivian, ann loong.. too bad vivian was busy with her stuff till 10.30pm only free to yamcah. so ann loong and me decide go Curve for dinner since everyone is late..

Every where is Jammmm~ arGGgggg most of the restaurant are so crowed, apartment close at 9.30pm?! huh?! TGIF Full?! ookies fine.. Let's try liu long bao out!!

Nan Xiang Man Tou Dian

err.. i don't like it at all!!

vinegar & Ginger*
Look at the Ginger so rough
even ktz cut better then them
Ice Lemon Tea* Rm 2.50

Hua Kai Fu Gui* Rm10.00
Smell Like Jasmine Tea.
Not worth it at all
(wait 5min for till the flower to develop)

( Develop Slowly)

*Ding* Its Ready
Rm10.00 Just For that~

Shanghainese Style Fried noodle wif minced mean*
The noodle is hard enogh!
luckily i'm just age 19 but not 91!

Shanghainese Style Fried Noodles* Rm11.00
Oh nothing Speacial from we order
from chinese stall. just the price is diffrence

Fresh Pork Meat Steamed Bun* Rm7.00

The Skin is thick!! and is dry!!
the soup & pork taste like 'tong yun' smell
exactly taste the same! just its taste salty

Look Juicy and yammy?
Trust mii its not at all!

soup?! where? *lol* its Dry long bao!!

Onn Loong & mii
My Primary Buddy!! met up after 7years

Yamcah kena FFK again..
and i went paddington Pancakes tapao
for my beloved bubu

No:609 Rm18.90 (if i'm not forget)

=( with one and half hour travel the ice cream melt d

See this Baby boi!! look cute huh?!
i snap him inside the LRT..
because he just staring at mii wif his 'du-du' mouth
So cute!!

Tonight 9 of us will be action in Chilis!! well i hope will be fun!! Izzue's night hahax!! camwhore roxXx!! 5bubu coming over to my house..and i got 45min nap!! hv to get my ass up bath & make up!!and go pyramid tapao siu long bao for my 'wai sek' mommy~Enjoy your weekend everyone!!! XD

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Anonymous said...

The xiao long bao is dry because you left it open too long.