Monday, September 24, 2007

Teppanyaki @ Sg. Wang

Yesterday after the World War Three Gor Fetch mii to to meet up bubu there since he's there to buy some hair equipments.. Gor Craving for Bak Kut Teh A lot.. but most of his favourite place didn't open so.. after we met up bubu in sg wang we went Teppanyaki For Breakfast Lol consider dinner as well.. gor told us that this teppanyaki business since he was young.. i guess around 15years plus history back.. Not to forget is another outlet at KLCC food court too.. Cheap, Gorgeous Potion & Delicious what i can still complain about this restaurant?!


Fuji Snow* Rm3.50

So Gula Melaca-Licious..
With pineapple, mata kuching, some pink sagu & red bean
trust mii is a must to try this out for no regret*

Bizz~ Bizz~
Fried baby Fried the meat and dumpling ready to be serve soon!!!

Cuttle fish Teppanyaki* Rm9.90
Oh the fresh cuttle fish.. the cuttle fish like still alive..
Niku Soba* Rm6.90

Bubu didn't Say much about this.. just say so so for this..
but the price its pretty cheap compare to other teppanyaki or sushi king
Beef Teppanyaki* Rm10.90
Gorguors amout of bean sprout and juicy beef
After gor leaving we went 6Th Floor for shoes painting, actually we don't plan for any shoes painting but just hang around the shop.. they are too friendly.. Since i craving to get a pair of own shoes painting so we decided to have it!! and bubu too.. the same design!! XD rawx
The Cute & adorable Baby Milo.. muaxXx.. well i guess tomorrow we can get the shoes.. too bad both of us are busy to heading so next satuday i will get my beloved shoes!! And I notice that mii and bubu wearing the same saiz of shoes!! omg my GIANT FOOT!! *sob*

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