Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sushi Groove & Bakerzin @ 1U

Yesterday Bubu was damn down about his studies and family problem..
well after a few msgs, i guess 'someone' had cheer him up and so he felt so much better.. and i decided to treat him dinner, since he craving for cucumber sushi.. lolx the very first try for sushi groove at 1Uatama new wing.. Ground floor.

er.. its quite dark, the envoirment make mii felt quite uneasy. let's see what we ordered in sushi groove.. to be frank yesterday i really not in mood for all the food, because i'm crying during the dinner!! damn it!! sigh~

Miso Soup*
not bad, but miso soup got clamps?

Tempura + Chicken Terriyaki Box* Rm18.80
Tempura!! oh the dressing is 2 saiz bigger thn the shirmp!!
er.. i don't like it!! well the Chicken really tasted good with
the Japanese BBQ sauce..
Tempura + Beef terriyaki Box* Rm19.90
Tsunami Roll* Rm9.90
Its really tasted good and bubu highly recommended this Roll

Mayonise Dream Roll* Rm8.90
Oh i quite regret about it, the mayonise tasted abit spicy
and its tasted weird.. Mayb i'm not used to it

After a short walk i decided heading toward Bakerzin
For Dessert!! =P
Glass of Plain Water*

Raspberry panna cotta*

Sour! smooooth~ sinfully GOOD! uh lala!!
*Thumz up*

Choc , Caramel Ice Cream with Hazelnut*
aww~ i can't stop myself of eating...
Strawberry Chocolate fondue*

To all the Choc lover must Try this out for no regret!!
So Chocolate-licious~ aww

3 tapas* Rm15.00


OMG 2007 valantine limit edition!!
To anyone who want to sell pls contact mii!!
Beariess i'll bring u home!!
and promise i'll get 2008 vday limit edition!!

after crying in sushi groove bubu all of sudden
said something weird to mii with ...

Bubu: *Giggle-ing* 1~2mins time
Mii: *Giggle-ing* together
Bubu: well i got a reward for you want to know what?!
Mii: What?! Reward?!! WHAT?!
Bubu: *Giggle-ing*
Mii: Don't Like that!! tell mii!!
Bubu: OK! 5 choices you only can choose one of it!
Mii: okok faster tell la!!!!!
Bubu: 1. Anna Sui Perfume (I want, cos mine alrdy finnish)
2. Nike Dunk's Bag (I want)
3. Converse Plain shoes
4. Plain shoes wid professional painting
5. High heels
hmm thinking... well i wan Nike dunk bag but in
green and yellow colour!!
well too bad malaysia don't have yellow and green!
so suck!! so disappointed! and left 1 choices...
Anna Sui Perfume!! okies i want it!!
wakakaka!! so happieSss



Anonymous said...

yo, I really should seek you for food advices the next time i come back to malaysia eh? Those pictures are tempting.. Nice blog. Keep it up!

-alex zy

yammylicious said...

zouyan: hey thx for visit!! well u in aussie always finger lickin good too.. i should try your cooking out one day!

Anonymous said...

Please improve on your English before you post your blogs for the world to read. It is such an embarrassment to us, Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for Blue Dresses and was wondering if Anna Sui is the best designer for Blue Dresses?