Monday, September 10, 2007

Chili's @ 1 Utama


Last Saturday we had alot of fun at chili's!!
well well 9 people end up 6 of the foo's loyalty fans
who attend the farewell dinner..
Hz, Ch, Bh this 3 stupid ass are wanted now! lolx its okies!!
3 of you miss out lot of laughter and camwhore..

Pina Chilada* Rm8.85

Strong banana Favour, very creamy

its taste abit sour too.

Classic Combo Fajitas* Rm33.95

The Chicken and beef taste so juicy!! yammy~

but the cream its jus taste so so only. (more Meat pls)

Beef Becon Burger* Rm19.95

Yammy!! Bubu said its taste so juicy!!

and very big potion of it too ^^

Routhwestern Grilled Lamb* Rm29.95

er.. howy cut small bite for mii.. but..

i pass it to bubu becos of the 'goat smell' *lolx*

Country Fried Chicken* Rm23.95

uh lala my baby gal ordered this..

really taste lik KFC hahaz!

Grilled Salmon w/ Garlic & Herb* Rm33.95

*Lol* Chester got no comment on it..

so i guess its taste good!

Molte & Chocolate cake* Rm19.15

i Take away this while its serve pretty slow

Delicious!! So choc-licious!!

oh la la!!

Kenny Foo Chee Meng*

We Appriciated the night alot*

Claudia & Ah Fooooo*

Beloved Bubu & mii*

3 of my dearies after dinner*

More Coming Up Picture For the next post!!

*Gegek* For my treasure Sunday..

While i 'pujuk' my baby bubu awake to accompany mii for the sunshine sunday..

Bubu said : Massage for me.. and i will tell you a good news..

after the massage bubu said.. daddy bringing us to Kuala Selangor For seafood!

so go get ready!! i was like? wasai really?!!! SEAFOOD!! yahoo~ Gab few pack of mamee

and jump into the car.. Here we go after One and a half hour Journey!!

Seng Zao Mai with Dong fen*

Bubu Favourite!!

They fried it well till the dong fen absorb the sauce

*Chuk than*

Fried with Bean Sauce, Chilis and etc..

Taste good! love it!!

Cawan Shirmps*

Yipeee its taste Fresh & Smooth!!

Simple & nice..

with some ginger, garlic, chinese alcohol and soya sauce

Look at the shirmp that bubu peel for mii

So big & Fresh!!

Steam Fish*

I Love it alot!! More Fish!!

This Fish is Really Fresh!!

Memit Crab*

Its Good but the taste is more to Chinese Rojak taste!

Crab Crab.. i wan more Crab!!

Co-Co-Nut . Coconut*

Haha so big Pack its only cost Rm2.00

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